Community Shootaround: How Many More Rings For LeBron?

Last summer, it appeared LeBron James might have to be content with three championship rings. He was 34, well past the prime for most NBA players, and was coming off the most serious injury of his career. He was also sitting out the playoffs for the first time since the 2004/05 season.

Everything looks different now, of course. LeBron and the Lakers tore through the competition in Orlando, being pushed past five games only by the Heat. James averaged 29.8 points, 11.8 rebounds and 8.5 assists during the Finals and became the second-oldest player ever to win Finals MVP honors.

A fourth championship ring enhances his place in history and gives him a chance to join even more elite company. Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson and Tim Duncan are among the players with five. Michael Jordan, whom James is frequently compared to, has six, as do Scottie Pippen, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bob Cousy.

The Lakers look capable of winning multiple titles. Anthony Davis turned out to be a perfect complement for James and may be at the peak of his career at age 27. The rest of the roster is a mix of youth and veterans who all fit well into their prescribed roles. Avery Bradley, who opted out of the restart, seems likely to return next season, adding another strong defensive presence to the backcourt.

The biggest wild card is how long James can remain at an elite level. He averaged 34.6 minutes per game this season, which is the lowest of his career, but not by much. James led the league in assists for the first time at 10.2 per game, while adding 25.3 points and 7.8 rebounds. Remarkably, his production per 36 minutes has barely changed from a decade ago.

James is under contract for one more season and holds a $41MM player option for 2021/22. There’s no certainty beyond that, but he hasn’t even hinted at retirement. The Lakers will try to maximize his title opportunities for as long as he’s on the roster and have shown a willingness to spend whatever is necessary.

We want to get your opinion. How many more titles do you believe James will win before retirement? Please leave your answers in the comment section.

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82 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: How Many More Rings For LeBron?

  1. GoLandCrabs

    2 more in a three peat. No one in the west can match up with this Lebron/AD in the playoffs.

    • Curtisrowe

      yeah, I mean it’s obvious what the rosters of all the NBA teams are going to be two years from now. Good call.

    • imindless

      You also have to think about the lakers adding more pieces to offset lebrons age and some point he will take less money and ring chase. I think his next deal after this one will be a team friendly to allow lakers to build around ad and a potential another star player.

  2. Curtisrowe

    I mean, Who knows? I guess it depends on who is on his team and what the competition is? Impossible to predict things like that.

    • Sillivan

      You think I am crazy.

      According to ESPN Bobby Marks and Brian Windhorst discussion, Fred VanVleet is getting $30 million per season.

  3. phillyballers

    Is there a prop bet on this? I imagine it’s like over under 1.5.

    I’ll say he gets 2. 1 as the best player on the team and 1 as the Robin.

  4. imindless

    I anticipate lakers getting better and with cap restrictions from covid you have to assume back to back is possible. However this dynasty goes as long as ad is with the team and the lakers ability to add additional stars to the team. As lebron ages I can see him possibly taking less money to ring chase and add to his overall stats and take more of back seat to say a giannis or ad should they both join. If that’s the case he could win 3/4 more rings before he calls it a day.

  5. Sillivan

    According to other NBA news, LA Clippers could add a third star … As they look to make improvements to their roster in the off-season.

    I am very high on Clippers management.

    Warriors have too much unknown.
    – Warriors have 8 drafts pick next 8 months. Will they make trade to improve?
    – Will Warriors use all the exceptions?
    – Who should Warriors get to stop Davis?

    • Noel1982

      Clippers management was the best till the catered to Kawhi and let him play gm now they are a screwed ! They might have won if they had sga and gallo over wayoff pee! And had all their draft picks to make a better trade then they did , guess blame Kawhi for not having good foresight to either accept clippers as they where or just stay with raptors! Now both are screwed together

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      4 is all LeBron will get. He’ll be 36 before the start of next season and his best years are clearly behind him. The only reason he will continue being named to the All-Star team is because of who he is, but his production will steadily decline the rest of his career.

      • Noel1982

        4 more then harden will ever get so I think he could live with that but I say he and curry both win one more each !

        Lebron 5
        Curry 4
        Durant 3
        Kawhi 2
        Harden 0

        When it’s all said an done for that era of top players

  6. Simmons>Russ

    Being LA and having Bron and AD imagine if they can get another couple solid role players and go on to have a 3 peat.

    I know it’s unlikely and very hard to do but I think in all seriousness you have 2 of the games top 5 players and AD is one of the hardest to match up against.

    Imagine if Bron ends his career on a 3 peat equalling MJ with 6 rings. There would literally be no argument who is the goat. It would be so plain and simple.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      LeBron will never be half the defender that Jordan was.

