Pacers’ Oladipo, Turner Viewed As Offseason Trade Candidates?

Pacers guard Victor Oladipo is “looking to move on” from Indiana this offseason, sources tell Jared Weiss of The Athletic, who writes that Pacers big man Myles Turner is “possibly in the same boat.”

Weiss is a Celtics beat writer and his update on Oladipo and Turner is buried within a piece about Boston’s future and upcoming roster decisions. However, J. Michael of The Indianapolis Star confirms Weiss’ intel, tweeting that – based on conversations he has had – Oladipo and Turner are the two Pacers most likely to be moved before the 2020/21 season begins.

There has been some smoke on the Oladipo front for several months now. A report in the spring indicated that opposing teams were monitoring his situation in Indiana as he prepared to enter a contract year in 2020/21. A series of subsequent stories in July named the Heat as a probable suitor and indicated that the two-time All-Star intends to reach free agency in 2021 rather than signing an early extension with the Pacers.

An Indianapolis Star report at that time suggested that Oladipo’s top two priorities in free agency will be maximizing his earnings and putting himself in position to win championships. Whichever team holds Oladipo’s Bird rights when he reaches free agency will have the ability to offer him the most money and years, so if he’s not confident in the Pacers’ ability to compete for titles over the next several years, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him start pushing for a deal to a preferred destination.

Following the Pacers’ elimination from the postseason in August, Oladipo didn’t suggest in his public comments that he was seeking an exit ramp out of Indiana, but he also didn’t strongly commit to the franchise. His situation will be worth watching closely going forward, especially since the Pacers showed in 2017 with Paul George that they’re not afraid to trade a disgruntled star a year ahead of his free agency.

As for Turner, he has been the subject of trade rumors in the past, since there have long been questions about his positional overlap with fellow big man Domantas Sabonis. Both players are on reasonably team-friendly deals, with Turner locked up through 2023 and Sabonis under contract through 2024. However, Sabonis may have emerged as the Pacers’ preferred long-term building block in 2019/20, as he earned an All-Star berth for the first time.

Indiana has long denied that it wants to break up the Turner/Sabonis frontcourt duo, but many executives around the NBA remain convinced it will happen at some point, and T.J. Warren‘s success as the team’s de facto power forward this summer will only fuel those trade rumors. Moving Turner could help the Pacers acquire a player – or player(s) – who would fit better with their core.

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41 thoughts on “Pacers’ Oladipo, Turner Viewed As Offseason Trade Candidates?

  1. mcmillankmm

    Deal Oladipo this offseason, can’t risk losing him without a return, and not sure you want to invest big $$ in this guy given the injury concerns…make the move quietly and quickly this offseason

  2. DeathbyDeathwest

    Oladipo did not look like himself coming back from injury at the end of this season. Yes, the Pacers should trade him, but who would want him when CP3, Jrue Holiday, Hield, and more are actively on the trade block and Bogdanovic, Dragic, FVV, Clarkson and Joe Harris are (restricted) free agents?

    If anything he’ll be dealt at the next trade deadline. Turner and Warren should command a nice return, if they decide to trade those guys.

  3. Seems like a good move for Indiana to avoid a PG13 situation with Oladipo, though unfortunately he’ll have nowhere near the value PG had given his injury history and short sample size of dominance

  4. Jason Lancaster

    I don’t see any good Turner trades out there, especially if Indiana wants to do a deal with a team in the western conference.

    And Oladipo also seems like he’d be hard to trade, assuming Indian wants to go out of the conference.

    Indiana should have moved Turner when they signed Sabonis. He would have been much easier to move then.

    • I would say the Warriors would be in on this with Myles Turner, but hasn’t Turner’s game slipped a little bit? Turner’s not quite living up to the promise he had a year ago or two?

      • Jason Lancaster

        Turner is awesome on defense, and his ability to hit 3’s makes him a great fit for the modern NBA.

        However, he earns $18 million a year, and I don’t see how the Warriors make that work. I mean, they could package Green with a draft pick and get off the big contract they gave him, but a) I can’t imagine Golden State doing this and b) I can’t imagine Indiana going for it either.

        I think Sacramento would be a player for Turner, but who would they send back? Indiana won’t take Barnes (at least I don’t see why they would). Dallas would like him too I bet, but I don’t see a deal that doesn’t involve Powell (and that seems like a lateral move).

