Thunder Complete Trade Sending Kelly Oubre To Warriors

NOVEMBER 22, 2:43pm: Erik Horne of The Athletic confirms (via Twitter) that the Warriors’ first-round pick headed to Oklahoma City will be top-20 protected. If it doesn’t convey, per Horne, the Thunder will instead receive Minnesota’s 2021 second-round pick (along with the Nuggets’ 2021 second-rounder, which they’ll get either way).

NOVEMBER 22, 2:27pm: The trade is now official, the Thunder announced in a press release. Oubre is headed to Golden State in exchange for the Warriors’ protected 2021 first-round pick and Denver’s 2021 second-round pick, per the team.

NOVEMBER 19, 8:10pm: The Thunder and Warriors are finalizing a swap that will send Oubre to Golden State in exchange for the Warriors’ protected 2021 first-round pick, reports Wojnarowski (via Twitter). Anthony Slater of The Athletic tweets that it has top-20 protection.

The Thunder will create a trade exception worth Oubre’s $14.4MM salary, assuming they intend to remain over the cap as they complete their offseason moves.

NOVEMBER 19, 3:55pm: The Thunder are engaged in serious talks about a trade that would send Kelly Oubre to the Warriors, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic (Twitter link). The two sides are nearing an agreement, adds Adrian Wojnarowsi of ESPN (Twitter link).

It remains to be seen what the Thunder would acquire in a deal involving Oubre, but it’s a safe bet that GM Sam Presti would be looking to add at least one more future draft pick to his constantly-growing collection of them.

A deal sending Oubre to Golden State would almost certainly see the Warriors absorb his $14.4MM salary using the team’s $17.2MM trade exception. That exception allows the Dubs to acquire up to $17.2MM in salary without sending out any salary themselves.

Although a trade along these lines has long been the subject of speculation, it’s still a little surprising that the Warriors are willing to take on the increased tax bill that adding Oubre’s salary would create. As Bobby Marks of ESPN explains (via Twitter), based on current projections, Oubre would increase Golden State’s projected tax payment by about $68MM, resulting in a total increase of over $82MM after taking into account his actual salary.

The Warriors would likely get a bit of a break on that, since the NBA has said tax penalties will be reduced by the same amount that the league falls short of its revenue projection in 2020/21, but it’s still a massive commitment by the franchise.

However, Warriors ownership has exhibited a willingness to spend, and Oubre – who turns 25 next month – is a logical addition for a team that needed help on the wing even before word broke that Klay Thompson had suffered a torn Achilles.

In 2019/20, Oubre averaged a career-high 18.7 PPG in 56 games (34.5 MPG) for the Suns, chipping in 6.4 RPG and 1.3 SPG with a .453/.352/.780 shooting line. Phoenix, recognizing he wasn’t part of the team’s long-term plans, sent him to Oklahoma City in the Chris Paul blockbuster earlier this week.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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109 thoughts on “Thunder Complete Trade Sending Kelly Oubre To Warriors

        • Everyone’s a free agent at some point. Warriors just trying to get through the season here.

          It’s funny, sometimes a guy has three years left on his contract and a team has a hard time getting rid of him.

          Year to year seems like a nice way to go. As we can see with Kelly oubre Jr there’s always guys available and If you have a well-run franchise you have no problem attracting Talent. Hopefully Warriors come out of this looking good. Fingers crossed.

          • The warriors will not be able to afford Oubre next year so the point is moot that he becomes a free agent. He is just a 1 year fix for the warriors anyway. Now all the team needs to do is pick up some defense.

          • x%sure

            Oubre is not nearly as good as Klay and less flexible. His best stat is PER 15 which is exactly average. Thus the low trading price of basically two seconds (the chances of top 20 is not looking good). For what Oubre costs, GSW should have done better than what Phoenix was phasing out anyway!

        • Col. Sanders

          They probably need him just for this one season (assuming Klay comes back strong next year) so it looks like perfect fix for them.

        • Yes sounds like a pretty good deal for the Warriors. I’m sure Bob Myers told the Thunder this is costing an extra $50 or so. Can’t afford to give up any more than a first round pick. Sob story routine. Seems to have worked.

