Pelicans Notes: Ball, Bledsoe, Adams, Holiday, Ingram, Williamson

The Pelicans won’t be choosing between Lonzo Ball and recently-acquired Eric Bledsoe as their starting point guard, according to executive VP of basketball operations David Griffin. New Orleans’ top executive envisions that they’ll form the starting backcourt, Andrew Lopez of ESPN tweets. The Pelicans had a similar setup last season, when Ball and Jrue Holiday shared ballhandling duties. The Pelicans acquired Bledsoe from the Bucks and center Steven Adams from the Thunder, along with draft picks, in a four-team deal that sent Holiday to Milwaukee.

New head coach Stan Van Gundy said that Griffin has prioritized toughness and competitiveness at a very high level, and Bledsoe and Adams fit that mold, Scott Kushner of the New Orleans Times Picayune tweets.

Griffin and Van Gundy dropped some interesting tidbits during their Monday press conference:

  • Griffin had pursued Adams for a very long time, according to Kushner (Twitter link). Griffin was impressed with Adams since meeting him prior to the 2013 draft. Adams, who was selected with the No. 12 pick that year, received a two-year, $35MM extension as part of the four-team deal.
  • The front office wanted to do right by Holiday by trading him to a title contender, Lopez notes (Twitter link). Griffin said Holiday’s career timeline to compete for a championship differed somewhat from the Pelicans’ timeline.
  • Brandon Ingram‘s five-year contract doesn’t include a player option, Lopez adds in another tweet, but there is a trade bonus. Ingram officially signed the $158.25MM contract on Monday.
  • Zion Williamson will not have any restrictions heading into training camp, according to Van Gundy. The coach anticipates the early days of camp will look different because they haven’t played as much pickup due to COVID-19 restrictions and a short offseason (Twitter link).
  • The team’s disappointing showing in the Orlando restart convinced Griffin the team needed more “elite competitors” and didn’t have “enough of a work ethic identity,” Kushner relays (Twitter link).
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16 thoughts on “Pelicans Notes: Ball, Bledsoe, Adams, Holiday, Ingram, Williamson

  1. phillyballers

    Makes a lot of sense, since Hart, Redick, and Nickeil are not starters at this point. Thought they would trade Lonzo for a cost controlled guard TBH.

    Don’t see them coming to terms on a re-up.

    • stlcards0911

      I mean they really don’t have to come to terms lol, he’ll be a RFA so anywhere he signs the pels could just match…. it’s pretty much whatever the pels want at this point

      • specialfriedrice

        Or as the previous post says…he is an asset…they can trade said asset instead of just watching it walk out the door…pretty simple.

  2. Simmons>Russ

    Pelicans won’t make the playoffs.
    They have no shooting, this isn’t the NFL it’s the NBA and it’s all about scoring.

    It’s not that they can’t shoot it’s just none of their starters are natural outside shooters. Ball can bang from deep but we know it’s not consistent. Same with Zion. Ingram is a midrange shooter but can hit the deep ball occasionally and Adams obviously provides no spacing.

    This is what I said ages ago. Pelicans are set amazing to build for a title around Zion but they are doing it right.

    I said ages ago they should’ve sign and traded Brandon Ingram along with Lonzo Ball and NAW for Zach LaVine, Lauri Markeneen and the fourth overall pick.

    LaVine Zion Markeneen and those young guys guys Hart Hayes the pick etc. You’d have a much better looking future and a much more exciting team

    • Little_Dunker_45

      Bro u must be a big bulls fan.

      Or high.

      They’re offense was great before the break. I dont think shooting a problem especially knock dow some Reddick off the benchmark they need defense help. And trading their scorers for younger players and more prospects while zion gets a hear closer to the end of hos contract…just no. Just no.

      • buttholesurfer69 2

        A Bledsoe-Ball backcourt would only be a good idea if the team can time travel back to 2005

    • Lionel Muggeridge

      A chucker in Lavine? An inconsistent and injury prone Laurie? And a number 4 pick that might not pan out? Doesn’t sound that good to me

  3. formerlyz

    Ball has always reminded me of a remedial Dragic, with even less willingness to score. I could see Bledsoe fitting with him well enough for now, as he played with Dragic previously, although obviously Ball isnt currently the shooter Dragic is…

    Pelicans are going to have to make some tough rotation choices, in my opinion. They feel like they’re kind of in between. Curious to see how it impacts their defense. Josh Hart needs to be in that rotation, and not sure where this leaves their young guards…

    might make sense to move a couple of pieces eventually

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    I like Ball. But it seems he don’t want to be in NO. He’s not growing right imo. He’s got game to be a top distributor run offense. Type of PG. With his size can be 1st team defense. Seems his attitude is going the wrong way. I still think getting traded really bothered him. Fact NO took K Lewis at 13. When they could have taken a shooter. Or a solid big Achiuwa. I think they might move Ball. Bledsoe can start while Kira learns and grows. If he got his head right. Ball can be a solid 2way PG. Top 3 in ast and great D. Clippers could use a guy like Ball. He could find motivation in taking down Lakers. Just saying …..

  5. buttholesurfer69 2

    Starting Bledsoe and Adams with Ball/Ingram/Zion gives them 04 Pistons level shooting

    If they’re trying to tank maybe it’s a decent move. otherwise I think Reddick will be starting within a few weeks

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