Sixers Trade Josh Richardson, Tyler Bey To Mavs For Seth Curry

11:57pm: The deal is official, according to the Mavericks, who confirmed that they acquired Richardson and the rights to Tyler Bey (the No. 36 pick) from the Sixers in exchange for Curry.

10:11pm: The Sixers are finalizing a trade to send Josh Richardson to the Mavericks, tweets Shams Charania of The Athletic. Dallas will also get the 36th pick in tonight’s draft and will send Seth Curry to Philadelphia, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (Twitter link).

Richardson, 27, was also traded last offseason, being sent from the Heat to the Sixers in the four-way deal that brought Jimmy Butler to Miami. He averaged 13.7 points and 3.2 rebounds in 55 games during his lone season in Philadelphia. He’s the second rotational player to be dealt by the Sixers today, following the agreement to send Al Horford to Oklahoma City.

Curry, 30, will bring some outside shooting to a team that struggled to make three-pointers last season. He shot a career-best 45.2% from beyond the arc last year and averaged 12.4 PPG, mostly in a reserve role. Curry is the son-in-law of new Sixers coach Doc Rivers.

Richardson will earn $10.8MM during the upcoming season and has an $11.6MM player option for 2021/22. Curry’s salary will be $7.8MM and he is signed through 2022/23.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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56 thoughts on “Sixers Trade Josh Richardson, Tyler Bey To Mavs For Seth Curry

  1. hiflew

    That seems like selling really low on Richardson. I know he had a disappointing first year in Philly, but to be basically tacked onto a 2nd rounder in exchange for Seth Curry is just weird.

    • 13Morgs13

      Richardson on the last year of his deal and curry is way better shooter. Sixers did well. Nothing against Richardson but Curry is the better fit.

      • mnsportsfan

        hiflew i was thinking the same thing. i didn’t pay much attention to philly ball this year so i don’t know how rich played, but man that seems like an awful trade.

        plus wasn’t rich the headline guy in the jimmy butler trade?

        • 13Morgs13

          Richardson shot 34% from 3 last year and 43% from the floor. Curry shot 43% from 3. 45% from the floor. Also who cares about the Butler deal(he was leaving anyway) so getting anything in a sign and trade is better then nothing. Curry is a way better fit then Richardson(nothing against Richardson) he is a good player

          • sportznut1000

            In both comments though morgs you failed to mention that the sixers also gave up that first round pick. It wasnt a straight 1 for 1 deal

            • 13Morgs13

              The first rd pick 2025(Horford deal). Who cares. The sixers cleared his bad contract and gave them a pick in 5 years. Getting out from under 80mil on Horford is worth giving up a pick 5 years down the road. Also helps sixers maybe add another all star type player down the road

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Does it? Seth Curry was really good last year in Dallas and shoots about as well from 3-point range as his brother used to. He is probably the best long-range shooter on the team now, even better than Danny Green.

    • Tatsumaki

      Agree that this was a sell high on curry and and sell low on Richardson. Solid pick up for mavs

    • KnickerbockerAl

      It is low. Docs family lol. But he is a shooter and they need that. Means young guys have to step up. Thybulle and Smith, Burks

  2. harden-westbrook-mvps

    With such a weak draft class and a weak free agency class it should come as no surprise to see such an insane number of trades this year.

  3. Doc getting his son in law should be interesting. Sixers definitely filling their shooting need but seems like they could’ve done better for Richardson

  4. mike.honcho

    Jimmy Butler –> Josh Richardson –> Seth Curry

    Morey seems to have a thing against defensive guys.

    • Dorothy_Mantooth

      Morey deserves a statue in Philly for being able to move that Horford earlier in the night. That was impressive! Adding Curry saves the team a couple of million dollars too, so I’m sure that played a part in this deal.

    • hiflew

      I mentioned the other day that with some other teams in the bottom of the West were making some good moves and the Mavs shouldn’t think about coasting into the playoffs. I think they did a very good job with what had here tonight. Getting Richardson was a steal. Getting Terry at 31 was very good value as well.

