Lakers Waive Jordan Bell

The Lakers have waived recently-acquired big man Jordan Bell, Kyle Goon of the Orange County Register tweets.

Bell was thrown into the deal that sent veteran center JaVale McGee to the Cavaliers for salary-matching purposes. The Lakers made the move to open up extra space under the hard cap for Marc Gasol.

Bell had a non-guaranteed salary of $1,762,796 and the Lakers needed to only guarantee a portion of that figure to make the trade number work. John Hollinger of The Athletic suggests (via Twitter) that Bell’s guarantee was about $580K, which will likely now be stretched across three seasons.

After spending his first two seasons with Golden State, Bell played in a total of 29 games with Minnesota and Memphis last season. He never played a game in Cleveland, as he signed with the Cavaliers in June.

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29 thoughts on “Lakers Waive Jordan Bell

      • He left GSW for more playing time but could have stayed and got more with all the injuries last year.

        • I beg to differ. Jordan Bell has a zero game. He cannot create a shot for himself. He cannot dribble drive to the basket and successfully complete a layup against defense. He cannot successfully hit an 18-foot jump shot. He cannot successfully guard the center position. He cannot successfully guard the small forward position. He’s turnover-prone. Anything else?

            • harden-westbrook-mvps

              Why? They already signed two centers that are perfect for them in Cousins and Wood. Besides, they already had Bell at one point during last season and traded him to get Bruno Caboclo.

      • Use him as a what? What does he really bring to the table? It’s definitely not his game. It’s definitely not his attitude he wanted to be shipped out of town he wasn’t playing enough. This guy is not an asset in any way. Keep him out of San Francisco please. But I don’t think we have to worry, the Warriors are smarter than that.

  1. nentwigs

    So instead of trading 2 young players and a 2026 second round draft choice to get Ed Davis, (and pay him 5 Million a year), the Timberpuppies could have had a reunion of sorts with Jordan Bell without the cost of trading to get him AND at 1/3 the contract cost.
    Typical ineptitude from the Timberpuppies.
    It matters not who is in charge, the franchise is cursed.

    • Wade Herbers

      Assuming Bell would WANT to come back to MN…..MN saw him once already and never played him…’s he gonna fit in now with a better roster??

      • jkoms57

        Yep Ed Davis is actually a solid backup.

        Bell is a fringe roster player. More of a 3rd string type player

    • Ed Davis is a solid pro that most teams would be glad to have coming off their bench. That you think Bell is even comparable is astounding.

  2. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    The Sixers wanted this guy badly a few years ago.
    Will Morey be all over this?

  3. Sillivan

    Wolves have spent enough money and don’t have many future picks
    Trade two guards package for Turner

  4. Luckylefty2

    I said this along time ago and I will say it again. This dude burned the bridge from the only team that fit his play style. Bell should watch ALOT of Brandon clarke film and try to emulate his game. Or else he will be in Europe for his whole career.

  5. south side hit men

    Didn’t the Bulls sell his rights to Golden State on draft night? Bring it full circle Bulls

    • stevep-4

      yeh, that would be just like reinsdorf, traded his rights for 3mil, now he would take him back thinking he is having his cake and eating it too, even if the cake tastes like dung

  6. Simmons>Russ

    JR Smith or Dion Waiters incoming,

    Or possibly even Kyle Korver.

    Korver would suit that 11th man in the roster role, is a great locker room presence and suits a LeBron style locker room.
    Plus if he didn’t ever get game time on the floor he’s still a solid shooter and contributor.

    Would be nice for Kyle to end his career on a high with his first ring

    • The Human Rain Delay

      Lakers dont need a 3 pt shooter – Most all lineups will have 3-4 capable 3 pt shooters and a down low presence on the court –

      they will get a traditional Pg and some sort of hybrid 3/4 – Would love Pau with one of the spots-

      Between THT and Mckinnie I think they feel fine on the wing defense depth

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