Hornets’ LaMelo Ball Signs Rookie Contract

LaMelo Ball, selected with the No. 3 pick of the draft, has signed his rookie contract with the Hornets, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN tweets.

Assuming Ball receives the usual 120% above rookie scale, as virtually all first-rounders receive, he’ll make $7,839,960 in his first year. Ball is due to make $35,596,275 over the next four seasons.

Ball joins a backcourt that includes last season’s starters, Devonte’ Graham and Terry Rozier. Ball played 12 games professionally in Australia last season.

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41 thoughts on “Hornets’ LaMelo Ball Signs Rookie Contract

  1. harden-westbrook-mvps

    Looks like rookie of the year race should be between LaMelo and Anthony Edwards.

    • fishy 9 dogs

      I would bet on Lamelo. The wolves have a lot of sg’s and a lottt of offense. I’m thinking he’ll get mostly spot up opportunities and some gimmies.

      • jkoms57

        Its definitely going to be James Wiseman. Best NBA player in the draft by far.

        Only reason he didnt go #1 is KAT.

        LaMelo is easily the biggest BUST in this draft.
        I’d be suprised if he even has one good season, let alone win RoY off the bench this season.

        Ps im not some Ball family hater or GSW fanboy. I think LaVar is a hilarious and Lonzo is an amazing playmaker.
        I also dislike GSW, but reality is they just landed the best player in the draft by a landslide.

        As far as LaMelo you can read more evaluation below, or just accept hes Michael Carter-Williams ;)

        , he’ll be fun to watch and make some highlights but wont be a reliable option on offense, especially on a starting unit.

        His main potential would be as a role player off the bench; using his size to be a shut down defender at the point.
        He will need to rely on rebounds and defensive stats to fill the stat sheet.

        He has a lot of work to do on decisions with the ball and running the offense.
        His shooting is ok but is nothing special at the nba level, and could deteriorate over a high volume.

        • Lakers1

          Agree 100%.. doesn’t have the work ethic to be a star.. he’s been handed everything to him.. Lavar coaches him in aau ball and pulled him from chino hills when the coach wasn’t gonna make him a starter.. went to Lithuania and pulled him there because he wasn’t playing.. went to Australia in a league where Andrew bogut was a recent mvp there.. his defense is horrid, his shooting pct isn’t good and he takes bad shots.. attitude is me first.. he has all the ingredients of being out of league in 5 years.. bust all the way.. lonzo with all his shooting woes plays defense and can set up others and dish. Lamelo isn’t lonzo

          • Mary A Lewis

            Well Lavar Ball is not running the Coaching Staff in Charlotte it’s JB, PLUS HE IS ON A SIGNED CONTRACT, I WILL LEAVE HIS LEAVING STRAGETEGY UP TO THE GREAT MITCH K. SO NO PROBLEM

          • Coach Jenkins 2

            Sounds about right silver spoon treatment. His Dad is a Great salesman. Idk y the Hornets picked him Obi was the safest pick to go with Rozier and Graham

        • jump shot

          LaMelo is now a very rich man thanks to his dad’s height and hype. He hyped all 3 but one of them only grew to 6’2, so…
          I think LaMelo will be an average player. Maybe Shawn Livingston before his injuries. Nowhere in the stratosphere of a Penny Hardaway. Rich guy tho. Good for him.

          • Mary A Lewis

            That’s why he is called a ROOKIE,, because he is not fully developed, give him some time, Here you guys go again worrying about A BILLIONARE AND HIS FINANCIAL ADVISORS MONEY TRANSACTIONS,

          • Peacock217

            Clearly yall all on here hating. None of his sons “only grew to be 6’2”. Lonzo 6’6, Gelo 6’5 or 6’6ish and Lamelo 6’7. He’s also an elite passer, ball handler and a solid rebounder for his position. He’s only 19 years old and will be a solid NBA player however you try to spin it. Stop hating on him because yall dont like his dad (a strong black father).‍♂️

            • jump shot

              Sounds like you’re doing more spinning than we are? I’ve long ago learned to tune out the dad, so the basis on my outlook for young Melo comes solely from what I’ve seen from him and others comparisons to him. Imo, he’ll be an average-at-best NBA player. Will be throw a great pass once a game? Sure! So does Lonzo! That won’t make them top tier players in the league tho. I applaud the young man (Melo) making it to the money despite the distractions and bad decisions that could have derailed his career. I wish him the best. He’s off to a great start with that contract!

