Lakers, Clippers Remain In Mix For Markieff Morris

Free agent forward Markieff Morris, one of the few players on our top-50 list who has yet to agree to a new deal, continues to draw interest from both Los Angeles teams, according to Marc Stein of The New York Times, who tweets that both the Lakers and Clippers are trying to sign Morris.

The Lakers have had interest in re-signing Morris throughout free agency, and the Clippers’ interest in reuniting Markieff with his brother Marcus Morris was reported on Sunday. Stein also reported on Sunday that the Raptors also had interest in Markieff, but says that Toronto is likely out of the running as a viable option after agreeing to sign Aron Baynes.

The Clippers have a little more cap flexibility to make a stronger offer to Morris, as they still have their $3.62MM bi-annual exception available. The Lakers could offer up to about $2.8MM using Morris’ Non-Bird rights, assuming they’re comfortable squeezing that deal below their hard cap. A minimum-salary offer from either team would pay Morris about $2.33MM.

After starting last season in Detroit, Morris was bought out and joined the Lakers for the stretch run. He played a limited role (14.2 minutes per game) in 14 regular season contests for the club, but actually saw his playing time increase to 18.3 MPG in the postseason. He appeared in all 21 of the Lakers’ playoff games en route to their championship, averaging 5.9 PPG and 3.0 RPG with a .449/.420/.778 shooting line

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19 thoughts on “Lakers, Clippers Remain In Mix For Markieff Morris

    • hey, Forky, you’re not trash.

      You are a reader and I’m sure you have better points to make if you try.

  1. Curtisrowe

    I would think he would choose his brother over the Lakers, especially since he just won a ring.

    • I suspect he may enjoy the bragging rights over getting a second ring in the same town and building his brother plays in rather than joining forces. He can still love his brother and compete against him. Will see if he’s driven more by competitive spirit with his brother or partying and battling together with him.

      • Curtisrowe

        They hate playing against each other, both have mentioned it in the past.

        • Competing directly with one another may be awkward. But indirectly competing against each other, few athletes are driven enough to not enjoy feeding off that, hence my expectation he’d go after a ring in his current situation rather than cozy up to his brother’s wing.

          A lot of athletes don’t want to show up their close friends or siblings directly but they do want to be on the winning team at the end of the day. Him having a ring wasn’t going to put that to rest. Markieff was in too strong a position to look for a new fit if he liked his place on a winning squad.

      • Gary G.

        Usually that’s the case and I agree with you, but with these two guys we’re talking a whole nother level. They shared checking accounts and when they signed the contract extensions with the Suns, the one brother said the other deserves more.., I’ll take less.

        These guys are living together right now in LA so either team could work for Markieff Morris. I think they’re close enough that Markieff doesn’t have to join the clippers but I don’t think it would be a competitive thing. They’re way above and beyond something like that which would be normal among siblings.

        These guys are like one man in two bodies. And I say that with affection and recognition as an awesome thing. No slight at all. It’s really awesome to see. 100% props.

        • Can still be competitive and loving. Can still be driven for success not at the expense of your brother, but with respect to the journey they shared and wanting the joy success will bring whether for himself or his brother.

          I didn’t suggest there would be any ill attitude between them, I said they could have love and competition because he wouldn’t have to choose his brother over competing for another championship with the team that embraced his talent.

          I get that being twins goes beyond the bond regular brothers may have, but they aren’t attached and they are two men, not one. They don’t have to team up because they can appreciate their personal journeys, and still be supportive for one another.

    • scotthhh

      Probably his parents, his wife, his family, his brother, the Clippers and the Lakers and the rest of the NBA, NBA fans, Jack Nicholson , his agent, his friends. That’s all I’ve got.

  2. This year is different than last year in terms of the path he might have to minutes. Clips can offer more there this year, unlike last.

  3. Denis8585

    Lakers should sign him because he bring a modeste defense anche floor spacing. He is good to play 15 minutes for game in playoff

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