Sixers Trading Al Horford, Draft Picks To Thunder For Danny Green

The Sixers and Thunder have agreed to a trade that will send Al Horford and two draft picks to Oklahoma City and Danny Green to Philadelphia, reports ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (via Twitter).

The two picks headed to Oklahoma City are the Sixers’ 2025 first-round pick – which will be “lightly” protected – and the 34th pick in tonight’s draft, sources tell Wojnarowski (Twitter link). Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer clarifies (via Twitter) that the ’25 first-rounder will be top-six protected.

According to Woj (Twitter link), Philadelphia will also receive wing Terrance Ferguson in the swap, while OKC will acquire the rights to draft-and-stash prospect Vasilije Micic, a 26-year-old who is considered one of the top point guards in Europe.

For the Sixers, the move represents a way to get off the most cumbersome prospect on the team’s books. While Horford (owed $27.5MM in 2020/21) would only have been Philadelphia’s fourth highest-paid player, the other three – Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, and Tobias Harris – all have clear roles on the team going forward, whereas Horford wasn’t a great fit during his first year as a Sixer.

The 76ers will replace Horford will Green, a three-and-D wing who adds some much-needed outside shooting to their lineup. Although Green struggled for the Lakers late in the postseason, he was a solid starter throughout the regular season, averaging 8.0 PPG with a .367 3PT% in 68 games (24.8 MPG). He has won championships in each of the last two seasons, having been a major part of Toronto’s rotation in 2018/19.

As Bobby Marks of ESPN details (via Twitter), the Sixers’ financial savings as a result of the deal should be substantial. Marks estimates it’ll save the team $18MM in tax penalties in 2020/21, as well as $7.7MM in salary. There will also be $42MM in long-term savings, with Green on a $15MM expiring contract and Horford still owed guaranteed money in ’21/22 and ’22/23.

The Thunder, who are acquiring Green in a not-yet-finalized deal with the Lakers, will either fold this deal into that one, making it a three-teamer, or renounce their free agents and use cap room to take on Horford, as Marks notes (via Twitter). If Oklahoma City takes the latter route, it would presumably close the door on the possibility of a Danilo Gallinari sign-and-trade scenario.

The Thunder now hold four picks in tonight’s draft — Nos. 25, 28, 34, and 53. And, of course, the 2025 pick is the latest in a long line of future first-rounders acquired by GM Sam Presti, who continues to stockpile assets for the franchise’s rebuild.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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47 thoughts on “Sixers Trading Al Horford, Draft Picks To Thunder For Danny Green

  1. Jason Lancaster

    Wow way to go Morey!

    Now, what are they going to do with all those wings they have…

    • Black Ace57

      As a Sixer fan I welcome the problem of having possibly too many wings if it means getting off of Horford’s contract lol. I love this deal.

  2. phillyballers

    Well, not the trade we wanted but got rid of Horford for less than I thought it would take.

    • Regi Green

      I’m not surprised that it didn’t take more picks,Horford was a bad fit in the 6ers lineup,but he’s still respected around the league.I am surprised the 6ers didn’t have to take back more salary though,they’re basically taking back 2 expiring deals,plus saving some immediate cash.

      • phillyballers

        Yea it worked out very well. They actually are in a much better position to make another deal with 27.1M in expiring deals now. They probably will do a couple deals to trade those 2s for (2) future 2s.

  3. More draft picks for the Thunder. They might have the record for most stockpiled draft picks

    • 17 first round picks in next 7 drafts including today’s should protections not push any to second round picks.

      2025 was the only year they were not set up for multiple picks (they have two swap options on their own pick).

    • The Sixers made a great trade by getting rid of Horford massive contract and then adding a good 3 point shooter and defender with playoff experience and that 3 nba titles.

      • Meanwhile the Thunder are going to rebuild his value and trade Horford for more draft picks and some other bad contract in a future deal.

        I am beyond fascinated what the Thunder are pulling off to facilitate deal after deal, picking up assets upon assets. In three years, they are going to be monsters … if they draft well.

  4. JamesT

    This deal, for as much flack Danny Green got, makes Philly better tomorrow. Now, the cost of having to trade a player PLUS assets for an unwanted wing…it’s pretty absurd, especially since he was signed JUST last offseason.

    I think this deal clearly demonstrates the hierarchy in the new Sixers front office. Undoing the work of Brand.

