Pistons Acquire Jerami Grant In Sign-And-Trade With Nuggets

NOVEMBER 22: The Pistons have officially announced the acquisition of Grant. Interestingly, the team’s press release states that it’s a sign-and-trade, with Grant and the draft rights to Nikola Radicevic being sent to Detroit, while Denver receives cash considerations.

The move will allow the Nuggets to create a traded player exception worth about $9.5MM.

NOVEMBER 20: The Pistons are signing veteran free agent Jerami Grant to a three-year contract worth $60MM, sources tell Shams Charania of The Athletic (Twitter link). The move will reunite Grant with new Pistons GM Troy Weaver, who worked in Oklahoma City’s front office during the forward’s stint with the team.

Grant, 26, was acquired by the Nuggets during the 2019 offseason from the Thunder in exchange for a first-round pick. He came off the bench for most of the season in Denver, averaging 12.0 PPG and 3.5 RPG with a shooting line of .478/.389/.750 in 71 games (26.6 MPG). He entered the team’s starting lineup in the playoffs due to Will Barton‘s absence and played a key role in Denver’s run to the Western Finals.

Grant’s size, defensive versatility, and ability to knock down outside shots made him a popular free agent this fall, though it’s still a bit surprising that the rebuilding Pistons were the team to land him. Detroit entered this week with cap room but have made a series of moves eating into that cap room and will have re-open some of it to complete the Grant signing.

The Nuggets, meanwhile, will be on the lookout for frontcourt players after two of their key free agents – Grant and Mason Plumlee – agreed to deals with Detroit tonight. According to Denver-area reporter T.J. McBride (Twitter link), the Nuggets offered to match Grant’s three-year, $60MM offer from the Pistons, but he chose Detroit because he wants a bigger role.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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40 thoughts on “Pistons Acquire Jerami Grant In Sign-And-Trade With Nuggets

    • Jerami Grant is a small forward who averages three rebounds a game. He’s more of a wing.

      • noahrnoahr

        Grant played over 60% of his minutes last season at PF, which is in line with his career averages. The two previous seasons with OKC, he pretty much exclusively played PF. Before that he played a lot more SF.

        His rebounding numbers are pretty unimpressive, though that is partly related to the way in which Denver plays and his role on the team.

    • Col. Sanders

      Griffin & Rose as guards + Grant, Plumlee & Okafor in the front. Should have kept Drummond & start him instead of Rose. Would have been big!

  1. stretch123

    They seem to be going back to a gritty type of team. I think they’re making awesome moves so far.

  2. Tatsumaki

    Remember when I said 20 million per year and people said I had no idea what I was talking about? Lmao

  3. All right the pistons are making some moves since the beginning of free agency. Go Troy weaver continued to deal and make fun again.

  4. Sillivan

    Hawks front court
    Collins, Gallo, Okongwu, Capela

    Pistons front court
    Griffin, Grant, Okafor, Josh Jackson, Plumlee

  5. rxbrgr

    Dedmon + Svi = $15m outgoing salary, could be enough to get Grant $20m in S&T. Works w/ BYC

    • That’s good thinking and that could be it. Doesn’t make sense they’re just signing these guys off the street as free agents. There has to be a sign-and-trade in there somewhere.

  6. Michael Chaney

    Troy Weaver seems like a smart enough guy to have a plan for what he’s doing. He’s obviously a highly regarded executive.

    But on the surface, nothing they’re doing is really making any sense.

  7. DetroitDave84

    Look at the two guys they signed from Denver. They got those signed so they can move Griffin to Denver via a sign and trade. In this case, the two guys they signed are within 25% of the Griffin’s contract so they will more than likely trade Griffin once they work out the compensation because Griffin is worth more than those two guys so look for Detroit to get a future number and/or some future number 2’s. Detroit traded away their number 2’s from 2023 through 2026 (four).

    • Coach Jenkins 2

      Griffin would be a Nice Addition in Denver just play him after the Allstar break so u can have him for the playoffs

    • Count that baby and a foul!

      I believe it. I knew Blake was a good fit for Denver. But exchangibg Grant for him is a low ball.

  8. Simmons>Russ

    Loading up and looking for trades.
    Good move by the pistons

    They have cap space to spend and no real names to go after so getting good players on tradeable contracts is such a good decision. I can see the pistons adding a couple future firsts because of FA.

    I’m predicting Malik Beasley and Jarrett Culver for Jerami Grant and Tony Bradley

  9. Nuggets prioritized bringing Grant back, but at this price they shouldn’t be too disappointed. He’s a terrific piece to have, but MPJ is the future starter at PF, and they have other uses for their money after this season.

  10. Luckylefty2

    Ty weaver gave a system player 20m lol. Should of just paid wood his 14m. Wood is taller & has a better skillset.

  11. Count that baby and a foul!

    Wood has a way bigger gap on defensive ability than Grant. While grant is only slightly more limitedon O than Wood. AT THIS POINT given that his role onOin denver was limited to 4th option. Also no one knows if Wood can improve his game or impact winning with his game, or howhe will act now that he got a big payday. While Grant has improve every year amd impacted winning on everyteam he has been on the last 4 seasons. Isee why weaver opted to go with him. Also can’t call it an overpay if Denver was willing to match. Than means we got him at Marketvalue. Ao that arguement is out the window too!

  12. I'm a starboy not a Dr...

    Left a contender (that was a legit third option away) for a poorly run franchise since Billips. Remember this pistons had Caron Butler Augustine, Dinwiddie,Josh Smith,Drummond,Greg Munroe,Reggie Jackson,KCP and couldn’t make the playoffs so…

    • tylerknowsbaseball

      What does Chauncy have to do with anything? He’s never been apart of the front office. Not with Joe D or Stan Van.

      Monroe fell off a cliff as soon as he left as a UFA. Caron Butler was washed when Stan Van traded for him. Josh Smith was even more washed that Butler when we acquired him. Reggie Jackson was good when he played but was ALWAYS hurt. KCP was/is a bum.

    • noahrnoahr

      The article says Denver offered to match, but he wanted to play more. I don’t think wanting to play more is a bad reason to change teams. There are so many good reasons, in no particular order:

      1. Where you want to live
      2. Winning
      3. Your role on the team
      4. Who you are going to play for
      5. Who your employer is

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