Community Shootaround: Knicks’ Offseason Trade Options

With only about $56MM in guaranteed salary on their books for next season, the Knicks have the flexibility necessary to create cap room and make a run at one or more top free agents. However, the team also feels as if it’s well-positioned to trade for an impact player, as an April report indicated.

This year’s free agent class isn’t particularly star-heavy, so it’s possible that greasing the wheels for a blockbuster trade may be a better use of the Knicks’ cap space. Plus, New York has accumulated seven first-round picks in the next four drafts and has a roster loaded with former lottery selections, so the team could put together an appealing package for the right player.

In a report this week, Marc Berman of The New York Post indicated that Pacers guard Victor Oladipo could be that player. Knicks general manager Scott Perry, who drafted Oladipo when he was a member of the Magic front office in 2013, “still is enamored” with him, according to Berman, and there have been rumblings that the All-Star may not be fully committed to Indiana for the long term.

Thunder guard Chris Paul, a former CAA client of new Knicks president of basketball operations Leon Rose, is another potential trade target for the franchise.

Writing today about that possibility in a separate story for The New York Post, Berman suggests that Oklahoma City would likely seek a first-round pick and a young prospect on his rookie contract in return for Paul. According to Berman, the Thunder would probably target Kevin Knox in a deal with New York, while the Knicks would rather give up Frank Ntilikina or Dennis Smith Jr.

Oladipo and Paul aren’t the only potential trade candidates who could catch the Knicks’ eye this offseason, but they’re probably two of the only All-Stars who will realistically be available. Within his initial article on Oladipo, Berman names three more trade targets who would intrigue the Knicks, but it’s hard to imagine any of them (Joel Embiid, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Paul George) actually changing teams this fall.

Of course, even if Embiid, Towns, George, or another superstar becomes available, the cost to acquire them in a trade would be extremely high. On the other hand, there are certain factors that should keep the price tags of Oladipo (health; expiring contract) and Paul (age; exorbitant salary) in check, which may appeal to the Knicks — making a trade for one of those two players could help New York move back toward playoff contention without emptying the team’s treasure chest of assets.

In today’s Community Shootaround, we want to get your input on the Knicks’ offseason options.

Does Oladipo look like an appealing trade target for New York? How about Paul? Should the team wait for a star with fewer question marks to become available before looking to trade future first-round picks? Or should the Knicks altogether avoid trading multiple assets for one impact player, focusing instead – for now at least – on using their cap room to sign free agents or to keep adding draft picks by taking on unwanted contracts?

Head to the comment section to share your thoughts on the Knicks’ offseason plan!

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31 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: Knicks’ Offseason Trade Options

  1. Sillivan

    Berman names three more trade targets who would intrigue the Knicks (Joel Embiid, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Paul George).

    Where are the Knicks assets to make trade?

  2. DeathbyDeathwest

    Oladipo is in a contract year and is coming off injury.

    CP3’s contract is up in two seasons, assuming he picks up his $40something million dollar option. And he’s old.

    Knicks arent anywhere near contending – they shouldnt be giving up their assets to get 1-2 year players, no matter how good they are.

    … but if I were to make a list of things the Knicks shouldnt have done, I’d be here awhile.

  3. emac22

    My theory on stars and difference makers is that if a team doesn’t want a player, that player is not a star or a difference maker.

    Maybe to Embiid

    Pass on Victor

    Not sure on Towns.

    2 – 1st round picks from OKC or no to CP3

    No to anyone who has Perry as their primary cheerleader.

    No to any ideas from Berman or his sources.

    No to Carmelo

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        No one will trade for Chris Paul and his albatross contract unless OKC attaches a couple of first round picks just like Houston did. Everyone knows his 2020 season was a fluke (primarily staying healthy the whole year) and only a fool would count on CP3 to repeat his performance next year.

        • emac22

          Even if you don’t consider this year a fluke he is one year older and much more expensive next year.

          He also just played a very short season with a long break.

          All he proved was that he isn’t washed up yet. He didn’t prove he’s worth much more than he was just a year ago.

      • emac22

        It isn’t a request it’s an offer.

        The Knicks don’t need CP3 enough to pay him 85 million dollars and that a isn’t even close.

        If OKC can’t find a better off and is interested in sending a couple of picks to offset some of that contract I’ll consider it.

        If they want 85 mill and additional assets it’s simply way out of my ballpark.

        And no. If I don’t get CP3 at the cost of 85 mil and picks I wont be sad at all. 85 mil buys a lot during a pandemic and the problem is not going to be finding things to buy. It’s going to be saying no.