  5. sportznut1000

    Someone mentioned this in another article but i think the sixers might be clearing cap to make a play for an elite player (lets say harden) could explain why their deals of horford and richardson seem more like they focused on shedding salary

    • Tatsumaki

      1000 percent! Clearing the path way, now that said who’s getting delt simmons or embiid?

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Whole point of shooters is for Ben and Embiid. Could of got more for Richardson. Could of got more for Horford too. He moved money out is what he did. Not a Morey guy. Sixers to me are an easy team to fix. Getting shooters a child can do. Should move Ben to wing. Yeah Harris could be the big move

        • PhillyPhan69

          Who was going to give more for Horford? Or even ask for less? Most in Philly thought it would take a few firsts/assets to get from under Horfords contract.

    • x%sure

      Yes for his salary and his role, Richrdsn is not equal to Curry, even if they made the same… but they don’t… Dallas is not winning. Stanford’s Terry will take a bit of baking and they (can) have Trey Burke. Bey is only an athlete.

    • buttholesurfer69 2

      I agree Philly sold low

      But I also like the lineup of Simmons, Green, Curry, Harris, and Embiid a lot.

      Bottom line tho Philly isn’t going anywhere until Simmons learns how to shoot at least at an average clip. Doesnt need to be Ray Allen but cant be Ricky Rubio

      • PhillyPhan69

        Ben is ROTY, 2x All Star, 3rd team all NBA and on the all defensive team. Not bad for 3 years in the league. The am pretty sure the number of people that have accomplished that in 3 years is minuscule lol, and he is light years ahead of Rubio

    • Or…the owner doesn’t want to pay a large luxury tax bill during a pandemic where there’s no ticket revenue.

  6. DynamiteAdams

    I liked him for the sixers but I think they’re trying to cut costs.Mavs are getting a good player on the cheap

        • PhillyPhan69

          Nah, it’s really 1 season. He has a player option for the next year in the 11 range, but barring injury he will decline that and need to be paid.

          • I know; I was pre-empting a “witty” comment from a random DB.

            Richardson’s lack of outside shooting consistency was disappointing. I think he has a good game, however, his game doesn’t fit next in Philly.

            I wish him success.

    • PhillyPhan69

      Not sure there is a winner in this trade at least upfront?

      Mavs get a defensive upgrade as well as a versatile offensive player minus the shot, but O and 3’s are not the Mavs big needs.

      76ers were not going to resign J Rich, and while very good on D cased us spacing issues. We get a solid 3 point shooter for spacing on a cost controlled contract.

      Sometimes a trade is good for both parties.

  7. Simmons>Russ

    I think it’s a great return for the Mavs but it’s also a good deal for the Sixers

    Richardson didn’t fit with Simmons Harris and Embiid really. And now that we have Danny Green, Richardson was merely going to be a bench player at 11 mil in the final year of his deal.
    Instead he used one of our three second round picks to get us Seth Curry one of the leagues best three point shooters, on a cheaper and longer contract. Curry will fit well on the rotation with his combo guard ability and his shooting, plus the fact his deal for for a few season is a huge bonus.

    Sixers weren’t likely to bring Richardson back and we already had 3 second rounders so to get back someone as good as Curry I think is a solid return.

    I don’t think Richardson is a good fit on the Mavs, although he is a good player. He’s a two way playmaker, not great at spacing and don’t very effective as a 3rd/4th option.

    If I’m the Mavs I’d try trade Richardson along with Dwight Powell for Buddy Heild.

    Doncic Heild Hardaway Porzingis Kleber that’s a death line up. Great shooting and spacing plus gour three main pieces are all young and can continue to get better.

    Or Richardson, Powell and a protected first for Oladipo.

    Oladipo would be a great third star for this team, can defend at a really good level, is a clutch shooter and would be a good leader too

    • El Don

      Nope! Shooting is overrated & DAL has plenty of it, but if you put those 5 together… who defends?
      J-Rich next to Luka is gonna be great with his D & he ain’t no dummy offensively!

