John Wall Reportedly Seeking Trade Out Of Washington

Although talks between the Wizards and Rockets on a potential Russell Westbrook/John Wall trade have stalled, Wall has made it clear that he wants to be traded out of Washington, sources tell Shams Charania of The Athletic (Twitter link).

This is a surprising development, as Wall has spent his entire career in D.C. and has spent the better part of two years rehabbing multiple injuries, including a torn Achilles. Having last played on December 26, 2018, Wall appeared poised to return for the Wizards next month, joining forces with Bradley Beal and a newly re-signed Davis Bertans in an effort to get the team back into the postseason.

It’s still possible that will happen. Just because Wall is seeking a trade, that doesn’t mean the Wizards have to oblige. Wall, who has one of the least team-friendly contracts in the NBA still has three years and nearly $133MM left on his deal.

Moving that contract will be a challenge – especially given how long it’s been since teams have seen Wall play – and the 30-year-old doesn’t have a ton of leverage to force Washington’s hand, since he’s so far removed from free agency. Westbrook’s deal is one of the few in the same ballpark financially, but the Rockets would be seeking additional assets in any swap involving the two All-Star point guards.

The Wizards’ biggest concern may be the ripple effect of Wall’s stance. So far, the team has been adamant that it has no intention of trading Bradley Beal and that it wants to see its backcourt fully healthy and back in action this season. In Houston, Westbrook and James Harden both asked to be traded one after the other — general manager Tommy Sheppard won’t want to see that scenario play out with Washington’s star guards.

Before his 2018/19 season ended prematurely, Wall had been averaging 20.7 PPG, 8.7 APG, and 3.6 RPG in 34.5 minutes per contest.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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59 thoughts on “John Wall Reportedly Seeking Trade Out Of Washington

    • jkoms57

      Wall is the opposite of what you want out of a player.

      Hes whiney, overpaid, and mediocre. I can’t imagine him actually having an impact on any of the 29 other teams

  1. GoLandCrabs

    Only way he is getting traded is for Westbrook. No one is taking on these dudes contract that includes 47 million dollar player options.

  2. Wow this is crazy. This could mean quite a bit to the teams looking for Bradley Beal. Didn’t the Wizards want to delay the rebuild to see how wall and Beal would play together? Now instead of losing Beale for nothing they may trade him at the deadline or next offseason?

    This is crazy news here. Wall signs a big Max contract, unfortunately gets hurt but collects money for 2 years, like 60 million dollars, now he says he wants out?

    • mnsportsfan

      exactly what i was thinking about beal. this will mean they have to deal beal, as i bet he’ll ask out.

      • Appalachian_Outlaw

        They don’t have to deal Beal. Wall has zero leverage here. However if he is moved they can try to build a more complete team around Beal and make him the focal point.

        • GETBUCKETS

          Blake can play 5 and hachimura could be solid but nothing to brag about….there’s not many options with walls bad contract and Blake is one year shorter

    • jkoms57

      Honesty that’s one situation where I’d rather have Wall

      Blake is the only other more overrated and injury prone player in the league

      • buttholesurfer69 2

        Either for Blake or Russ yeah

        but first Wall needs to actually play a few actual games and show what he has left

        a speed first pg who just turned 30 coming off back to back leg injuries – dude could be done. at least blake and russ still show flashes of stardom

    • Sports guy 2005

      OKC ain’t doing it. They’re trying to be bad.

      Charlotte isn’t a fit with Ball and Graham

      Orlando could definitely be doable. Washington might be able to nab AG out of that deal.

      • hiflew

        You have to consider that a PG will definitely be part of the return because Washington doesn’t have one. So a team like Charlotte could be in play. Although I would highly doubt it. It would be interesting though if they did something like Wall and Deni for LaMelo, Rozier, and Batum.

  3. raz427

    Utah? Conley expiring deal looks good for them and attach a few first round picks? Wall and Mitchell might be the best western conference backcourt outside of the state of Oregon.

