Cavs Rumors: Thompson, Free Agents, Drummond, No. 5 Pick

The Cavaliers would like to re-sign Tristan Thompson at the right price, but so far, discussions between the two sides have “centered on a number lower than Thompson would want,” according to Chris Fedor of Thompson had an $18.5MM salary in 2019/20 and presumably won’t want to see that number decrease too significantly going forward. However, that may simply be the veteran’s reality now, Fedor writes.

As Fedor points out, John Hollinger of The Athletic and ESPN’s Brian Windhorst have both recently suggested that Thompson may be no more than a minimum-salary free agent. It sounds like the Cavs will offer him more than that, so the big man may have to decide whether he wants to stay in Cleveland at that higher number or compete for a title elsewhere on a more modest deal. He appears unlikely to get a sizeable offer from a contender, Fedor notes.

If Thompson doesn’t re-sign with the Cavaliers, the team will probably have to dedicate a portion of its mid-level exception to signing a center. Fedor identifies Harry Giles, Aron Baynes, Thon Maker, and Nerlens Noel as some free agents who could be possibilities for Cleveland.

Here’s more from Fedor on the Cavs:

  • Sources tell Fedor that the Cavaliers were hoping to pursue Jerami Grant in free agency, but now expect him to be out of their price range. The team still aims to add athletic, defensive-minded players — Derrick Jones, Maurice Harkless, Kris Dunn, and Pat Connaughton are a few of the potential targets singled out by Fedor.
  • If and when Andre Drummond officially opts in for 2020/21, it’s possible the Cavaliers will view him and his expiring contract as a potential trade chip. However, Fedor’s sources believe Cleveland would have a better chance of moving Drummond at the trade deadline rather than in the offseason, so it sounds like the veteran center will spend at least part of the season in Cleveland.
  • Multiple members of Cleveland’s front office like Tyrese Haliburton, but after using their previous two lottery picks on guards, the Cavs seem unlikely to opt for Haliburton over an “equally-talented” prospect who fills a greater need. Fedor believes Deni Avdija, Onyeka Okongwu, Isaac Okoro, and Obi Toppin are – in no particular order – the best bets to be the Cavs’ pick at No. 5.
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19 thoughts on “Cavs Rumors: Thompson, Free Agents, Drummond, No. 5 Pick

  1. brownscavsr4me

    A minimum contract is way too low for the second best offensive player in the league.

    Also I swear if they take Haliburton (who will be good/great dont get me wrong) then Koby Altman needs to be fired. Best player available usually only makes sense if the team has no major roster holes to fill, or if the BPA has hella more potential than the rest of the draft pool

    • Jeff Zanghi

      How is he the second best offensive player in the league? Im assuming that was supposed to say something else? because other wise it was a joke but given that the rest of your comment was serious and poignant I’m assuming it wasn’t?

    • davidkaner

      You are right. Its absolute horrendous idea & one they will regret for tgw the length of that contract.

      • brownscavsr4me

        He was saying he should get an extension. I think drummond should opt in tho so that he gets his $28m and the cavs can get something in a trade for him. Otherwise he aint getting money like that anywhere else and the cavs would get nothing if he walks. Thus lose/lose

    • OhThatYoGirl

      If he’s asking for more than Capela is making, than yes it’s a bad idea to give him an extension. He’s getting paid 29 mill this season, he’s not worth anything near that. I rather let him go than to handcuff ourselves to such an albatross contract.

  2. Jeff Zanghi

    I feel like a 28/29 year old you averages a double-double should be worth more than a “minimum salary” free agent. I understand he isn’t overly young, nor does he do all that much beyond rebound and score in the post… but still he averaged 12 points and 10 rebounds last year… that’s got to be worth way more than a “minimum contract”. I also refuse to believe he’s going to be able to get $18.5M (or close to it) in Cleveland but only able to get a minimum deal elsewhere!?!? that logic just doesn’t really add up to me… I feel like I’m missing something?

  3. phillyballers

    I think you just have to look at who is available that you’d probably be able to snag cheaper or is better than TT. You have to play him 30 MPG to get that double double. And you’d get that same outcome if you gave several guys 30 MPG. It’s a byproduct of being on a terrible team.

    He’s not just vying for dollars for Centers – with the small ball era it’s that tweener small ball 5 he’s up against too. If I were going after cheaper/better options I’d take…. Harrell, Millsap, Ibaka, Favors, Whiteside, Howard, Noel, Morris x 2, Gasol, and Baynes ahead of TT.

    So from a pure $ availability standpoint… he is looking at a min salary deal or something in the 1/4 or 1/5 range from the Cavs.

  4. Yep it is

    Yes let Cleveland pay a 10 point a game career average player $18 million. Ridiculous

    • brownscavsr4me

      They didnt say he was asking for or getting that amount of money anywhere in the article, and only pointing out his ppg neglects his abilities of being a top rebounder and very solid defender

      • OhThatYoGirl

        He is a 10 point a game career player and was making 18 mill a year though.

  5. Thompson likely gets a one year MLE from someone like the Raptors should both Serge and Marc leave. Don’t see him getting more than that, but also don’t understand why anyone would suggest vet min for him. At worst he gets a tax payer MLE.

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