      • I think you may be over-valuing Richardson, El Don.

        The Richardson in Miami is not the one Philly got to see. He was inconsistent, his outside shot wasn’t what I thought it was, and he seemed to get banged up a little too much.

  8. eagles1191

    If your a Mavs fan don’t get to excited about Richardson. He disappears in the big moments. Plus the Mavs made this move because they are adding an insurance player, to easy the lose off Hardaway JR. As a FA Hardaway, is most likely leaving the Mavs. Richardson won’t be able to fill Hardaway shoes. Richardson was good in Miami because he was there main scorer, in Philly he disappeared and in Dallas behind Luka, Porzingos, you won’t even know he is on the court. On paper Dallas might look like they stole this deal, but when the season starts, Seth will help the Sixers more then Richardson will help the Mavs

    • shotdoctor14

      We will see how Philly does with Doc – not completely convinced he is ‘the guy’ to take them to the next level

  9. david-45

    i like the richardson curry swap and getting tyler bey. what i dont get know is how our rookie josh green fits? he is kinda like josh richardson but a worse 3 point shooter (i much rather have drafted saddiq bey). i kept seeing conflicting reports of pick 18 for gallinari? maybe that can be back in play?

  10. formerlyz

    amazing deal for Dallas. Seth Curry is an insane catch and shoot 3 point shooter, and is a pretty good defender as a combo guard, which is a perfect fit next to Luka…but Richardson also excels in that area, and guards multiple positions as an elite defender, and fills a position of significant need for Dallas, as well as contributing to them adding more size on the wing, which was also an issue for them.

    They also ended up getting both guys I had them potentially drafting at 18, which is a really big win for them on the wing.

    Seth Curry should be a great fit next to Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. I like their additions of Curry and Danny Green, even though they lost Richardson, and I’m also a fan of all 3 guys they drafted.

    • Clearly, you didn’t watch JRich too much last season. One thing he is not is an insane catch and release 3 point shooter.

      The reason why he’s being traded is that he’s not a very good shooter at all. He’s too inconsistent.

      • formerlyz

        I said Curry is an insane catch and shoot 3 point shooter…but Richardson also has shown to be very good in that realm…Also, Brett Brown playing terrible rotations that hurt his players’ ability to be in the position to succeed doesnt have anything to do with what I know is Josh Richardson’s skillset

        • “…but Richardson also excels in that area…”

          If he excels shooting the 3, he wouldn’t have gotten traded.

          Average at best based on last season. You hit ’em or you don’t.

  11. Simmons>Russ

    Mavs should add Ty-Shon Alexander as a two way player.

    He’s at combo guard, 6’4 is a good three point shooter and very nice defender. Doesn’t have much handles or playmaking ability but is young and can learn. But would work well as an off the ball floor spacer and good guard defender.

    If he develops well could be a great fit with Doncic

    • formerlyz

      he reminds me of Josh Richardson. Really surprised he didnt get drafted. I thought Brooklyn at 19 (before they traded it) and Denver at 22 made sense for him in the 1st round, so going undrafted, someone could get a steal

  12. Sillivan

    76ers get worse a little because

    1. Richardson is one of the better defenders in the league Guarding 1s and 2s getting in their face, forcing turnovers, pressuring etc.

    2. Danny Green is not longer Green, he is red now.

  13. I'm a starboy not a Dr...

    Sixers are pulling it off. They acquire Danny Green(while getting rid of Horford) & now they acquired Seth Curry??? They should be right up there , now they have to beast out in the post season…

  14. phillyballers

    Worse defensively, better shooting. Can’t get that shooting off the street, 3 years left on his deal, no worrying about ripping Richardson. Call it a win. Danny Green should fill some of that defensive gap. Team should have better spacing now. Need to do something with Zhaire and Scott. Not sure they’d add another backcourt player. Bjelica could be moved?

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