Klay Thompson Suffers Apparent Lower Leg Injury

7:43pm: The fear is that Thompson has a heel injury, according to Charania (video link).

5:41pm: Warriors sharpshooter Klay Thompson suffered an apparent lower leg injury today and is undergoing tests to determine the severity of the injury, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic (Twitter link). Thompson was unable to place weight on the injrued leg when leaving the gym today, sources tell Charania (Twitter link).

Thompson sustained the injury during a workout in Southern California, notes ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (via Twitter). Woj hears from a source that the injury affects Thompson’s right leg (Twitter link).

Thompson has been sidelined since Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals, having suffered a torn left ACL in that game. He had been on track to return to the court for the Warriors to start the 2020/21 season — it’s not clear yet whether this setback will jeopardize his availability for next month’s opener

Thompson, 30, is one of the league’s best two-way wings, having averaged at least 20.0 PPG in each of his last five healthy seasons, earning All-Star nods in each of those five years. He’s a career 41.9% three-point shooter and is a strong perimeter defender. He’s entering the second season of a five-year, maximum-salary contract.

It’s unclear whether or not the Warriors fear Thompson’s injury is a major one. It also remains to be seen whether Golden State will get any answers before tonight’s draft, or how the news may affect the team’s approach to the offseason.

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78 thoughts on “Klay Thompson Suffers Apparent Lower Leg Injury

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Sunami gotta be a juvenile. Best to wait this out. Get the whole story. Writers didn’t see anything. They were told.

          • imindless

            Curtis, chris it doesn’t matter. The main point is you have no idea what you are talking about. Keep punching air! Tatum is still only 23

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      This is a huge blow for them if he is going to be out for an extended period of time. Considering the fact that he missed all of last season with the ACL injury, it might be too optimistic to expect him back any sooner than the All-Star break in early March.

      • claude raymond

        HWMVP, if it’s in the heel it’s gotta be an achilles injury. What do you think?

    • sportznut1000

      @ tatsumaki
      So here is what i dont understand. The warriors are not like the patriots or yankees or lakers or celtics or redwings who went through some long dynasty. The warriors sucked for like 40 years!!! Like historically had like the knicks have been or the browns in football. They went like 30 years only winning 1 playoff series. They deserved to finally have their run at a few titles. Why do the warriors and their fans get so much hate?

      I would bet if the sacramento kings or new york knicks or atlanta hawks win 3 titles in the next 5 years, you would have the same crappy attitude and hatred to those teams who also are deserving of finally getting their turn

      • Tatsumaki

        Easy, just hang around here long enough and you’ll see the type of trash can fans warriors really have. The warriors weren’t relevant since the 70’s until recently, but dont you dare let a warriors fan catch wind. They think the aging injury-prone splash bro’s are going to win the next several titles and are still a perennial championship caliber team….

      • ThePeople'sElbow

        It’s jealousy. And honestly I don’t think America likes to see a perennial doormat take leaps to another level. Everyone wants to maintain status quo and keep everyone in their lanes.

        • claude raymond

          The ratings were down this year for several reasons. The biggest reason…no warriors. The AVERAGE fan wants to see them more than let’s say the Lakers. America generally doesn’t like someone like Lebron. America loves loyalty. Kobe was loyal and America misses him. I’m not a Lakers fan but I’d always watch Kobe. Give me a player who has stayed with his team through good and bad (think Tony Gwynn) and that player is desirable to watch. Barry Sanders. And others.

          I didn’t want Durant to play for gsw. He’s just a hired hand. So is lebron. People like tatsumaka think they’re in the majority—it’s actually a minority.

          Yeah, I’m a warriors fan from the sixties BUT Curry, Iggy, and klay were/are extremely watchable. If they get back to championship contention, you’ll see ratings go up.

      • CastielStrife

        I’m not really one to hate on teams or fans of teams, unless they’re hating on mine, but I would say it’s probably because after sucking all of those years their players and fans got pretty cocky after “gitting gud”. At least, that’s how I see it. I actually liked the Warriors when they were transitioning from “sucking”. I remember watching them in that historic run against the Mavericks with Baron Davis, Andre Kirilenko(?), Jason Richardson(?), and all those players. I even kept up with them when they had that Ellis guy and then finally Curry. I was turned off when they finally won their first one and started showing an arrogance.

        The Rockets played them as the eighth seed while the Warriors were the first seed and when asked about the matchup I am pretty sure Iguodala said something to the effect of “it’ll be a pretty good practice squad game for us”. Well, they lost a game against us and almost another one in that series so not sure how it was just a practice squad game. Should have swept us if that were the case.

        Anyways, that’s just my take. I don’t really hate on them or anything, I think they’re one of the greatest teams assembled. I just don’t really care for them and I’d imagine the way they began to act after winning may be why others don’t as well.

          • claude raymond

            We should all agree to ignore tats and mindless. Obviously Orien you just fed the hyena, as did I. What ya say orien, leave these toads be? I will

            • Howie415

              @claude raymond There is a guy on MLBtraderumors that really hates the SF Giants. He seems to have about 15 separate aliases. He is always agreeing with himself.

