Hawks Shopping No. 6 Pick, Will Push For Playoffs In 2021

The Hawks are shopping the No. 6 overall pick in the 2020 draft and intend to make a push for the postseason in 2020/21, multiple league sources tell Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer.

The report doesn’t come as a surprise. Multiple Hawks players and franchise leaders have talked in recent months about a strong desire to make the playoffs next season, while previous reports have indicated they’d be open to moving their lottery pick.

In Monday’s edition of his Lowe Post podcast, ESPN’s Zach Lowe made a similar point, telling colleague Bobby Marks that the Hawks are “yearning” to earn a postseason berth in 2021 and suggesting that – as a result – the team will be more open to win-now moves this fall.

While the Hawks are apparently open to trading down or out of the draft, they don’t necessarily have to move that No. 6 pick in order to upgrade their roster. The club projects to have between $40-45MM in cap room when free agency opens, which will likely be more than any other team has available.

General manager Travis Schlenk told reporters in the spring that the Hawks may be more “assertive” in free agency this year than they have been in recent offseasons. Since Schlenk’s arrival, Atlanta has mostly made signings in the second or third wave of free agency, looking to identify bargains once the top players are off the board. However, the Hawks are expected to be more aggressive this time around, according to O’Connor, who says the organization wants to “capitalize on Trae Young‘s emergence.”

That cap room will also give the Hawks plenty of options on the trade market, especially if the No. 6 pick is on the table. The team has frequently used its cap space in recent years to take on unwanted contracts in order to acquire extra draft assets, but figures to tweak that approach this year — Schlenk will likely be targeting productive veterans in any trade talks, rather than mere salary-dump candidates.

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42 thoughts on “Hawks Shopping No. 6 Pick, Will Push For Playoffs In 2021

  1. doobiejc

    Unless the hawks are getting a whole new team they are going to be one of the worst teams in the league again. Young won’t ever win anything.

    • j_butte

      A full season with Collins and Capela, plus 40 million to spend on additions won’t make them competitive?

      • specialfriedrice

        The first guy is a lot closer to the correct answer…I will believe Capelas commitment when I see him on the court…the only thing that $40m will turn into are dead contracts…not the best off season with a lot of money to burn…Young has got to change his game from thinking he is in 2k to real life.

      • andremets

        You would think so, but they also somehow managed to be worst than the Knicks despite the Knicks rolling out lineups featuring J.Randle, T.Gibson, and E.Payton. If the Hawks don’t start playing defense, they won’t win more than 30 games in an 82 games schedule.

  2. Sillivan

    Any team can make playoffs in the East
    You spend to make playoffs
    You don’t trade 6. You offer VanVleet 130 million

        • andremets

          Hawks would have to give you way more. The #1 pick overall and #33? It would be more like Collins and future Hawks pick for the #1 just to start.

          • hiflew

            I think you are overvaluing draft picks. Collins for the #1 overall is about an even trade. There is even a historical precedent. In 1986, the Sixers traded the #1 pick for Roy Hinson who was very comparable to John Collins at that point in his career.

          • david-45

            dallas had to trade their 5th overall and a future 1st just to move up two spots in the draft trade for luka

      • ozagi

        It’s unlikely for the hawks to give up Collins in a contract year (after missing so much of last season as well) I’d say wolves get 6th and OKC 2022 1st or Hawks 2022 protected first for their 1st.

    • ozagi

      If they do trade for a player, Will Barton or Jrue Holiday would be good targets

  3. formerlyz

    Atlanta needs a playmaker that can defend, and play next to Trae Young in certain lineups, and they could use defense/maybe some shooting from the 3/4 spots

    They’re super young right now, so I would agree that maybe it would be time to add some veterans and not necessarily try to develop too many people at the same time, but I think there are ways for them to continue to upgrade intelligently in free agency, while also allowing their young players to get better. I think people think they’ll trade for someone like Derozan, but I think that might actually take away from their young players.