        • ChapmansVacuum

          Rip throughs shouldnt be fouls for Harden. His style of play is just the f-ing worst. I would love to see Harden go back and play the bad boy Pistons. He would literally be crying tears at the refs as they beat his ass up and down the court. Jordan rules would have ended Harden.

    • ChapmansVacuum

      Jordan, and its his own fault, but you have to remember where he is on the all time lists and stuff and then think of how many years he missed between 28-40. I know he did the retirements, but if he never leaves till his final season with the Wizards he just owns all the all time lists in everything. Looking at him is like looking at Ted Williams. Dude was a gangster, but imagine that career without leaving for service in the war. I think Jordan playing straight through is the ultimate what if. project out his numbers with no years off and he tops LeBron by a mile with him needing to play 5-6 more years to catch up.

  7. Noel1982

    One more for lebron and one more for curry In some order no more for Durant or Kawhi , and none ever for harden ,Russ pg13 or cp3 ! then the next generation takes over

  8. Sillivan

    Possible reasons Lakers will be the 3rd best team in California next season.
    1. Clippers management will be surprised.
    2. Warriors use #2 pick and 2 Wolves picks to trade for the 4th star.
    3. Lakers injury issue.

    • Noel1982

      Lebron has shown more durability then Kawhi ( who needs the load management) and pg13 ! Birthdays don’t matter it’s prior injury history that matters either way it’s 100% so easy to take the rest of the field over the clippers , clippers won’t even make the wcf even for the first time in their

  9. mike.honcho

    As long as Lebron surrounds himself with transcendent talent, he’ll contend for more rings.

    It’s. That. Simple.

    So both Lebron the GM and Klutch are just as important to the LAKERS, as Lebron the player.

    • implant

      @mike. And what’s wrong with that? Still gotta work under the cap. If players gravitate towards Klutch hoping the can play with LeBron its because he makes others better and gives them a chance to win.

      • mike.honcho

        Maybe it’s just me, I do find it unfair, probably unethical also, that a player colludes with a sports agency to FUNNEL other players to his team.

        When AD was signed by Klutch, everyone and their mother knew that AD will eventually be traded to the LAKERS ………. AD did get traded to the LAKERS.

        Only a nuthugging fool would think that Lebron didn’t have anything to do with it.

        Even a putz like Charles Barkley said it bluntly when AD was signed by Klutch ……… “the fix is in and its unfortunate for the NBA”.

        Like I said, Lebron the GM is equally important to the LAKERS as Lebron the player.

        Lebron with AD on his side, guarantees a championship window, guarantees contention …….. it matters little who the other 3 guys are and who coaches.

        Chemistry can be worked on ……….. getting superstar talent, now that’s the hard part.

        But it’s not hard, when you’re Lebron & you have your own sports agency to help you out.

        • Noel1982

          Harden and Kawhi tried to do the lebron gm thing but looks like they may have screwed their teams , lebron at least has a title in the bag for possibly hurting his teams long term future !

          • mike.honcho

            You cant prevent players from talking with other players ……… but it’s a different thing altogether, when a player has his own sports agency to funnel other players to play with him.

            Now that’s gangster.

          • x%sure

            LJ chose better than Kawhi & Harden. Probably better than Irving with Durant. Would have been nice if Irving had not bailed on Cleveland but I’m biased on that.

            Klutch is a guy who can talk to different parties as part of due diligence. Any agent can and carry out a plan if the right people are willing. As long as two stars don’t try to get a third, there should be enough for a for a decent roster.

            Mike it’s not a perfect situation but better than football, where players use their heads as weapons to everyone’s dehumanization. One can hope for Nuggets vs Bucks next year.

            • mike.honcho

              Indeed, Lebron had the better running mate than Kawhi ……. IMO it wasn’t much of a choice, as AD had always been setup to be a LAKER, since the day he signed with Klutch back in 2018.

              PG was the obvious choice for Kawhi, owing to PG’s LA roots ………. PG was trash in the bubble, but this wasn’t the case when he was with OKC and early in the season with LAC.

              I have no problems with Klutch coming on strong in the sports agency field – however, I do have an issue when there’s obvious collusion as with AD going to the LAKERS.

              But again, that’s just me ……… other people might not have the same view.

