Atlantic Notes: Turner, Rivers/Howard, Gasol, Knicks

The Celtics had an opportunity to add Pacers big man Myles Turner in a sign-and-trade package deal for departing forward Gordon Hayward. Zach Lowe of ESPN believes that Turner “would probably be a Celtic” if the club really wanted to add him.

The Celtics wound up adding former Cavaliers center Tristan Thompson in free agency instead of making the trade for Turner. Turner is set to earn $18MM/year for the next three seasons, while Thompson inked a two-year deal worth $9.5MM annually.

There’s more from around the Atlantic Division:

  • During his first video conference call with his new squad, Sixers center Dwight Howard discussed his recruitment by head coach Doc Rivers soon after free agency began last Friday, and recruit him, according to Tim Bontemps of ESPN. “He was the first one to call me and he said we want you,” Howard said. “I’m super happy that Doc called me, that he gave me the opportunity, and I told him yes.”
  • Marc Gasol, who signed a two-year contract with the Lakers as a free agent, said it was a “tough” decision to leave the Raptors and that his run in Toronto “could not get better,” as Dave McMenamin of ESPN writes. “I’m going to miss Toronto,” Gasol said. “Toronto has been a great place, my family was very settled there, very comfortable, they really enjoyed their time.” Gasol added that the rumors of his potential return to Spain were overblown and that he never spoke to FC Barcelona (Twitter link via Josh Lewenberg of
  • Steve Popper of Newsday indicates that the Knicks might still be in the market for talent this offseason. The team remains $8MM below the salary cap floor. Given the club’s cap space, New York might be in the mix to take back money in a trade. Popper notes that the contracts of Nicolas Batum, Victor Oladipo, and DeMar DeRozan could still be traded into cap space.
  • New Knicks coaching hire Aaron Brooks will be the first “two-way liaison” in the NBA, as Marc Berman of the New York Post writes. We passed along word of Brooks’ hiring earlier today.
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17 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Turner, Rivers/Howard, Gasol, Knicks

  1. KnickerbockerAl

    I don’t get why we’d want Batum. For what a Hornets future #1. I mean the next few yrs they could be a playoff team. So for a 16-22 1st rd pick. This only works if we can move him at deadline for FA to be. That we can resign. I kind of still like Westbrook coming here. This yr is about building a team out of these young players. A star vet can lead them to next level. Westbrook has three good yrs left (3 yrs on contract).

    • Otogar

      The Hornets making the playoffs with their current roster is a very long shot (even in the East).

    • There’s only one year left on the contract and the Knicks still need to spend 8M. Getting a first rounder in a deep draft would be outstanding, no matter where the puck may land. Can always package and trade up.

      As for Westbrook, those are the contracts/players that have been the teams demise. He’s in the wrong side of that contract.

    • buttholesurfer69 2

      I dont think Westbrook is leading any young players

      Also dont see CHA making the playoffs either

      Id consider oladipo tho for sure

  2. Sillivan

    I read that both Celtics and Hornets are not willing to offer a future First for Hayward deal

    Thunder would have to pay luxury tax for taking Batum contract
    Knicks are seeking for trade deadline flexibility

    • Sillivan

      Hornets future First is very valuable therefore it makes no sense to offer that

  3. Black&Gold

    Decent offseason so far for the Celtics, but would still like to see them add some extra bench scoring. Seems obvious that I. Thomas would look great back in GREEN.

  4. How can the Knicks acquire Batum’s contract? I thought Charlotte waived and stretched him.

    • Luke Adams

      It was reported that they intend to, but it’s still not official, so they could conceivably still go in another direction.

  5. onthebucks

    Hayward not going to the Pacers was a stroke of luck for the Celtics. Turner is not the caliber of center the Celtics need to overcome Anthony Davis and the Lakers. Neither is Thompson, but his acquisition is a step in the right direction. The Celtics missed a golden opportunity by not acquiring free agent Hassan Whiteside, a perpetual double-double who will be signing with the Kings for the league veteran minimum of $2.5 million. The Celtics will become champs again as soon as they acquire Andre Drummond. They can acquire him this year without sacrificing Tatum, Brown or Smart. I envision a 3-team trade sending Drummond to the Celtics, Kemba Walker to the Bulls or other team, and a lot of young talent and future draft picks to the Cavaliers.

  6. buttholesurfer69 2

    I’m still a little flummoxed at the aversion to Turner. Unless there’s some medical stuff we don’t know about it seems like, given his age and salary, it would be worth the gamble adding him to the roster

  7. hoosierhysteria

    Turner has low hoops IQ. He is selfish. His shot selection is horrific. He doesn’t want to play center…he wants to chuck up 3’s. Celtics better with TT who only plays center….at half the price of turner. Ainge is right on this one.

    • x%sure

      Turner wound down at center in the bubble with Sabonis out and is not likely a 5 at Boston’s level. TT is smarter, maybe too much so sometimes. It will be interesting to see his quircks play out on a franchise with such pointed fans.
      Thing is they also play smallish forwards, and so could use a Drummond.

  8. Knicks can’t absorb Batum into cap space; they only have about 18 mm. Hornets only needs about 10 mm to complete the Haywood signing.

    Forget Boston and a S&T. I would swap Batum and smaller expiring contract for Randle. Take a couple of 2nds. Or maybe Batum and Rozier – for – Randle, DSJ and Frank, without picks.

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