    If they keep the pick, I think Lamelo Ball should be there for them at 6, depending on other trade scenarios that may happen throughout this first round. I think he would fit them. If not, maybe the idea of trading down into the teens would make some sense, as there are some wings that could give them that defense I mentioned

      • formerlyz

        maybe if someone trades up, but in my opinion, the only team that makes sense for him in the top 6 besides Atlanta is GS, and there are 2 or 3 others that arguably make more sense for them there than Ball, so its entirely possible, although obviously trades are super likely in drafts like this, and a lot of teams end up just throwing stuff at the wall, instead of having a plan for roster building

        • piechucker

          You don’t think the Bulls will take LaMelo at pick 4? He’s got much higher potential than Satoransky and they can keep White as a scorer/spark off the bench

          • formerlyz

            I just think his skillset clashes. I would keep Kris Dunn and/or Shaq Harrison. They probably should have been using both anyway. They have some offensive guys to put around those 2 defenders. Could use another shooter or defensive guy around those guys in lineups with Markannen at the 5. Curious to see what happens with Otto Porter

            Dunn, Lavine, Harrison, Porter, Markannen seems doable. Need a shooter, and another versatile 3/4 option that can defend (although they do have Chandler Hutchinson if he can stay healthy). Vassell should be a valuable wing scorer for them, and gives them length. Might make it easier to get away from Porter’s money or they could theoretically fit together

            I could see Josh Jackson working for them either way, although I see him as a fit with several teams…Have to see what else is out there for the Bulls…One of the Morris twins could be a fit. I think Derrick Jones jr, although he should have multiple teams interested in him, if he doesnt stay with the Heat. Glenn Robinson III could be a good fit for them. I havent looked at their cap situation, so not sure what would be on the table for them…I could see them trying to move some combination of Markannen, Carter Jr, Lavine or Coby White in the right situations. I’m sure Otto Porter would be available b/c of his price as well

    • stevep-4

      If what you say is true, they can get Kris Dunn as a free agent as the Bulls either will not tender or not match anything significant. They can then get the best player at 6 and perhaps trade out to improve the balance of their rotations. Honestly, though, this is not the year to ‘go for it’ – the one after is the year.

  4. Not too significant that they want to trade down (most every team above them would likely want to do that as well). Trading out of the draft might be the better move, particularly if they can absorb a player into their cap space thereby giving a rebuilding team both a pick and cap space.

  5. basketballguru89

    Not necessarily for the 6th pick but Chris Paul would be an ideal trade candidate. His veteran leadership, ability to coach up Trae Young (like he did with SGA and Dennis Schroder this past season), has familiarity playing with Capella and even taking on his contract they would still have a little bit of cap room to either sign someone in FA or make a trade for another veteran.

    • basketballguru89

      Possibly could add both Chris Paul and Gallinari (in a sign and trade) for some draft picks, maybe Cam Reddish? or if the Hawks really were wanting to move on from John Collins (but i don’t believe they want to move on from Collins).

  6. OhThatYoGirl

    Kevin Love, Drummond, Osman and Milwaukee’s 2022 first for Capela and 6th.

    They get a great Vet in Love who can still get you 18&10 with assists, a replacement for Capela that expires next season, and a very solid rotational piece in Osman. Along with 1 a future first.

    • j_butte

      Lol, Collins is better than Love at this point and Drummond is trash. They didn’t give up a first for Capela just to move him before he plays a game.

  7. Simmons>Russ

    Hawks #6 pick, Cam Reddish, Jeff Teague (sign and trade), Dwayne Dedmon and a future first for Paul George.

    Clippers get the 6th pick (Hopefully Obi Toppin) Cam Reddish a solid wing player, Teague a reliable back up point guard, Dedmon a solid back up centre that can shoot and block shots and a future first.

    Hawks get a 3 and D wing that is a star and can help playmake and lead.
    Trae Young Kevin Heuter Paul George John Collins Clint Capela then they have heaps of money to spend in free agency.