              • Noel1982

                Paul George isn’t trash he’s even a star but he’s not a super star that’s near top 5 best in the nba ! His one finish in both top 5 in mvp voting and first team all nba was a true outlier and not his new norm ! His norm was usually all nba third team making him somewhere around the 11th to 15 th best player in the nba ! At 31 next year safe to call that his peak upside, even still a better co star then harden pushed for

                • Noel1982

                  To be fair he did call jimmy butler ( who’s as good or better then Paul George ) before wayoff pee and butler probably should have been more open to clippers! There was a scenario where they have all of butler plus sga and gallo and all the picks to possibly trade for a star equal to or better then George, they probably win this years title ! When he declined Kawhi should have stayed with raptors , they also probably win this years title alas now clippers could win a title next year but very unlikely then decisions are due after that !

        • implant

          I’m 60 and to say the league has changed is an understatement. It is a players league, almost to the point where the players are equal partners. Players are gonna end up where they want to go. Like it or not players wanna be a Laker. A Yankee. A Dodger. A Patriot. You can criticize James all you want but the reality is putting two superstars together does not guarantee success. As an NBA fan was I happy the way AD demanded a trade mid season? Not at all. But other than being mid year is it any different then George bolting two teams? Or Kawai sticking it to the Spurs? Players are gonna go where they want to go and it’s up to the teams to make it happen under the cap. But it doesn’t guarantee success. I have 50 clips of nationally known (and handsomely paid) know it alls that said James and AD were not nearly as compatible as Kawai and George. Or how AD only plays 60 games a year. Or how the Lakers would be lucky to be a 4th seed. And on and on. So not many thought LeBron was that good of a GM. The bummer for those caught up in their hatred of James, or the Lakers, or just of the sport itself is that the Lakers played the game the way it should be and y’all missed out. A total team effort. Unselfish. Cohesive. Suffocating TEAM defense. Regardless of how they got there it was beautiful to watch on the court. I’m all about the name on the front of the jersey. I don’t get caught up with LeBron vs Jordan. Could care less. I just want banners. That’s why i can celebrate our 17th at 60 much like i celebrated #1 at the age of 12 (no tequila). Is the playing field slanted towards the big markets? Yes. But that doesn’t guarantee success. The Knicks and Bulls are horribly run. The Clippers are, well the Clippers. We just came off the longest playoff drought of our franchises history. Unethical? Not buying that. Unethical to be was the league stepping in on the Chris Paul trade. Or the Houston Astros.

          • mike.honcho

            It’s a good thing you keep repeating that talent doesn’t guarantee success ……….. it’s actually quite the same as with my posts.

            Note that I had used the words “contention” & “championship window” which are far different from rings and championships.

            I too am not caught up with the GOAT race between MJ and Lebron. It’s mostly made up for the media to milk for all its worth.

            Besides a race is defined as a contest wherein participants use a set course, or at least similar courses.

            Both MJ and Lebron did their elite work between those 4 lines – for this they are both universally recognized ……… the one big difference, MJ never played de facto GM.

            MJ let the chips fall where they fall – much as he despised Krause, he played with the roster that Krause assembled.

            Lebron had to get AD to contend (I repeat the word) ……… everyone saw what’s to happen, when AD signed with Klutch.

            If it’s not the least bit fishy to you, then good for you.

          • The Human Rain Delay

            Great post Implant-

            It does get left off how great the Lakers played as a team this year and by most account pre-season analysts had us with a buncha scrubs (cept Kuz ofc who was going to some sort of a savior)-

            Everyone had to make it out as they needed some magical 3rd star- Nope

            They were mot deep enough- Nope

            Well they couldnt shoot the 3 – Nope

            They needed to make a trade at thre Deadline- Crickets

            Lebrons too old- Nope

            Ad wont stay healthy- Nope

            This will be Clipper town come 2021- Never

            • Strike Four

              2020 was a fraud * season with half the league resting, so this title doesn’t even matter – Yes.

            • imindless

              @the human rain delay what did anything you just said have to do with the context of their argument? Again reading comprehension helps.

              Mikes right though lebron james is allowed to use klutch as a way for him to talk to players and convince them to join him where ever he goes. I thought that was not allowed per league rules?

              So because lebron is a player he can talk about teaming up with other superstars and getting to leave there agents to joins his agency not fishy at all? It’s a league designed to aid one guy who thinks he is bigger than the game. Lebron was the biggest reason why the season was to continue when 90 percent of the league wanted to just come back next year and avoid potential covid outbreaks.

              The nba is all about viewership and ratings they could careless about actual competition. Sadly the declining viewership in all sports points to people not caring to watch a pre determined event and one in which has a specific point of view forced down your throat.

