Bucks Moving On From Bogdanovic Pursuit

The Bucks are moving on from their pursuit of Kings RFA Bogdan Bogdanovic, sources tell Shams Charania and Sam Amick of The Athletic (Twitter link).

The Bogdanovic saga is the early frontrunner for the oddest story of free agency. Late on Monday night, reports indicated that a sign-and-trade agreement had been reached that would have sent Bogdanovic to Milwaukee along with Justin James for Donte DiVincenzo, Ersan Ilyasova, and D.J. Wilson. However, two days later, word broke that the deal was falling apart, having apparently never received approval from Bogdanovic himself.

There was some speculation that the NBA had stepped in due to the perception of tampering or circumvention, and that the Bucks and Kings had to act as if there was no deal in place until free agency opened.

However, now it appears all parties are indeed moving on, clearing the path for Bogdanovic to explore the market for an offer sheet, while the league has opened an investigation into the reported sign-and-trade deal that is no longer happening.

Bogdanovic is one of the fall’s top free agents. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst suggested on an episode of his Hoop Collective podcast this week that “word on the street” is that the Kings swingman is hoping secure a deal of up to four years in the range of $18MM annually (hat tip to RealGM).

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11 thoughts on “Bucks Moving On From Bogdanovic Pursuit

  1. Col. Sanders

    If Bucks could somehow match unhapy Buddy’s contract I’d like to see him in Milwaukee but probably it won’t happen.

    • And Chief Two Hands is not seeming too bright.
      Tell me, Chief, what exactly makes any of this the Bucks fault? Isn’t it the Kings responsibility to check with their own player about his interest in such an arrangement? It would be “illegal” for the Bucks to do so since he’s still under contract with Sacramento, but let’s not facts or logic get in the way, huh?

      There’s also a very good argument to be made that the Bucks will be better off without this trade. Check a certain 4 letter website for their take on it. The article suggests that this gives the Bucks a better opportunity to fill out a more complete and better overall roster, which I happen to agree with.

      I know I’m no expert like Chief Two Hands seems to think he is, but boy it seems like someone has an axe to grind with Milwaukee for some reason but no logic to back it up

  2. coachtim

    NBA investigating tampering. Lol what a joke. Players tamper constantly. Dictate where they want to play. Collude for super teams

    • It’s only allowed if you are LeBron James. Then you can do it blatantly on TV in front of the world for the entire season and its cool. That Anthony Davis situation was so ridiculous and the NBA should be ashamed of themselves for allowing that to go on.

  3. Knicks should definitely kick the tires on this. This is a very solid two way player, only 28, with a skill set of need. Normally, its best to ignore RFAs, but here the Kings don’t seem so certain to match.

  4. Dirkules

    I kind of feel bad for Monte McNair. Pretty much the first deal he made in his job is a disaster. Probably better for the Kings, though. The deal wasn’t that good for them.

  5. El Don

    That reminds me of the fiasco from the MEM FO on the 3 team deal with WAS & PHO a couple years ago, boy did they clown the deal… & now id SAC’s turn!
    When you are a serious franchise like MIL, PHO or WAS you just can’t deal with clowns like MEM or SAC, there is that lesson to be learned!

  6. Kowalski

    Lakers wants bogdanovic but it looks like they dont have enough assets that sacramento would want.

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