  1. With the traded player exception it will probably cost the Warriors their own pick next year. 20 something or so. Warriors keep Wiseman and keep Minnesota’s pick next year.

    • claude raymond

      Gary, think about this. Klay tore his Achilles in pick up game. VERY VERY good chance it would have happened during the season. I’m gonna say it definitely would have. At that point, free agency is done, the exceptions are expired (I believe) and warriors are screwed. So…’s fortunate for them (I know, fortunate?) that this happened yesterday. In fact, if it was going to happen, now is the best time.

      Ridiculous by me to say this. But again, it’s hard to argue with “it was going to happen”.

      • dandan

        So because he tore his Achilles tendon in a pickup game that definitely means he would have torn it during the season? lol what? There’s absolutely no guarantee that it would have happened.

      • Well one way to look at it is if this had happened next week even, it would have been more difficult to recover from. Free agency starts tomorrow and the Warriors have a glaring need. Nice to know about this Friday instead of next Friday.

        I know Klay will come out of this just fine. He’s taken care of financially, so he just needs to get over the mental hurdle of 2 catastrophic injuries in a row. But he is very strong and he’ll get through this with a lot of help from his supportive teammates..

        • Kowalski

          Why is it (seems) easy for a player to get hurt once he suffered an injury during his career?

          • hiflew

            Because when people heal from an injury they will usually change something about the way they do things to avoid pressure on the injured area. When they do that, their body is not used to the new way of doing things and sometimes it gives out in a different place. I would bet this injury is a case of that. It may not have been intentional even, it could have been subconsciously.

            • Yes exactly right. We’ll favor one leg and put undue stress on another. Leg injuries also often affect the opposite hip and screw that up in response to protecting an injury or recovering injury. Good call as to why Klay’s left ACL turned into a right Achilles.

              • Kowalski

                if its the case, potentially, its not a good sign for klay thompson.. and this isn’t even an actual nba game…

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Right, Wiggins and Oubre are about as good as KD and Thompson.

      • phillyballers

        They are better. To quote a baller… You miss 100% of the shots you dont take. Klay and KD ain’t been shooting last time I checked.

      • KD decided to leave. Stars come and stars go. Can’t hang your head, just keep plugging away the best you can. Wiggins and Oubre… Well.. you roll with what you got.

        Here’s where Warriors coaching gets tested. Can you develop young guys with all the potential in the world? Warriors have three of those Now. Incredible athletes.., can you get them to be successful ballplayers? They have their work cut out for them.

        • Col. Sanders

          It will probably test Kerr finally because last year they just gave up on whole season (understandably) but assuming curry stays healty this year – they won’t have excuse.
          It was already shown up that green ain’t no star (good player but not an all-star) now it’s time for Kerr to prove (or not) his status as a coach (not saying he’s a bad one but I’ve always question how good he really is).

      • Sillivan

        Wiseman + Wolves pick

        Wiggins + Wiseman for a star
        Oubre + Wolves pick for another star

  2. Col. Sanders

    Somebody must cover curry’s garbage defense so it makes sens + last season he’s shown he can score. Sound like good move for warriors.

    • DVail1979

      I just read that Golden State will be paying almost $82.5 million by acquiring Oubre when you factor in his salary and taxes … I don’t follow the NBA salary cap a ton but that seems like alot … Am I wrong?

      • biffpocoroba

        You’re not wrong, but Lacob won’t let another year of fan slippage happen by them tanking again. And they may not be done.

        • harden-westbrook-mvps

          Then add in Wiseman’s $8.7M salary and if they use the $5.7M MLE then their luxury tax bill is pushing $100M.

          • KnickerbockerAl

            They also have 9.7 mill space. For injured player Klay they can use. They are going to new arena. In a yr when you can’t have fans. Ouch how rich is this owner. Obrue is a solid pickup.

      • atuck_sfg

        They also say looney is likely to be involved in the trade cuz that would save them $30 mil on the tax

        • seamaholic

          He can’t be. When you trade for a player into a TPE, there cannot be any players going out, only draft picks. Looney could be going out in a separate deal for the pick that goes to the Thunder, or it could be a 3 team deal.