  4. Sillivan

    During Offseason Knicks should target old man like Chris Paul or injury man like Oladipo.
    I don’t dream too much.

    • DeathbyDeathwest

      If you’re giving up Clinton Portis, sure.

      If you’re giving up Knox and multiple picks, why?

      • Portis is an option, which I seriously doubt they’ll keep at his current rate. Knox is useless, so sure, why not…

      • hiflew

        Clinton Portis? They must have just acquired him from the 2002 Denver Broncos.

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    Don’t believe Berman. He’s a Knicks hater. The rebuild has to go forward. Thibs just got here.

  6. Sillivan

    I don’t want to see this $35 million salary stay on the Knicks book so long.
    Randle 19 million
    Frank + Smith Jr + Knox = 16 million

    They can be traded in August or February 2020.

  7. Curtisrowe

    Why would a team like the Knicks want Oladipo or Paul? I can’t think of a single reason TBH. They should try and sign a few good YOUNG players on the cheap, keep salary flexible and start the process of rebuilding.

    • the dude

      Because theyve been desperate for a name player for years. But they have a new front office going so the perception isnt the same

    • hiflew

      CP3 would put them in the playoffs. Maybe not make them a title contender, but they would be a postseason team. Maybe with the long drought in NY, that would appease the fanbase more than another 4 years of rebuilding.

  8. Noel1982

    They will not be signing Anthony Davis or Giannis so they should plan accordingly this off season and next

  9. phillyballers

    I mean… Placebo P could be had if Ballmer is that pissed. But it would have to benefit the Clippers in some way and picks dont do that. They would have to involve a 3rd team that deals a sidekick for Kawhi and expiring contracts to said 3rd team. And that would be predicated on the Knicks liking PG over the player going to the Clips. The name that makes sense for the Clippers is Bradley Beal, but the Knicks covet him too.

  10. Jason Lancaster

    If we know Thibs, he’s going to soak too much money into tough old veterans, demolish the egos of his younger players who will all struggle to develop, and gradually wear out his welcome with everyone in the building.

    But he’ll figure out how to get the Knicks to the playoffs somehow (maybe next season, definitely the year after that), riding some poor guys the Knicks manage to secure in a trade for 40+ minutes a night.

    Knicks gotta knick.

  11. x%sure

    Knicks should replicate the Clippers of ’19. Clippers are motivated to trade and allstar-journeyman-P is likely available but would probably not impact team culture, being a “get buckets” guy.

    Beverly, Williams, and Harrell, all from Houston before LAC and feeling jilted by their big-FA gains, would be a start to things. Two of those are FAs, as well as Jymicl Green & Reg.Jackson. Beverly should be available for trade after the Orlando results. This is a scrappy group and are limited, but the Knicks need an identity that includes the playoffs. That group should fit with Thibs and leaves room for Barrett & Mitchell.

    It’s not what NYers dream of, or Rose was hired for, but IDK what gets them from A to B without some workable direction.

    • emac22

      This is entertainment. Maybe something to get fans dreaming or even an executive that does his job instead of a nice collection of old effort guys.

    • hiflew

      Yeah, it’s much better to continue using those draft picks on guys like Ntinkilina that will lead you to 25 win seasons. Much better.

  12. Appalachian_Outlaw

    I stopped taking Berman seriously after reading OKC would be looking for a 1st AND a young player for Paul. Rofl! I’d wager a Coke they’d move that contract in an instant if they could just unload it without attaching any of their own picks. If they just got Knox, that’d be an enormous win for OKC. That’s not a deal NY should chase.

  13. x%sure

    Draft comes last this year, so for the Knicks, the FVV decision will come first, not knowing if they can get the rookie PG they want.
    In future years, looking back with what-ifs, the timeline will confuse people.
    Also, the odds for Rose making a $19mil offer for FVV increases. I’m not sure how mentally strong FVV is so Rose might pre-empt everything for CPaul.

    It would be convenient if WAS made John Wall available, to forestall them losing Beal, but that will play out gradually, too late for NY.

    Smaller names for putting off a bigname decision by a year:
    One year left: Alex Caruso, Dennis Schroder, Patty Mills
    Option year left: Monte Morris, TJ OConnell
    FAs: DJ Augustin, (FVV, Goran Dragic more major)

    Not sure about the politics involved, but Payton has a solid 16PER, and Smith & N’kina can only cause team division.

    • x%sure

      Rumor has it the team was divided but I don’t recall the schism. It may have been Payton was feeding the unpopular Randle instead of shunning him. Whatever. Rose & Thibs better decide on a PG rather than some personality contest deciding.

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