    • jkoms57

      Honestly that could be a good fit. Connelly was terrible so would be worth a shot if they think Wall moves the needle

      • hiflew

        Did you ever consider that one or the other could be part of the return? Washington wouldn’t have a PG with Wall gone, so I’m sure they would ask for one in return.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      Why would Charlotte take on a max salary G when they have DG and just drafted Ball. That’d just stifle the young guys development. Charlotte isn’t trading for a G now. Backcourt is the deepest position on the team.

    • Simmons>Russ

      Your both acting like the hornets make good decision which they don’t firstly.
      Secondly Wall be replacing Rozier who is a guard it’s not like they are adding a fourth they are basically keeping what they have.
      Thirdly John Wall would be a great mentor for young Graham and Ball, Wall is a former all star who plays fast and is great facilitating an offence. Graham scores well but needs to improve his passing and Ball needs to work on making the right decision but has the tools to be a lethal passer and so it would be a positive to learn from Wall.
      Not to mention Graham shared the backcourt with Rozier last year, so he can play with another PG on the court and Ball is a SG really or atleast has that size and can play on or off ball.

      In the end it would be the hornets adding a star and a great leader and mentor for two of its most promising players while clearing two average overpaid players.
      Wizards would be getting a young PG in Rozier who can play off Bradley Beal and would be adding another vet center in Zeller on and expiring deal

      • Appalachian_Outlaw

        Different regime now with Mitch in charge, so previous bad decisions aren’t completely relevant.

        Graham did share the backcourt with Rozier last season, but there wasn’t a third projected starter in that mix. Even if you’re swapping out Rozier for Wall, you still have 3 guards for 2 starting spots. The young guys should be playing major development minutes. Between Wall and Rozier, who do you think takes coming off the bench better?

        Charlotte doesn’t need expensive vets over 30 on big contracts. It doesn’t fit the timeline or trajectory of the club. They need to play the kids and keep rebuilding.


        Rozier can shoot and play better defense than wall so totally different fit. While acknowledging wall’s incredible ability let’s not get confused and call this guy a great mentor, because he has never acted like that before.

        • El Don

          Rozier can’t defend for his life meanwhile Wall is an All-NBA Defensive team… don’t let the facts get in the way of your narrative, right?

          • jkoms57

            Wall is worse than Graham or Rozier.

            Guy is super overrated, always has been.

            The fact that he hasn’t been able to get Washington deep into the playoffs proves hes a ball hog with little real impact.

            Now hes 30 years old with 2 bad knees and the worst contract in the NBA.

            If you have a similarly bad veteran PG then he might make sense.. if you have 3 young capable PGs like Charlotte then you have no need for jon Wall whatsoever

    • jkoms57


      Could see Wall and two 1sts for Westbrook.

      Not sure if thatd be worth it for DC tho

  4. Sports guy 2005

    I don’t see Washington taking any deal besides HOU w/ Russ. They don’t get anyone better back otherwise. So Wall might be stuck for a bit

  5. Dunkinstompin

    Cuh no team will line up to trade for yo sorry ass! You haven’t played a game in two yers and your former teammates couldn’t stand you just ask Gortat, Oubre and Markief .

  6. They should modify the supermax rules so that a player who signed one can’t request a trade without forfeiting salary equal to the increment of that contract over the regular max. Ridiculous for players to sign these “face of the franchise” (which is what they were intended for) contracts and then say they don’t want to play for the franchise.

  7. rbonnevie

    Wall needs to suck it in and play behind beal. He got his feelings hurt when he thought he’s still the leader in this ball club . Smh. You got your $ already… jeesh!

  8. jpritch002

    I’m Calling Heat trade
    John Wall
    Two seconds

    2022 first (top 5 protected)
    Kendrick Nunn
    Throw in a couple of players to make money work

  9. ppyxmb

    Wall to Detroit
    Blake to Houston
    Westbrook to DC.

    Detroit gets a couple of seconds from each.

  10. I'm a starboy not a Dr...

    Brogdan & Miles Turner for Wall. Wiz get younger at point guard, plus get a 3 & D big to improve the interior…

  11. buttholesurfer69 2

    There are some dumb teams in the NBA but idk if anyone is dumb enough to trade for WALL before they see him back on the court

    Dude could easily be the next Isaiah Thomas

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