Four-Team Jrue Holiday, Steven Adams Trade Officially Complete

The Pelicans, Thunder, Bucks, and Nuggets have officially completed the four-team trade that will send Jrue Holiday to Milwaukee and Steven Adams to New Orleans, the Pelicans announced today in a press release.

In total, the mega-deal involves 10 players, five draft picks, and two future pick swaps. The trade breaks down as follows:

  • Bucks acquire Holiday and the draft rights to Sam Merrill (No. 60 pick; from Pelicans).
  • Pelicans acquire Adams, Eric Bledsoe, the Bucks’ 2025 first-round pick (unprotected), the Bucks’ 2027 first-round pick (unprotected), and the right to swap first-round picks with the Bucks in 2024 and 2026.
  • Thunder acquire George Hill, Darius MillerKenrich Williams (sign-and-trade), Josh Gray (sign-and-trade), Zylan Cheatham (sign-and-trade), the Nuggets’ 2023 first-round pick (top-14 protected), the Wizards’ 2023 second-round pick (from Pelicans), and the Hornets’ 2024 second-round pick (from Pelicans).
  • Nuggets acquire the draft rights to RJ Hampton (No. 24 pick; from Bucks).

The deal began when the Bucks and Pelicans reached an agreement on a trade sending Holiday to Milwaukee last week. From there, the Thunder got involved when New Orleans agreed to flip Hill to Oklahoma City in a trade for Adams.

A draft-night deal between the Nuggets and Pelicans that involved the Nuggets’ 2023 first-rounder and the Bucks’ No. 24 pick (sent to New Orleans as part of the original Holiday agreement) was folded in to make it a four-team trade when the Pels agreed to flip Denver’s ’23 pick to OKC as part of the Adams package.

As cap expert Albert Nahmad has pointed out (via Twitter), it’s an intricate, complex transaction that had to make use of a slew of CBA rules. The Pelicans, who are signing Adams to a two-year extension as part of the trade, needed to sign-and-trade Williams, Gray, and Cheatham to Oklahoma City and guarantee most or all of Miller’s $7MM salary in order to abide by salary-matching rules.

Meanwhile, Adams gets a trade bonus worth a little over $2MM as part of the deal, while the Thunder create the largest trade exception in NBA history, worth $27.5MM, per ESPN’s Bobby Marks (Twitter link).

Unfortunately, as Nahmad observes (via Twitter), Oklahoma City will likely have to use that massive TPE immediately to accommodate the acquisition of Al Horford. Still, as John Hollinger of The Athletic writes, the Thunder should come out of their series of transactions with a handful of usable trade exceptions, including one worth $15.4MM.

A full breakdown of this offseason’s trades – including the ones not yet made official – can be found right here.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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13 thoughts on “Four-Team Jrue Holiday, Steven Adams Trade Officially Complete

    • Goes to show how desperate the Bucks are to keep Giannis antetokounmpo. They know he’s their one chance at a star and attracting another one later to replace him will be impossible.

      I hand it to the bucks for going all out here. Massive risk but what’s life all about? Taking massive risks and planning for massive pay off. Good stuff. Admirable.

      • I don’t see how their desperation to remake their team to appease their star doesn’t leave the franchise falling flat on its face. They don’t have first round picks to draw on to improve for awhile, be it through trades or development. They have hinged everything on Giannis saying yes and little room to manoeuvre around the cap if he does say yes to build a winner.

        Their desperation and limited outlook should lead him to say no unless he has a heart of gold. It is a massive amount of risk they have taken on. Presumably they start the tribute statue the day he says yes, if they can get him to sign. They won’t have much to work with after him, but one thing that is for certain: Giannis is the franchise killer or saviour in Milwaukee. Few athletes have ever had so much power over the fortunes of a team.

  1. Pelicans will be a future playoff team. Many NBA fans are over looking how they are building a strong team.

    • Is Stan Van Gundy the right coach to get them into the playoffs and Beyond? I guess we’ll see he’s got a big contract.

  2. Sillivan

    According to reporters
    Bucks will give Giannis two options and will never trade him
    Option 1
    Sign super max
    Option 2
    Become free agent

    Heat Lakers Knicks Mavs are planning to sign him

  3. seamaholic

    Two years from now, the best player involved in this monster will be RJ Hampton, and it won’t be close.

  4. Dxit90a

    Wow I hope the Greek freak signs an extension with the bucks . They would be f@@@@@ if he does not

  5. butchsbrew

    Hated to see Jrue leave NOLA. He is a class act on and off the court. Bucks are getting the best two-way guard in the business. They should contend for the Finals if Giannis stays. Really like the new look Pels with #Aquaman and #Cyborg in the frontcourt. BI is the straw that stirs the drink though for their success. Great blend of vets and great young talent. #8 seed isn’t out of the question.

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