              • implant

                Ask me if I could care less who the “real” GM is.
                Reality is players want to play with James because he makes other around him better and gives them a great chance to win.
                The NBA needs to get rid of the tampering rule. There is no way to keep players from talking to each other. LeBron catches s**t cause he said he would like to play with Davis. He was asked the question, he didnt bring it up. He had three options, answer honestly (yes, who wouldnt), lie (no) or say no comment. Is it a perfect situation? No. But there really isnt anything the NBA can do
                Comparing MJ to LeBron is not the question we should be asking. Compare Michael to Kobe, Le Bron to Kobe

                • mike.honcho

                  Like I said, good for you for not seeing anything the least bit fishy about Lebron/Klutch funneling AD to the LAKERS.

                  By the way, that old Chris Paul trade that you do find unethical ……… you do remember that the NBA owned the PELICANS at the time and that Stern was the sole authority for the PELICANS?

                  You might also remember that Devid Stern kept repeating that the “trade” wasn’t authorized since it wasn’t him who made it – PELICANS GM Dell Demps went behind his back.

                  So nothing was voided, since the trade wasn’t authorized to begin with. Again, it’s that simple.

                  But you know all of this right ?

                  Good for you bro.

  10. Sillivan

    Rondo has opted out. Will Lakers pay him 5.72 million.

    If Bradley opts out, will he accept vets minimum for the Lakers?

    Will Howard and Morris take minimum due to CBA regulation?

    • dodgerblue00

      The Warriors are close to being hard capped now. They won’t get a fourth star.

      • ChapmansVacuum

        They dont need a fourth star if they can finish making Wiggans into the player he could be. They also just have a lot of good paths to rounding out the roster despite the cap situation. It all depends on how big ownership will go. You could use the TPE, MLE, #2 Draft pick, and the fact the team has most of its future picks still. They need more depth and at least one shot blocking center.

      • Strike Four

        @dodgerblue00 that is not true anymore, it was, but they are not longer hard capped, the cap went away at the end of the season.

  11. Reflect

    Zero. Lakers lost every game where LeBron and Davis were not both exceptional. I don’t see how they can keep that up with LeBron another year older.

    • x%sure

      But they’re usually exceptional, unless AD is injured. 2018/19 was Lebron’s worst health year, and he still would have been ready for the playoffs. He should get out of LA though.

      • ChapmansVacuum

        Odds of both staying healthy go down with each season. I would say too depending on the seeding things could get interesting. As much as they tried to add fans, it seemed that home court was irrelevant in the bubble, but NBA has one of the biggest home court advantages in any sport so being a 3 seed could tap the Lakers facing the 1 or 2 at home. The bubble did make things kinda weird you can only infer so much from the finish of the season.

    • implant

      James looked like the most physically fit player on the court. At 35.

      • Strike Four

        Which is fine and nothing new. However each year you tack on, his performance slows down a bit.

        Unless Lebron is on roids or PEDs, which also could be true, as it explains how he never gets hurt.

        • arc89

          the long lay off in the middle of the season gave Lebron time to rest. No lay off next year and he will be very tired at the end of the year going into the playoffs. This was his last chance of winning a title. Now the Lakers are losing big chunk of their bench so they will not be as good.

          • Noel1982

            None of his closet competitors are spring chickens themselves lol ! Let’s see somebody finally win the war of attrition vs him ! It will eventually happen but it’s anyone’s guess when that happens ! Either way best advice is take the field vs the overated clippers and be guaranteed to make a lot of money ! Do it now

        • x%sure

          Genes explain it too. He was given various superlatives from a young age for a reason. It wasn’t his 3pt shooting.

      • ChapmansVacuum

        He did have 5 months to rest up for the 24 or whatever games he just went through hard. LBJ may not look the same at the end of a normal season.

  12. clubber_lang84

    I really think the Warriors, Clippers, and potentially Rockets will be forces to be reckoned with in the next couple of years. AD and an older Lebron of a full season have about a 50% chance of staying healthy. I really think people are sleeping on the warriors most of all

    • ChapmansVacuum

      Dont sleep on those 1-3 Nuggets they have a good team and massive advantage at home at altitude.

    • Strike Four

      Explain the Rockets, because their entire team just collapsed.

      Also they are cursed to never make it past the semis and will never win a title in the 2000s. The Houston Rockets are the cursed image of the NBA lol

      Warriors about to re-up and destroy everyone though. Curry has to prove it to the haters that he’s better than Lebron and Klay has to prove he’s a true HOFer, and both of them are about to explode onto a new level everyone didn’t know existed.

      Warriors are going to be terrifying for at least the next 5 years, and maybe longer. Light years ahead, yall.

      • arc89

        people are down playing the Nuggets and Mavs. They could improve a lot this off season. 6 teams that will be in play for the top spot in the west next year.