              Btw… why is it “hating” just because you don’t say Melo will be the greatest player in NBA history?

              • Peacock217

                For one, it’s hating because you clearly talking without knowledge of the situation. You thought one of the brothers didn’t make it because he was only 6’2? LAMELO was only 6’2 and shot up to 6’7. Its hating because you truly believe an NBA organization would pick a guy because their dad said he was good? They picked him based on skill and potential. Saying Shaun Livingston pre injury isn’t a bad comparison seeing how he was a top 4 pick. I personally see Lamelo as a similar player with a more aggressive scoring mentality which will make him a future All Star. Point being with you all,speak on what you KNOW and observe. Not an imaginary 6’2 brother ‍♂️

                • jump shot

                  I accidentally upvoted your comment.
                  And, now I realize I’ve been catfished by the one and only Mr. LaVar Ball himself! Sir, congrats on getting your tall kids to the nba and the short one to the g league. You had me going for a second. Clever guy, clearly. Good luck with BBB and best wishes to your boys!

            • Mr. Blue Sky

              A lot of these folks on this site don’t understand basketball. Not only will Melo win rookie of the year, he will put asses in the seats. Puma was willing to put multi millions on him also. A lot of jealous and dum dum people on this site. Learn the game kids.

        • Mary A Lewis

          That’s why he is called a ROOKIE,, because he is not fully developed, give him some time,

    • Just curious, but why do you think Melo will be that good? He has almost no experience to draw on, and what little he has was not impressive.

        • bigNBAfan

          it’s sad most of y’all commenting be grown men hating on a 19 year old. you calling him a bust but i bet you couldn’t last in his shoes could you? just because it isn’t your lifestyle doesn’t mean just assume he’s gonna be a bust. let him develop. go find something better to do than hate on a kid. makes you look weak..

          • Dodgethis

            Nobody is hating on a kid. We are plainly discussing an nba asset and its current and potential future value. Maybe grow up a little. This kid Is hype and nothing more. He got drafted because of his name, he will fade like his brother.

          • Coach Jenkins 2

            I Agree he has more than Enough time. Rozier is a Beast tho That’s Y I felt Toppin would have been a safer pick. Ball is a Baller so time will tell they need a PF tho

  2. Little_Dunker_45

    Finally…they took their time on this one. During all the Is and Ts…I’m sure of it

  3. Sillivan

    I predict that Edwards has 8 shot attempts per game because all his teammates need the ball to be effective

  4. 55chevy

    Melo will be ROY and was by far the best in the draft….the competition he played against got him NBA ready..ROY

    • El Don

      @55chevy… Finally someone who gets it!
      You are sooooo right!
      This site is full of haters!

    • jump shot

      Actually, there’s NO competition that gets you ready for the NBA… it’s all guessing, hope, and prayer when you draft a player.
      Looking forward to seeing LaMelo play against some real competition. Some rookie will win the ROY but I doubt whoever wins it this year actually has a great year statistically. But, somebody’s gotta win it.

    • Lakers1

      Competition got him ready.. Lithuania team was a step up from a rec league and Australia team was a step below g league completion.. for Australia he avg 17 pts on 17 shot attempts.fg% 37% shooting 25% on 3 pt.. Lithuania he averaged 7 pts per game. 26.8 fg% and 25% from 3.. Australia league bogut won mvp.. not exactly lights our competition and not exactly superstar stats

        • Lakers1

          Actually buddie hield averaged 16 shot attempts.. difference hield shots 43% amd 39% from 3 playing against nba completion..

