Lakers Re-Sign Kostas Antetokounmpo To Two-Way Contract

The Lakers have brought back forward Kostas Antetokounmpo on a new two-way contract, the team announced today.

Giannis Antetokounmpo‘s younger brother spent the 2019/20 season with the Lakers on a two-way deal. Although he logged just 20 total minutes in five games at the NBA level, Kostas was a full-time starter for the South Bay Lakers in the G League, averaging 14.1 PPG, 7.9 RPG, and 1.3 BPG on 62.3% shooting in 38 games (25.5 MPG).

The Lakers didn’t issue Antetokounmpo a qualifying offer before last week’s deadline, so he would’ve been free to join any team in unrestricted free agency. But he’ll return to the club instead, alongside fellow two-way player Devontae Cacok.

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In bringing back Antetokounmpo and Cacok, the Lakers are one of two teams not turning over either of their two-way slots. The Celtics (Tacko Fall and Tremont Waters) are the other.

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28 thoughts on “Lakers Re-Sign Kostas Antetokounmpo To Two-Way Contract

  1. Luckylefty2

    He will be signed until they officially know giannis isn’t coming to LA.

    • imindless

      Coming out of windhorst they are saying that this is why ads next contract is being held up. Making sure giannis doesn’t sign super max, before ad signs max as well. Meaning ad will likely do a 1 plus 1 so they can fit giannis in next summer (bron and ad opt out and adjust financials to fit giannis max contract in)

      Not really surprised at this point lebron has to stack deck to win rings. Won’t catch jordan even if he wins 3/4 more rings. The post lebron era will be pretty interesting with ad and giannis and would be unguardable.

      • dust44

        Yah cuz MJ had Pippen.. Curry had KD and Klay… DWade won with Shaq. Kobe has Shaq and prime Pau Gasol. Duncan had Manu and Parker. Even further back. Russell and Cousey.. Magic had Kareem and James worthy. All the clowns that cry about players joining up must forget it takes more then 1 Star to win a ship. And the reason LeBron lost so many championships is because 1 with the next best player being boobie Gibson. 1 with love and kyrie out. And 1 with JR Smith losing his mind. And the other one he lost to the spurs who had Duncan, Manu, Parker and Kawai. 3 sure fire hall of famers and 1 that will if he can stay healthy long enough. Case in point look at Giannis with the Bucks. Can’t win one with that roster. Middleton is higher overrated. And not another dude who can get there own shot. Everything is ok giannis shoulders. Know something about the history of the NBA. It’s littered with teams who won with multiple hall of famers on the teams. Aka multiple STARS.

        • imindless

          Accept your logic is flawed. Lebron has played with 10 hof players over his career, in terms of comparison pippen and Rodman doesnt equal bosh, wade, ad, kyrie, love, ray allen, rondo….pippen isnt a top 20 player and neither is rodman. Your lying to yourself if you think that’s the case. Also pau is a good player but not close to top 30 all time, on the shaq and Kobe teams those were the only top level players and shaq was mostly past his prime. Again bronsexual stans like to point out eras but lebron plays in the softest era so far, more free throws, can’t foul, 3s and spacing being key. Lebron makes it to the lakers and missed playoffs then trades half his team for ad and they win a ring. Lebron gets all the credit as if he plays with nobodies when it’s just not the case.

        • Tatsumaki

          @dusty44 yawn. The same mj and Kobe had good teams argument, lol. This is really not the case because lebron created a superteam in 2012 and lost to the mavs with an old dirk. He is on the verge of creating another superteam especially if giannis joins. Over the last 30 years they ranked the championship in terms of strength of opponents and only one of lebrons ring ranks in top 5. That’s was against gsw. If it weren’t for biased media, there would be nothing to talk about. Lebron while a great player is not the goat and isn’t top 5 in my book.

          • OrienGreene

            Good to know “they ranked the championship in terms of strength”. How informative.

            Link maybe?

            • Tatsumaki

              link to

              They touch on it in video but basically strength of opponents come into the equation. 3 of lebrons 4 rings are not top 10 and his recent one ranked 38 out of 40.

