Heat Rumors: Oladipo, Flynn, Jones, Coaching Staff

Victor Oladipo likes playing for the Pacers and would be happy to stay in Indiana on a big new contract, but if he changes teams, the Heat are expected to be atop his wish list, a source tells Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald.

This is hardly the first time Oladipo has been linked to Miami — a series of summer reports indicated that the Heat would likely be a threat to sign the two-time All-Star away from Indiana in 2021, and there has been ongoing chatter since then. Still, it’ll be interesting to see how Miami’s Finals run this season and Oladipo’s shaky 2019/20 post-injury play impact the Heat’s desire to aggressively pursue the Pacers guard.

For now, Giannis Antetokounmpo remains the Heat’s top target among 2021 free-agents-to-be, according to Jackson, who provides an extensive breakdown of other impact players – including Oladipo – the team could target if Giannis is unavailable.

Here are a few more notes on the Heat:

  • The Heat recently interviewed former San Diego State point guard Malachi Flynn, Jackson writes in another story for The Miami Herald. Flynn, the No. 31 prospect on ESPN’s big board, could be an option for Miami at No. 20. He’s a hard worker who would fit in with the Heat’s culture, according to Jackson, who says one NBA evaluator compared the young guard to Fred VanVleet and believes he’s NBA-ready.
  • The Heat have also scheduled an interview with Duke guard Tre Jones, who is considered a possible first-round pick, Jackson writes for The Herald. Within the story, Jackson says that Kira Lewis and Tyrese Maxey would receive strong consideration from the Heat if they’re still on the board at No. 20.
  • In yet another Herald article, Jackson and Anthony Chiang consider possible replacements on the coaching staff for Dan Craig, who is leaving for a job with the Clippers. Anthony Carter, Eric Glass, and Phil Weber are identified as possibilities by the Herald duo.
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12 thoughts on “Heat Rumors: Oladipo, Flynn, Jones, Coaching Staff

  1. dust44

    Bad news for Nunn if 3 of the 4 players mentioned for the Heat at 20 r point guards.

    • wagner13

      To be honest, Nunn is not all he is cut out to be. If Dragic departs, Miami will need to draft someone to split minutes with Kendrick at point. Even after the fact, they should acquire a veteran to mix in with all of their young guards. I know it sounds insane, but what if they went after Rondo?

    • hiflew

      To me, Nunn is very reminiscent of Yogi Ferrell. Yogi had a streak of great games because was in the perfect situation for his talents in Dallas. He was able to parlay that success into a deal far above his UDFA talent level and now he barely gets off the bench for the Kings.

      Nunn took advantage of his golden opportunity. For now, he better hope he can get back into Miami’s good graces because if he moves on he will probably be exposed.

  2. Sillivan

    Oladipo for Kelly Olynyk + one player + salary release

    Pacers want Herro or Robinson

    Heat can only offer Nunn.

  3. Black Ace57

    Let’s be honest. Oladipo is not a big enough star to dictate where he goes. He’s no Davis or George or Leonard.

    • DynamiteAdams

      He’s like Demar Derozen or Mike Conley. Valuable and definitely above average but not a consistant All Star.

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    Lewis is a nice talent. They say he’s gained weight. He is a true PG very competitive. Not saying he’s Morant. He’s got a similar gm. Not as deadly scorer. And Flynn is also a talent. His gm will be better in NBA. Hope he’s there for Knicks at #27. At 20 Heat May get a shot at Lewis. At 8 and 27 I’m very confident we can get two nice players. Okoro is a future starter. For us he can start right away. Flynn at worst is a future rotation player.

  5. mike.honcho

    Kudos to Oladipo for even playing in the bubble – he played like someone who was better served recovering somewhere else.

    That being said, if the HEAT ever did include Herro in a trade, it won’t be for a healthy Oladipo ……… they’d go for someone like Beal.

    I agree with a B/R article, the NUGGETS should try to trade for Oladipo.

    The NUGGETS need that extra-firepower now that they’re in the West’s elite.

    The PACERS get Gary Harris, not as productive as Oladipo (who they’ll probably lose anyway), one who’ll be that complimentary guy ……… now that TJ Warren looks to be their primary offense, with Sabonis & Brogdon.

    • hiflew

      I think the Nuggets would have to include more than just Harris to get the deal done. Bol Bol maybe? If not, possibly the 22 and a future 2nd.

  6. formerlyz

    Flynn does sort of remind me of that type of player, which is why i have him 29 to Toronto. For the Heat, I would kind of prefer a wing, or one of the bigs in that range of the draft over a small guard…

    I probably have to see some more video, but I prefer Maxey to Lewis. I just think he goes much earlier to Washington

    • x%sure

      Flynn can drive team winning, which he did last year, and is said to be the best PnR guy in the draft. No major weaknesses. All 3 of those should be good. Many teams will land a quality PG, maybe 10! Maxey would look good on the Knicks starting, though with the #8 they can aim higher. Not sure better.

  7. x%sure

    That Barry Jackson article was arrogant, listing in tiers the many players the Heat covet for 2021, generally without any evidence that they will be calling. The tone was disrespectful but not rare for the area, if the rest of the Herald is any indication. It’s a deep winning team, why all this fantasizing over poaching whales, as Riley has been indicating? I feel like my playoff fandom has waned.

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