          • Peacock217

            Lamelo Ball also averaged 16 shot attempts per game, but since you added 1 to his, I only thought it was fair to add 1 to Buddy. Difference is, Melo was 18 years old playing grown men. Buddy is a veteran and only slightly shot better than Melo. At the same age, Buddy was shooting 38% from the field and 23% from 3 against college kids.

      • jump shot

        Bogut is a NAME.
        His GAME hasn’t been any good since Milwaukee in 2010.
        I understand your point at using him to try to make a point, but all it did, really, was show how weak the league is. Each player on those teams have MAYBE two or three guys capable of playing ncaa D1 basketball. Thats not great competition nor great preparation for the nba.

        • Peacock217

          I never mentioned Bogut. But you out of yo mind if you really believe NCAA is tougher than the NBL. Grown men vs college kids. Outside of the elite teams, most college players will never sniff professional contracts. And you don’t play Duke every game. The physical and competitive aspect is way more intense overseas. Playing for a scholarship vs playing to pay the bills. Playing during the season vs playing year round. Its a difference.

  5. hiflew

    I think this year will be a surprise ROY much like Brogdon in 2016 or Carter-Williams in 2013. Just looking for opportunities for players to stand out on teams needing point scored, much like Donovan Mitchell with the Jazz in 2017, a couple of sleeper picks stand out to me.

    Devin Vassell – San Antonio
    Saddiq Bey – Detroit

    I think either of those guys could easily win the ROY if they can step up because the opportunity is there on both teams.

    • fishy 9 dogs

      How do you feel about Haliburton in sac? Could be a surprise if heild gets traded.

      • Coach Jenkins 2

        Depends on How Coach Walton Runs the Offensive System. But he can Be a Quiet Storm (Halliburton)

  6. Mary A Lewis

    Rookie Of The Year is my least concern for Lamela, I want The Hornets in the PLAYOFFS, which I was Confident they were going to make even before the Draft, with Lamela I’M hopeful we will go further in the playoffs , Individual Achievements nowdays doesn’t mean anything, unless you are as good as Lamela Boss was Michael he was Great Player, Winner,and ready from Day One, the Skills and the Intelligence of the game WHEN HE WAS DRAFTED, AND SO FAR I JUST DON’T SEE THAT KIND OF MOTIVATION IN ANY NBA PLAYERS TODAY, I just want to be in the Playoffs, ROY IS MY LEAST CONCERN GO HORNETS.

  7. Rodney02031990

    Definitely could very well be saddiq bey of the pistons or pg.killian hayes Could be a shocker roy Candidate. It most definitely will not be lamelo ball lmfao.

    • I'm a starboy not a Dr...

      So you made a point, then ended your comment by hating on another man??? It tells something about you.

  8. Peacock217

    Lamelo Ball also averaged 16 shot attempts per game, but since you added 1 to his, I only thought it was fair to add 1 to Buddy. Difference is, Melo was 18 years old playing grown men. Buddy is a veteran and only slightly shot better than Melo. At the same age, Buddy was shooting 38% from the field and 23% from 3 against college kids.

  9. SoCalDude

    I don’t know how good he’ll be but it was sure fun watching him and his brothers play together at Chino Hills High that one year a few years ago. Going against the very average competition in their league, they were like the Harlem Globetrotters of high school hoops. Full court passes, wild dunks, raining 3 pointers. The coach would take them out once they scored 100 points combined. Crazy…

  10. I'm a starboy not a Dr...

    ROY could be Toppin, I won’t be shocked if it’s Lamelo. Based on how good Melo shows out in his rookie year you gotta wonder when Rozier will be traded… Rozier is making 19 mil so it’s highly unlikely he comes off the bench the entire season without pouting. We saw how he thought he was better than Kyrie in Boston…

  11. Mr. Blue Sky

    Melo is a superstar. Only 19 and has played pro ball in Australia, did great, multi million dollar Puma deal, one of the best passers and unworldly court knowledge, he will also put asses in the seats. Jealousy is not good kids. And yes, I played on a championship high school basketball team, and college. How bout you?

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