  2. implant

    Windhorst is a windbag who is right about as much as Shelbourne (who went to my high school). She had Pau dealt halve a dozen times. I could care less about the James/Jordan comparisons. Only thing that matters fir Laker fans is #18 and passing the Celtics

    • Black&Gold

      Luckily for Boston, the Los’E Angeles EXPANSION FRANCHISE Fakers from Minny WILL NEVER be legitimate or pass the Celtics. LOL. Also helps that they cheated in the 2010 postseason AND against the Kings before that. Oh yeah, “bubble” games get the ASTERISK as far as “Banners” go. LMFAO, fakers fans are funny, only NBA “franchise” to have a ref go to PRISON for FIXING/RIGGING games for them. Uh ohhhhhhh!!!!!!

  3. cryptonerd

    Lakers are showing Kostas how a championship franchise operates.
    Players share stories about their experiences, brothers even more so.
    Playing for the Bucks will never be like playing for the Lakers, even if you 3peat.
    Lebron understood this after winning as a mercenary and a hometown hero.

    • x%sure

      No other team worked as hard to create space; even if so, most GMs would have used that space on Paul George.
      How would that have worked in the playoffs.

  4. Lakers1

    Jordan had pippen and kukoc and Horace grant and Rodman in later 3 peat.. no one superstar ever wins..bucks didn’t get better.. rockets had Olajuwon and drexler, celtics in 80’s had bird, mchale, parish.. lebron no matter what will never get his respect.. jordan is the goat.. but lebron in the East couldnt win in west.. now he does and now it’s not good enough.. just enjoy his greatness.. I was a fan of his when he was a cav and heat.. always wanted him on lakers.. it’s not a Kobe thing.. it’s a greatness thing.. lebron is greatness.. enjoy watching him play the game

    • Tatsumaki

      Again he missed playoffs first season in west lmao….traded half his team for AD then won. Mj is the goat, followed by magic, duncan, Kobe and shaq then maybe bron. Playing the leastern conference and still going 3-6 including a superteam loss to lowly mavs. Not the goat not close.

      • Hannibal8us

        How many Finals appearances did Jordan have without Phil? Even with Pippin he didn’t make it there before Phil in 91. I think MJ is the goat but using LeBron’s finals record to determine his greatness completely ignores what an accomplishment even making it to the finals is.

        • Tatsumaki

          Of lebrons chips only 1 ranks top 10 the rest are in the 20’s culminating with last years ranking second to last. Not all rings are created equal, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know this.

    • Lionel Muggeridge

      Horace Grant was only there for the first three bulls rings. He only made one all star team and never played as well after leaving Chicago. Kukoc never made an all star team and showed how mediocre he was once Jordan retired in 98. Rodman was 35-37 when he was with the bulls. Didn’t make any all star teams with them. Only one all defensive selection during that time.

    • Black&Gold

      Not much cost wise, just a couple boob jobs for their active roster and a couple additional hair transplants for bron bron. Hope he uses more than sharpies this time around so one of them actually takes…. With luck, the fakers can recruit all the former Celtics of the last 20 years to win them another ASTERISK *Title in 2021. So pathetic.

  5. Black&Gold

    Another corny publicity stunt and desperate act from the lame los’E angeles fakers to try to get Geek Greek Freak to come to fake hollywood. So pathetic, nothing new here, they’ve been at it since the Celtics were WHIPPING them. Better hire some more mercenaries for hire, ladies. HA HA

    • El Don

      The definition of pathetic is BOS!
      Won 1 title in the last 34 years!
      Not even a top 10 team in this period!
      Only won titles in black & white when league had 9 teams, worthless!

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    Signing Kostas means Giannis is coming. This must be the FanBoy page. Sorry I’m looking for reality.

    • x_burner_X

      Heres a reality check for you – Knicks are the worst nba team franchise of the last 20 years.

      • Black&Gold

        The knickies are actually tied with the Filthydelphia Seventy-Suckers for most pathetic. Fact is, the 76ers have the WORST RECORD ALL TIME. Give these 2 sad sack teams credit though, at least they don’t have to CHEAT for fraudulent pathetic *Titles* like the LA Fakers have always had to do. LOL, counting 5 Titles from Minny, so LA’ME.

  7. Hancockdewayne43

    How many teams were in the league when Russell won most of his championships 8 maybe 9

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