  5. cwr_12

    That was a WIN for the thunder . Now it’s time to see Adams go.

    # Draft Day

  6. I like Danny Green a lot. He was great for the Lakers in the regular season. Seems like a bit of an overpay for only one season of him though.

    • I give no fox

      From the Sixers perspective, this deal is more about getting out of horford a contract than acquiring green

  7. rxbrgr

    Salary matching? This can’t be wrapped into the PHX deal, right? Or did OKC drop below the cap line?

    • ThatGuy 2

      Not sure how they’re gonna do it. They’re below the cap excluding cap holds. Roberson is an easy one to clear, but I’m not sure how they’re going to maintain Gallo’s rights and take on Horford.

  8. 13Morgs13

    This is a steal fir the sixers. Green 15mil expiring-Horford 27mil for 2years +a buyout at 15mil or he gets another 27mil. They gave up a 1st but get a young Ferguson at 22 in return.

      • WallyWood

        Why would the Sixers do that? Ferguson is an enormous downgrade from Richardson, he’s not even close to being starting material for a serious contender. Ferguson might barely crack the rotation for a few decent teams out there.

  9. Dorothy_Mantooth

    I can’t believe Philly found a way to move that Horoford contract! A complete coup for the Sixers and this sets the Thunder rebuild back quite a bit too. I really don’t understand this trade at all from the OKC side. A Philly 1st round pick will be in the low 20’s at best; most likely the high 20’s with Doc being there now. Congrats to Philly to getting this done; incredible!

    • Cantbebeat2020

      1st rounder is in 5 years so the pick will mostly likely be pretty good.

      • hiflew

        They could be doing anything in 2025. They could easily be a lottery team by then. 4 years is a long time in NBA terms. By that time, LeBron will likely be retired and most big names will be on different teams than they are on today. And people will probably be talking about guys like Giannis or Karl Anthony Towns or Nikola Jokic having the most overpaid deals in the history of the NBA. While the overpaid guys of today will be the “savvy veterans” bouncing from team to team like Vince Carter did.

  10. I'm a starboy not a Dr...

    Presti got bamboozled… All the good moves hrs done and he takes on Horford’s contract??? Wow! Sixers are a little better…

  11. I figured it’d take more to unload Horfords contract. Solid move from the Sixers

    • hiflew

      Horford is still a good player. he just didn’t fit Philly’s scheme very well.

  12. bigguccisosa300

    I despise Philly but I’m genuinely excited to see what Morey does. I like this trade for both teams on the surface, I just hope Green doesn’t drain any clutch 3s in crunch time against the Raptors lol.

  13. Could of got Westbrook for that package if you added a filler. 76ers get Danny Green, who should be on. Vets min.

      • Appalachian_Outlaw

        For Russ? Surely you’re joking. The guy averages a triple double because he takes what seems like about 50 shots a game. If you get one 1st for him consider that a gigantic win. The Rockets may be thinking like you, but that’s why the market has been described as “barren” for Russ so far.

  14. KnickerbockerAl

    Didn’t get enough for Horford. But they can use a shooter, a vet. And his contract is up next yr. Basically a dump. Knicks should of been in on that. Rather have Horford than Randle or Portis.

  15. Good deal for both teams.

    Presti did fine. Horford’s contract isn’t dead money, nor is it an awkwardly high number difficult to match (it also decreases vs increases over its life). Presti is buying low, in the hopes of selling high. Like he did with CP3. Very similar situations. In each case, the player can still play at a very high level. The issues being the current role of the player being inconsistent with that, and, of course, the contract, aggravated by age. Goal is to give the player a better role to show he can still play, and take another year off his contract, and then reassess.

  16. mike.honcho

    Different teams, different needs.

    SIXERS get rid of a bad contract, a bad-fit basketball wise ……. they add Green’s corner 3-shooting.

    As usual, Presti with a great move for OKC – he adds to the picks stockpile, WHILE keeping his team relevant on the court. The playoffs should be a reach now, but they’re not bottoming out either.

  17. x%sure

    I have often heard posters say Horford’s contract was the worst. Maybe that was Sillivan, but I think many said similar. But as bad contracts go, Horford’s was one of the best! Credit to Presti in seeing that, getting: two firsts, a good Euro stash, unloading Ferguson— and Horford!

    I hope some site breaks the trading down graphically instead of trying to overlay language to it. Lot of moving parts.

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