              • claude raymond

                I know. I try to avoid him/them as well. It’s difficult. I’d give their post names as well to verify with you but that would just reward them. You and I post on giants a lot so I know who you’re talking about

            • imindless

              Claude another second account user with kittle originality. Solid. Clearly you don’t follow the borders long enough to see who’s trolling who.

    • Curtisrowe

      Yeah, not a Warriors fan, but always a drag when someone coming back from something like that gets injured again.

  1. phillyballers

    Face to Palm. You had 1 job! Lol I think it’s just the new NBA for half the league, sign a big deal, get hurt or drop off a cliff immediately.

  2. Sillivan

    Smart had 2 year contract remaining
    Smart + 14 = 5

    Brown + 14 + Salary release = Wiggins + 2

  3. When? I assume the team knew before it was reported. Like it or not, his health has to be a factor in their overall draft/trade strategy.

  4. formerlyz

    Damn….maybe makes the possibility of looking at someone like Devin Vassell in a slight trade down, or possibly a guard, more plausible…Hopefully Klay will be ok. Hate to see stuff like that

  5. Dorothy_Mantooth

    Early reports are this is an ACL injury of some sorts, most likely a tear. If so, this would be devastating for both Thompson and the GSW team as a whole. I wonder how this impacts their draft strategy tonight? They were considering moving their #2 pick for a veteran but if Thompson is lost for another season then it makes sense to draft Wiseman and start the ‘semi-rebuild’ while hoping for one more Big 3 year in 2022. Their window was already closing; let’s hope this doesn’t slam it shut for good.

      • Tatsumaki

        It’s looking like acl again. They spoke with his dad and he said it’s “not good” “not able to walk off with weight on leg” not a good sign.

        • You know what the lower leg is bro? That’s not the ACL. They’re saying it’s bad so it could be Achilles? Couldn’t put weight on it as you say. But repeatedly it’s been LOWER leg.

          • Tatsumaki

            I saw lower leg just came out but when I posted they said leg injury and not being able to put weight on injuried leg. They spoke to his dad and he was sober and said it’s not good.

            • I heard it when it first came out and it’s always been lower leg injury. I never once saw leg injury by itself. I’d love a link. And believe me I’ve been Googling this the last 2 hours.

              • claude raymond

                DAMMIT! Gary,please ignore this moron. Early reports ALL said lower leg.

                This poster is illiterate and well..just plain confused.

          • hiflew

            I doubt it is Achilles, because that is more foot than lower leg. Could be a torn quad or calf though. Still bad, but not Achilles or ACL bad.

            • Achilles actually would be considered a lower leg injury. Yes you’re right when you say it’s attached to the foot (heel to be honest) but with it being attached to the calf as well, it’s injury is considered, lower leg

    • hiflew

      I feel for you man. Of course this could be karma for you taking bad about my man John Wall. Kidding of course, and I really hope that Klay is not badly hurt.

      • Curtisrowe

        Same. Also sorry I spoke badly about Wall. I don’t want any of that bad juju you’re throwing around.

  6. ch050995

    Pg to warriors for Wiggins and the 2nd. If klay retore his acl or is going to be out for a bit they need another option for scoring

  7. KnickerbockerAl

    It was the lower right leg they say. Not his ACL injury to left leg. He’s gonna have tests. You can tell if it was major. These guys reporting didn’t see it. Saying he couldn’t walk on it. You do that to be cautious. Hope he’s good. Don’t freak,

    • Couple guys that were there said it did not look good. But they stopped short of saying it was catastrophic.

  8. Introducing the number 2 pick for the Golden State Warriors…. Anthony Edwards !!!!

  9. illowa

    they will be fine if it’s serious. gsw’s have like 50 contingency plans for this cause they’re “light years” ahead. we’re all playing checkers while they’re playing star trek chess.

  10. Little_Dunker_45

    Tatsumaki was hanging out near a mcdonalds he knew steph eats at (golden arches for golden state) and he started digging through the trash to find a french fry so he could tell it secrets and love songs. Then curry dissed him and said you a stanky ax french fry boi and wouldnt sign an autograph and now hes sour. It’s pretty obvious, if you ask me

            • Lakers1

              Not as dumb as cheap rockets trading Ariza and pick for future 1st.. your owner is worse than Frank McCourt.. no wonder your two players want our.

            • claude raymond

              Bilas said you need to stick to your plan and there’s too much to be determined to “panic”. Or “rush to judgement “. And I agree especially with free agency approaching and the trade exceptions they have. If there was any question as to what Lacob will spend ( and the attached tax penalties) the answer now will be A LOT. I’m glad they stayed the course and drafted wiseman.

    • Tatsumaki

      Stupid leading the blind. Nice. I’d make a suggestion to stay in school but judging by poor grammar I doubt you went.

  11. KnickerbockerAl

    Sunami needs another sport lol. Gotta be a child.
    Thank god, not a Warriors fan but I’m a Klay fan . OK

  12. harden-westbrook-mvps

    Could be an injury to his right achilles which would mean he’s not coming back until the 2021-2022 season. Long road to recovery.

  13. hiflew

    I hope he makes it back, but man the Warriors could not have picked a worse time to sign him to an extension. It’s not his fault, but Thompson’s deal has to be considered the worst in the league as of this moment.

    • claude raymond

      C’mon man, ANY contract sucks when a player gets hurt. Grading contracts as to which one hurts the most after an injury? C’mon

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