    • hiflew

      WAY too much for Oladipo. He is not getting 5 bad assets, let alone 5 assets with some value. Plus, Indiana is not going to hard cap itself just to acquire Jeff Teague.

      6 + Huerter + Dedmon is plenty for Oladipo coming off an injury year.

        • hiflew

          That’s a great point. And if my comment was a reply to you instead of Maz, then it would be completely appropriate. In other words, I wasn’t talking to you man.

  8. j_butte

    Paul, Vanfleet, and Oladipo are not what this team needs. We have a ball dominant point guard who’s on the verge of superstardom. They need a veteran 2 and a 3 that can shoot and defend and that’s it. Push Reddish and Huerter to the bench or force them to win jobs. Collins missed a third of the season and Capela never played a game. The Hawks are close to the playoffs now. A few more years of growth from Hunter and Reddish in particular and they’ll be very competitive.

    • basketballguru89

      Young has only been ball dominant because he’s been the only option at PG. Young also shot 47% last year on catch and shoot shots compared to 38% when forced to take pull up shots. Imagine his shooting numbers if he got to play off the ball more.

      Give him Chris Paul to learn from on how to play PG (which CP3 has said in the past he doesn’t like to carry the ball up the court every position so Young would still have plenty of reps) and he would make his future even brighter.

      • x%sure

        Or he could be instructed to shoot pull-ups less. Probably needs to have his bubble busted anyway.

        But CP is proven and ATL can afford him, and getting a couple veterans is what they need— Collins said this specifically; they’re too young. Dinwiddie would also be helpful here.

  9. KnickerbockerAl

    Moving 6 for a player. Has to be Buddy or Oladipo. Oladipo fits better. Buddy you probably can get more. Biggest need is a big guard who can defend. A healthy Oladipo is perfect to me. He’s more a combo guard. Can play PG too. Their front line is solid. Collins and Capela will be fine. They need the other youngsters to step up. Hunter. Reddish, Huerter, and Fernando. Hawks got plenty young talent. A solid young vet is perfect, especially a SG who plays D. I get Buddy might not fit the D.

  10. formerlyz

    FAs that would make sense for Atlanta in my opinion. Could see them adding 2 0r 3 0f these guys

    Jerami Grant
    Marcus Morris
    Jamychal Green
    Derrick Jones jr
    (restricted FA/trade target) Kris Dunn
    Josh Jackson
    Moe Harkless
    (restricted FA/trade target) Shaq Harrison
    Solomon Hill
    Rondae Hollis Jefferson
    Tyler Johnson
    Michael Carter Williams
    (restricted FA/trade target) Sterling Brown
    (restricted FA/trade target) De’anthony Melton
    (restricted FA/ trade target) Javon Carter
    Michael Kidd Gilchrist
    Langston Galloway
    Andre Roberson
    Jerian Grant
    Gary Payton II

  11. david-45

    mavs want to trade up into the lottery. i think a good trade for the hawks would be getting Jalen Brunson, Dorrell Wright, Justin Jackson And dwight powell form Dallas. with jeff teague gone, jalen brunson can be the backup guard. dorrell wright also plays guard and can guard the other teams better scoring since young isnt the best defender… justin jackson is just a project and then you get dwight powell. yes he is injured this season but he can replace john collins if he leaves via free agency next season. dwight scores 10 points less than collins but takes less shots and will be 10m less (i expect collins go get paid around 22m next offseason). i think dallas needs to give up a little more but its a start

  12. Jasonacollier

    If you’re like me and watch every game, there were 3 players that absolutely impressed me going against Trae and succeeding both offensively and defensively. these players have that “dawg” in them. One is unfeasible to obtain, being Devin Booker from PHX. 2 being Marcus Smart from BOS… Stout defender and clutch in the stretch, and can play PG and SG. I say we offer Capela. 3 is Zach LaVine. Not many players that can put up 50 on a given night, and can play SG and SF. Offer #6 and Cam. I’d also try and sign VanVleet. That’s a LOT of versatility with money left over.

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