Jerami Grant Expected To Draw Interest From Pistons, Suns, Hawks

After a strong showing in the playoffs, Nuggets forward Jerami Grant is expected to turn down his $9.3MM player option in favor of free agency. A recent report from Mike Singer of The Denver Post indicated that there appears to be mutual interest in a new deal between the Nuggets and Grant, who could command upwards of $14-16MM per year.

However, Denver is expected to face stiff competition for Grant’s services. According to Singer, the Pistons, Suns, and Hawks are among the clubs that are expected to express interest in the forward once free agency begins.

As Singer notes, Detroit and Atlanta will have plenty of cap room available, and Phoenix has a path to open up space as well. All three teams could make contract offers worth significantly more than the mid-level (projected to be worth about $9.3MM).

Pistons general manager Troy Weaver and Suns head coach Monty Williams are both former Thunder employees, so they’re very familiar with Grant, who played in Oklahoma City from 2016-19 before being traded to the Nuggets last July. The Hawks have no obvious connection to the 26-year-old through their front office or coaching staff, but he’d be a nice fit on a squad that had the NBA’s third-worst defensive rating this season.

Of course, the Nuggets will hold Grant’s Bird rights, allowing them to go over the cap to make a competitive offer for the former Syracuse standout. Head coach Michael Malone told reporters today that Grant is “a big part of our future,” as Eric Spyropoulos of relays.

Grant averaged 12.0 PPG and 3.5 RPG on .478/.389/.750 shooting in 71 games (26.6 MPG) for the Nuggets in 2019/20 and became a full-time starter in the postseason as the team made a run to the Western Conference Finals. His outside shooting ability and defensive versatility will make him one of this offseason’s most popular free agents.

It’s worth noting that the Suns and Pistons are also expected to have interest in free agent point guard Fred VanVleet, while Phoenix and Atlanta have been linked to sharpshooter Davis Bertans. The Hawks can afford to pursue multiple top free agents, but the Suns and Pistons are less likely to fit two pricey new contracts in under the cap. If they go after another top free agent like VanVleet or Bertans instead, that could take one of Grant’s potential suitors out of the mix.

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19 thoughts on “Jerami Grant Expected To Draw Interest From Pistons, Suns, Hawks

  1. harden-westbrook-mvps

    Maybe OKC can bring him back if they can somehow manage to unload about $50M in salaries. Since that is nearly impossible they will be lucky just to find someone to take Chris Paul off their hands.

  2. Sillivan

    Knicks – there is always Knicks.

    Nuggets can overpay him and deal him to Warriors for a future First and TPE.

      • Curtisrowe

        You still saying VanVleet will get 140 mil? Cuz I love that you think that.

      • x%sure

        Why sign someone just to trade them? It took Grant a long time to adjust to DEN, meantime he looked like a mistake. His trade value won’t be high in his firstvyear.

  3. The Human Rain Delay

    Would be a nice match with Phx imo

    I like Van Fleet the player but I dont think Phx is an optimal match- They have an ace in the hole in the wings with the salary cap I wouldnt burn it next year with FVF……. Booker -Ayton -player X- Grant come 2022 is a nice core

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    Grants numbers aren’t worth more than the ME. Why would you pay him more. Why do some people think a team would cap their team out this yr. And not wait till next yr. When it will be best FA yr ever. Do we need a math class. Woods is only player Knicks might chase. Another move they probably make. Is using their expiring contracts and picks. To get a good player.

    • x_burner_X

      What big name FA is signing in Detroit, ATL or Phoenix?? They dont need to save their cap space, if they see a fit they should spend to get better

    • El Don

      Totally agree with you Al! Grant is an average player at the very best, I think it might even be slightly below, so why on earth would someone pay him more than 9MM$/year, I personally would offer him around 5-6MM$/year.

  5. thrillamilla32

    if Vanfleet is smart he would hold out and go to Brooklyn and be the 3rd piece in a monster team.

  6. Say What Dawg?

    Let’s keep it real here. Grant is an asset who is a pitiful rebounder and inconsistent offensively. In the playoffs he was both very good and no factor. He finished strong, so writers are caught up in recency bias.

    I’d be pissed in Denver succumbs to a long-term deal and gross overpay. It once had to give away a first round pick to get out of a bad contract.

  7. Well not concerning this but me being a Nets fan I’m hoping we can trade for Harden give them Levert Dinwiddle whatever else they want put him with KD and Kyrie it’s over for the league and why not sign Ibaka too the old OKC without Perkins and Westbrook

  8. BigGarg

    I liked what grant did in the playoffs but this would be a massive overpay like the plumlee contract. But despite the success, big time free agents aren’t going to sign with Denver, so meh. I don’t know how they improve.

    If only the NOP could take Harris off our hands for Holiday

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