  13. CastielStrife

    He’ll get 1 or 2, most likely. The west is going to be a challenge, though. Denver looked really good this year and seem to be getting better every year. The Warriors will be contenders again next year. We’ll see if the Clippers can get over choking. Seems to follow them around no matter who their players are. The Suns will prove whether or not they can sustain the sort of success they had in the bubble this year. The Trail Blazers will probably be right there again, and the Jazz and Mavericks should be solid.

    The Rockets are a question mark because we have no idea how the offseason will go, but unless they blow it all up they’ll be in the middle of things again. The Lakers are probably still the favorites if next season started today, but it’ll be tough to continue to get through a loaded (and now pretty young) west for an aging LeBron. Not doubting his greatness, just not expecting a chip every year either. I’ll stick to 1-2. I do hope he gets to live out his dream and play with his kid before he hangs it all up, though.

    • Strike Four

      If the Warriors get Giannis or Embiid to pair with the Splash bros, its all over for everyone, including Lebron.

  14. jiegar

    if they keep the most core players and add grant from nuggets they will win another one

    • Strike Four

      He’s 4-6 in finals, I can buy he will make another finals, but how can you be sure he will actually win? He has a 40% all time record in those series.

  15. natsfan3437

    Depends on if the Cippers and Bucks get their s**t together. Clippers had more talent they just couldn’t figure it out chemistry wise. I’ve been thinking of this crazy thing that I don’t think any of you have about them…… maybe playing basketball together is important.

  16. Strike Four

    Being that Lebron can’t stick on the same team for any amount of time, he won’t win any more on the Lakers after this * 2020 covid season, but if he goes back to the Cavs or the east he might lose a couple more to the Warriors. If Lebron joins the Warriors, he will definitely win some more though.

    I think he ends up 4-8 in finals in his career. The Warriors are probably going to get Giannis in the next year or two and adding him to the Splash Bros are going to make yall cry as they go to 5 more finals in a row and Curry proves to all the Lebonaganda types he was the real GOAT all along.

    I love the disrespect the Splash Bros get too, keep it coming. “Their window has closed” LMAO! Yeah suuuuuure it has, keep telling yourselves that, GSW are about to do 5 more final in a row including next season!

    • Noel1982

      When Giannis rejects joining the geriatric warriors squad all the warriors haters are gonna have a field day! Face the facts the dynasty is dead

      • arc89

        Lakers will have no dynasty. The entire west will be tougher next year. Lakers losing a lot of valuable bench players. They are the ones with a bullseye on their back and will find out teams play harder against the champs.

        • Noel1982

          Yes the only potential dynasty is the mavs if they get Giannis! That’s two top 5 maybe 3 players all in their early to mid 20s ! Lakers clippers warriors are on borrowed time ! Lakers and warriors at least banked a title(s) !

          • Noel1982

            Lakers cap isn’t tied up like the heat or cavs where with lebron though So I’ll say their fate is tied into some other big star deciding or not deciding he wants to play there , they had a bad run for a few years but good Lakers teams often add anyone they want , I’ think you’ll see their mid level might be the best tool of all nba teams this off season

            • arc89

              Most big names do not want to play for the Lakers because its LeBron’s team and nobody else. Only players they could get to play under value is a old player that never had a championship.

              • Noel1982

                Those guys usually make the difference in that particular year for teams ! Think of guys like ray Allen , Shane battier , David west , but when lebron is gone somebody will go take the team as their own it’s the most popular team in the nba their six year awful run did nothing to damage their brand of being the most popular team in the most popular city they won’t fall down again unless they max lebron for five more years and strap their teams flexibility like they did with the late great Kobe

  17. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    LeBron James aka King James is whiny Jerk!
    He has how many rings?
    He has how much money and he seems unhappy

    He can go bite an apple!

  18. Appalachian_Outlaw

    Someone mentioned it earlier, but GS didn’t go away, they were just decimated by injuries. So they’re still a threat. For that reason, I say LeBron gets 1 more title while running with AD. GS will probably earn another, and I’m sure some team will surprise us all one year. It’s difficult to see LBJ playing more than 3 more years because I can’t see him hanging on as a reserve or a ‘Robin’ to simply ring chase.

  19. Noel1982

    Look at lebron like this he’s already probably lost his speed and quickness advantage over the league but he’s still a top athlete , he’s still gonna be stronger and more powerful then anyone who guards him , he’s a decent shooter and at least as good a passer then anyone in the nba ,and is also great at being out on the court without taxing his body so much as opposed to a butler for example ! So I say only a major injury ( Achilles most likely , or acl) will knock him off from being a star any time soon

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