        • KnickerbockerAl

          Warriors have a 17.5 mill trade exception from Iguodala trade. They can do it. Plus they have plenty of picks theirs and Minnys. I doubt they would use the #2 pick in this draft. If they get Turner. Then they would trade down for Okongwu or Toppin. Or just take one. They can always move Wiggins. The Celtics could use Turner. They have three #1 picks.

    • hiflew

      Might be able to work out a 3 team deal with Turner ending up in GS. Here’s one I found that worked money wise.

      Golden State gets
      Myles Turner
      Kelly Oubre

      Indiana gets
      #10 pick from Phoenix
      Mikal Bridges
      Ty Jerome

      Phoenix gets
      #2 pick from GS
      Andrew Wiggins

      It seems like a fair distribution to me, but I supposed extra future picks could be added to even it out.


      • jump shot

        Indiana needs to get 2 dozen (new) nba balls in this deal to at least get something of value.
        And a ball rack.

        • hiflew

          Considering they are only giving up Myles Turner, getting the 10 pick and 2 middling prospects is not bad value in my opinion.

          • jump shot

            The #10 pick in this draft is about equal to a high 2nd round pick in a good draft. The other two players aren’t really much, either. Its a creative scenario, I’ll say that. But it definitely does more for the other two teams than Indiana.

            • hiflew

              I don’t think I agree of your low valuation of the 10 pick. But I will agree that Indiana’s portion of the deal is probably the weakest. You could easily add a current or future 2nd from one or both of the other teams to the Pacers and still be okay.

              I also don’t agree with your valuation of the two players involved. People were saying the same thing when Indy traded Paul George for two players that had, at that point, not lived up to their draft status in Oladipo and Sabonis. Jerome is there for salary purposes, but I really Bridges could be one of those guys that takes off with a change of scenery.

      • How do you come up with this stuff? That really works out for each team and solves a lot of problems or needs in my opinion. I like it.

        Let me say this though that I think the Warriors value the number 2 pick and Andrew Wiggins a little higher than just Kelly oubre and Myles Turner. Those two are nice players but I think the Warriors have faith in Wiggins to up his game when influenced by the current Warriors roster of stars.

        If they are thinking trade, I believe they’re trying to go for a home run and package ALL their Expendables for one guy that will make a huge difference for this 2 or 3 year window. Is it Giannis? Is it James Harden? Not sure who else can be pried away. I believe the Warriors are thinking “home run,” and they’ve done it before.

        • hiflew

          Mostly just trial and error and not having a lot to do with my time. :) Plus playing with Trade Machine can be quite fun. It also helps to not have a rooting interest in any particular team. I have noticed that when fans made trade proposals, they usually favor their teams to a ridiculous extent.

          In terms of just on court value, I agree that the combo of Wiggins and the #2 are arguably better than Oubre and Turner. However, you also have to take into account the future money owed to Wiggins as well. That brings his overall value down. It’s kind of like the Chris Paul situation. CP3 is a near All Star player, but his salary lessens his value on the trade market considerably.

          Plus, I really think Oubre and Turner could really mesh well with the big 3 vets in Golden State. And both still have upside. Wiggins might not in either case. The big difference is that if Oubre and/or Turner do not mesh well, GS would be much less invested in them. If Wiggins didn’t work well, they would be stuck with him for 4 more years.

          I don’t think they have enough ammo to get Giannis. Other teams would beat the offer if the Bucks made him available, which I am not 100% convinced of anyway. And I really don’t see them trading for Harden. He would be a horrible mix with GS’s guards. Maybe they could work out a deal with Philly for Simmons or Embiid, but I just don’t think the value is there for a bigger deal.

          • Whatever happens I think it will be an interesting offseason with the draft free agents and trade. Whatever the Warriors do even if it’s stick with Wiggins and add a couple vets I think they’re going to be a threat because they will realize time is short for them. I like your thought process though and you make a lot of sense with your proposals and analysis.

            • hiflew

              True enough. I hope there is some deals and some movement to keep things interesting, but I hope it’s not too much movement like last year. It seemed like half the league changed uniforms last year. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing any more.

