Knicks Notes: Rose, Thibodeau, Brunson, Draft

The upcoming week will mark the first chance for new president of basketball operations Leon Rose to put his stamp on the Knicks, writes Stefan Bondy of The New York Daily News. The trade moratorium ends Monday, followed by the draft on Wednesday and the start of free agency on Friday. New York has a chance to play a significant role in all three events.

Bondy notes that Rose could opt for a win-now approach by trading for an expensive veteran such as Russell Westbrook. Or he could keep the team’s draft picks, target young free agents and accumulate assets to build for the future. Rose may also avoid adding significant payroll to set up a run at an elite free agent next summer, possibly Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Two sources in contact with the Knicks about their personnel tell Bondy that new coach Tom Thibodeau is advocating moves to turn the team into an immediate playoff contender. Thibodeau expects to have a say in roster moves, but Rose’s direction for the franchise won’t become clear for a few more days.

There’s more from New York:

  • There’s speculation that former NBA guard Rick Brunson, who served as an assistant to Thibodeau with the Bulls and Timberwolves, could be joining the Knicks in some capacity, Bondy adds in the same story. Brunson recently resigned as head coach at Camden High School. He was Rose’s first NBA client and had been working out Kevin Knox and other players while the league was shut down.
  • The Knicks are considered candidates to move up in the draft, but they haven’t been overly impressed with either LaMelo Ball or Anthony Edwards, according to Steve Popper of Newsday. Tyrese Haliburton also doesn’t appear to be a target, Popper adds, so New York may trade down to acquire more assets. He mentions Kira Lewis Jr. or Killian Hayes as possibilities, along with wing players Isaac Okoro, Patrick Williams and Devin Vassell.
  • Okoro and Haliburton are the best fits for Thibodeau’s coaching style, Paul Biancardi, ESPN’s national basketball recruiting director, tells Ian Begley of Biancardi, who played for Thibodeau in college, likes Okoro’s mindset and commitment to defense, while Haliburton would be a “high-IQ” leader at point guard. Biancardi points to Texas Tech’s Jahmi’us Ramsey and Washington’s Isaiah Stewart as players to watch at No. 27.
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32 thoughts on “Knicks Notes: Rose, Thibodeau, Brunson, Draft

  1. Journalists need to stop pretending that today’s stars want to play for the New York Knicks.

    • Jason Lancaster

      I mean, you’re not wrong, but it’s not like every NBA player wouldn’t love to live and work in NYC. That city is great if you’re well to do.

    • buttholesurfer69 2

      IDK if they’re pretending stars will play there as much as covering the delusions of the Knicks front office

    • x%sure

      NYC used to have more to offer America and American move-ins, because its culture stressed the individual and was smart.
      But this train of thought can go way long and off-topic…

  2. Strike Four

    Imagine getting to pick between playing with Steph Curry with an owner committed to spending to win, or playing on the Knicks, who are America’s most disappointing franchise?

    • KnickerbockerAl

      Anyone who believes Giannis is going to FA. Is an idiot and should find another sport. Bucks are not losing him for nothing. And Giannis will not do that to Bucks. Get an original thought. Knicks are a rebuilding team. They won’t be ready for Giannis next yr.

      • Rocket32

        KnickerbockerAl Obviously he wouldn’t seriously consider the Knicks, but I wouldn’t be so sure there’s no scenario where he goes to FA. If the Bucks win or at least reach the NBA Finals, yeah he very likely stays. If the Bucks fail to even reach the conference finals again, especially if their eliminated again before that point in a decisive way, I could easily see Giannis going to FA.

        Don’t put too much into anything he says about it until he actually signs a deal, until then he may just be a smart professional saying the right things.

        • KnickerbockerAl

          Giannis if you follow him from beginning. You should know he is humble and very appreciative if his status. He has loyalty in his heart bro. I know we might find that’s rare today. But it’s true with him. If he were to leave for any reason. He would let them know and do a sign and trade. Or go to teams he wants to go to like AD. He will not walk for nothing. You can believe that.
          As much as I would love for him to come to NY. We are not ready and he is going to a contender. If he decides to leave. I believe Bucks will do what they can to redo team. To go for title and convince him to stay. Bucks are only a player away.

    • jimmyduz0523

      america’s most disappointing franchise… really… strike five… its the N.Y.Jets

  3. Little_Dunker_45

    Could be that it just isn’t publicized, but Knicks seem to have no clear plan to execute on. I say go get Westbrook, let him do his thing, get some ratings and have a fun team that doesn’t necessarily make the playoffs. I don’t care if they win just fun to watch…if you ask me

    • Rocket32

      Little_Dunker_45 Going for Westbrick or CP would be a huge mistake. Unless they could get 1 of them without giving up a single thing of value which likely won’t happen. It would be a typical Knicks move though, so I fully expect they’ll do it.

      • Sillivan

        Knicks can use that 44 million a year to sign 3 free agents

        Better long term plan

      • Little_Dunker_45

        Yes when it comes to Knicks you need to view through a different filter. Dolan Logic it’s called…realistically they’re not contending anytime soon. I want them to be good, but I am not holding my breath. Otherwise I would pass out and die.

  4. mrmet6141

    Brunson took back his resignation from Camden HS. Article was on a couple days ago

  5. mikedickinson

    If you’re the Knicks and know the Celtics want to trade up, don’t you offer your pick for their 3. If they can pull that off, they’d have a bunch of young guys for their rebuild.

    • Sillivan

      It seems that Knicks are trying to trade down to 10 and get an additional First

    • Sillivan

      Trade idea
      Knicks get 9 from Wizards and 26 from Celtics
      Celtics Get 8
      Wizards get 14, 30 and a future pick

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    Reason why Halliburton is so right for us. He’s high IQ at most important position of IQ. Plus he’s got size and talent. That is a good mix. Plus he plays both ways. We need players like that to lead. But I don’t think he’ll be there at 8. I got a feeling Hawks like him. Now I would love Okongwu, but I doubt he’ll be there. So I see either Hayes or Okoro at 8. I like them both. I still see Westbrook as a possibility. For expiring contracts only. So he and Okoro would upgrade out team significantly. And still young and rebuilding. Like other poster said. He brings excitement and leadership. Both missing for a long time in NY.

  7. Rose has been on the job for 6-7 months, and hasn’t done anything stupid yet. The media still doesn’t know much about his intentions, which is as it should be. I find it hard to believe that he believes there’s a viable “win now” option, and even harder to believe that he’d even seriously consider taking on Westbrook. But in the next week, we’ll see.

    Starts with the draft. This is a dream draft for a FO that prides itself on talent evaluation. It’s very deep, with little consensus on tiers. A FO can play it, or be played by it.

    • KnickerbockerAl

      Westbrook wouldn’t be to win now. It’s for fans and young team. He could help make us an 8th seed. And NY would love that. But I believe this is still a rebuild. And Westbrook for three yrs only helps that and brings excitement. I doubt they give up more than a pick and a young player. Rest would be expiring contracts. So that’s not much for what we get. Much better than what Paul could give us. Remember we need a PG desperately.

      • Nope, even if we give up nothing. RW would hurt, not help, development of the young players. He’s a unicorn who needs a team built around him, meaning it’s not being built to win without him. Mostly, it’s not for nothing, because it’s 132 mm in cap space over the very period that it’s most important. Rebuild teams need cap space PRIOR to the time that their better younger players need to be paid. If, in light of that, you’d have fun watching RW in a Knick uniform (in lieu of a full rebuild), then you’re the first Knick fan I’ve met that feels that way.

        I’d pass on CP3 too, but he’s a much better fit for rebuilding team, and has only 2 more years.

        • KnickerbockerAl

          First off there is plenty of cap space. Second no team needs to be built. He has Mitch at C, Woods at PF, Okoro at SF, RJ at SG and he plays PG. Are you getting it now. Then there is a young bench to back him up. Whole point of getting him is expiring contracts. I guess you are missing that. NY needs a real star now. He plays a position of need. This is not about getting a star. It’s about one being available for reasonable terms. Someone NY can get behind. We would still be rebuilding. And we would still have cap space for a max contract next yr. look it up. I don’t talk out my A. It’s well thought out and researched for facts. You may not agree. But I doubt you know NY or Knicks as well as I do. I only want the best for my team.

          • buttholesurfer69 2

            So you’ve already signed Wood in your head?

            A) They’re not getting Russ for nothing

            B) The bench sucks

            C) Russ w/ Randle and Robinson would be a challenge because none of them can shoot 3s

            Not saying Russ in NYC would be a disaster but A LOT of other moves would have to happen for it to be a success

          • This isn’t NBA 2k, where perhaps you simplistic analysis might work. Otherwise, your thinking (regardless of its genesis) and research fell short. Start with the easy part, math. There won’t be plenty of cap space; there won’t be a max slot in any of the next 3 years after you add RW and Woods. Though the bigger issue is getting little to nothing of long term value for 132 mm of cap space regardless of what’s might otherwise be available during that period. Plus, since RW’s game isn’t conducive to the development of young players, your team would be the finished product, and its a low end playoff team, at best.

            On another front, when you assume the background of another, you are talking out of your A. I’ve lived and worked in NYC all my adult life, am a life long Knick fan and a season ticket holder for decades. In all that time, you’re the first Knick fan I know thinks in such pedestrian terms. Most are students of the game, and thus won’t be giddy at the prospect of watching RW’s myopic game. If there’s a part of NYC that aspires to mediocrity, I haven’t encountered it. Until now, maybe.

            • x%sure

              It’s about the position he plays… whether RW gets to play the 1 like he will want, or is assigned to post up and has to wait for the ball, which he seemed to have a problem with in Houston. This will determine whether he plays with a positive frame of mind or loses it.

              It will be hard thing to work out but it could be, and then you would have a dangerous AND useful player and can alpha-dog the Knicks to relevance. But he will probably negotiate to take over his own team before the opponent. If a team wants him off the ball so they can develop a team, there will be dysfunction. And he may not be aware of this!

  8. El Don

    Of course “looser” Thibs ain’t wanting a rebuilt, he wants to win now… seems to me that NYC is condemned to make the same mistakes over & over…
    I mean can’t they be happy to start from scratch & be real bad for the next few years, & maybe, maybe be ready to start aiming for the playoffs in 4-5 years, it would seem to me to be the logical thing, take your time with the process of rebuilding… but no, Knicks never enjoy the process!
    That’s why they got this time around the wrong HC, did anyone thing that this overhyped dude was gonna be happy loosing game in, game out?

  9. buttholesurfer69 2

    Not sure why NYK bothered with Thibs in the first place. Seems like his MO is the antithesis of what the franchise needs

  10. hoosierhysteria

    NYC is a place to be from….the freaking mayor has killed the big apple. People leaving in droves. Taxes will go up…businesses shutting down, the cops are retiring….Thibs is a PITA….give me one reason to play for Knicks….unless they give you stupid money….which is unlikely. And I forgot the dumb$hit owner…Dolan.

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