              • By the way guys, didn’t the Lakers look good tonight? I may have to pipe down on my Miami Heat talk for a couple of days LOL.

            • jump shot

              Gary… now that the Philly job is filled, who gets the Pacers, Rockets, and Pels jobs?

              • Jumpshot@, are you saying Doc Rivers is in with the Sixers? I guess that’s the assumption but I think it’s a bad hire. The Sixers want to win it all. They don’t need to go from non playoff team to a 4 or 5 seed which Doc Rivers can do for you. He won’t get you over the hump unfortunately.

                I thought D’antoni could have brought in some offensive creativity and been beneficial for the roster of embiid and Simmons & Harris.

                Then I thought Doc Rivers would have been perfect in New Orleans. Help bring the youngsters from the outside looking in and mold them into a 4 or 5 seed.

                From there I don’t have a clue. You figure Ty Lue gets one of these jobs, will it be the Clippers? Houston? I’d like to know your thoughts as well on the same question you asked me.

        • jump shot

          Pacers should try to get Mike Conley. I think he has a good season coming – I think its a contract year, too. Bring him home. Solid player/low maintenance.

          • hiflew

            That is an interesting idea. I wonder how he would fit with Brogdon though. The real question is what would they give up to get Conley. For salary matching, you’d have to have Oladipo, Brogdon, or Turner as part of the return. The Jazz are strongest at SG and C, so I don’t think they would want Dipo or Turner. I don’t think Indy would part with Brogdon for Conley either.

  5. The Howler

    Brogdon will be in the same boat after his 4th straight injury-shortened season in 2020-21.

  6. stretch123

    Future 1st round pick, Kelly Olynyk, Kendrick Nunn and Derrick Jones Jr (sign and trade) for Oladipo.

    • Actually not a bad trade. Nunn and Derrick feel out of the rotation but are both solid young players. Kelly has some upside and you get all that for only one more year of Vic. They could do a lot worse than this trade that’s for sure.

      • Ideally they would like to avoid it. But getting two young players to build with that fits with their team and a first might be enough to entice them since they are unlikely to hold onto Vic summer 2021

      • hiflew

        Why would Indiana want Miami to acquire someone to get better while giving their assets to someone else? It’s not Miami is out of options if they don’t trade with Indy.

    • x%sure

      And Miami gets rid of it’s worst bubble performers. Pacers have to say no.

  7. Yep it is

    Who would want to play in Indiana anyway? Not that their is anything wrong with the city but who wants to play for a club content on being average?

  8. Simmons>Russ

    Victor Oladipo, Myles Turner and a future first for Jrue Holiday, Jaxson Hayes, and NAW.

    Pacers who got swept get 2 young former first round picks from last year who showed lots of promise plus the third and final Holiday brother. Jrue plus Brogdon would make a solid backcourt duo.

    Pelicans get a floor spacing centre who is also an elite shot blocker in Myles Turner who would be perfect building around Zion Williamson. Plus get a two way star in Oladipo to help elevate the team.

  9. phillyballers

    Turner + McBuckets for Gobert.

    Dipo + Lamb for Westbrick.
    Dipo for Hield.

    Fixes some problems for every team. Gobert is out of Utah, Houston out of Westbrick or Hield out of Sacramento. And each trade would be win-win for both teams.

  10. Pokeli

    “Stars” like PG13 and Oladipo want to leave in pursuit of a ring but don’t realize that if they can’t be stars in Indy, where they’re gifted the star role, they won’t be successful elsewhere

  11. TheBurke

    A trade that helps both sides out is with the Nuggets. Nuggets trade Harris, Baton, and Porter for Turner and Oladipo.

    The Nuggets best player Jokic cant stay on the floor as the primary rim protector, insert Turner. In the playoffs it was evident that Murray needed a side kick in the back court (Gary Harris disapeared), insert Oladipo.

    Harris returns home and starts at the 2 his defence will be appreciated. Porter starts at the 4 Pacers will work on his defence. Barton is a nice player to have off the bench.

  12. El Don

    Dipo ain’t that good, that is why he wants to live, right now he can’t be more than the 4th or 5th player in the team, that is between him & Turner.
    The top 3 players in IND are Sabonis, Brogdon & TJ.
    These 2 guys seem to think they are better than the role players they are, let them go, whatever return you get for them is gonna be better!

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