          • atuck_sfg

            That must have been what the article I read meant, I probably read it wrong. Either way that’s a lot of money to save by shipping him out

          • Luke Adams

            You can still send out players if you’re acquiring a player using a TPE — no rule against that. If the Warriors sent back Looney, they’d just create a new TPE worth the amount of his salary.

            • atuck_sfg

              I think what they’re saying is in that particular deal that a player can’t be sent out, but they can be sent in a separate deal

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    It’s a good pickup considering what’s out there. He plays same position as Klay. And he’s in a contract yr. So will be motivated. I think now they have to depend on Wiggins. He has to have a 22 ppg year. He’s capable and has done it. It’s a good move. Although Gordon is also a good move. You put Wiggins at the 2 and he’s more dangerous. He’s a big two. I know they will not sit tight. I expect them to make a few moves.

    • tward09

      they really should. when I heard they traded for him, I remember thinking “man I wish the warriors would’ve picked him up”, so to see the warriors are this close to calling him a warrior, I’m pumped. hope it works out

    • The guy on the Thunder seems to want to stockpile draft picks for some reason. Well he gets another one here if this goes through.

  4. I'm a starboy not a Dr...

    Love it when even after a wrench is thrown in a team’s plan, they have a trick up their sleeves. Don’t be like the celtics who just want picks and no finals appearances in recent years!!!!

      • tward09

        Exactly. Makes no sense for OKC. They must be saying that they don’t want to contend until all of these draft picks are all-stars, assuming they end up being all-stars

  5. GoLandCrabs

    Warrior fans “we are using the trade exemption to land Giannis”…. uses it on Oubre

    • I don’t think the Bucks are going to trade Giannis. They’re going to hold on and roll the dice and hope he signs as an unrestricted free agent. At least that’s what I’m reading.

      In response, teams can go home and cry or keep plugging away and find other players.

    • tward09

      Giannis is going nowhere. Bucks will extend him and win the finals soon enough

  6. Next year the do a sign and trade when he is a free agent recoup the draft picks and more.

  7. Luke Adams thanks for staying on top of this. I keep hitting refresh to see if it’s going to happen tonight or not.

    I really appreciate your updates even at this hour after you’ve been working for 3 days straight and no sleep.

  8. Sillivan

    If Warriors make playoffs this year
    I predict that Thunder get 37th and 45th picks next year
    2 picks

    • If the Warriors MAKE the playoffs then they’ll be picking in the bottom ten so that first round pick WILL go to the Thunder. Isn’t that right?

      • RenoChris

        It’s weird, it’s not 1-20 protected, it’s basically 11-32 protected. If they finish as one of the 10 worst teams OKC gets it.

        • claude raymond

          Thanks Reno, you got it right. Luke is wrong. Here is the woj tweet:

          Sources: The Warriors will only convey that first-round pick next season should they finish 21-to-30 in the final regular season standings. If the Warriors land in the top 20, they’ll send two second-round picks to OKC.


          • Luke is correct. If the Warriors make the playoffs they’ll be picking somewhere around 21-30… which is the 10 worst picks of the first round. Then OKC GETS the pic.

            If the Warriors are crappy and pick from 1-20 which is the top 20 guys they KEEP the pic and it then becomes 2 seconds to OKC. At least that’s my understanding and I think it’s correct. I’ve been wrong before but I’d never admit it here.

          • What makes it confusing is Wojo tweet. The pick is top 20 protected.

            If the Warriors are good and pick 21 to 30 it goes to OKC.

          • Luke Adams

            There are conflicting reports, and Woj’s wording is really weird (if he’s right, I don’t know why he wouldn’t just say it’s protected from 11-30). I’ve updated the post to reflect that uncertainty.

            • NBA Draft time. He’s had no sleep for 3 days straight lol. He’s the best in the business I cut him a little slack here. He’ll fix it in a few.

              • I’m talking about woj.., even though you’re the best in the biz too Luke !!

              • Luke Adams

                It’s possible Slater is wrong and the Warriors agreed to put the reverse protection on it because they’re convinced they won’t be a bottom-10 team again, but it’d definitely be unusual.

                • That would be interesting. And perhaps why OKC agreed to only a first-round pick ? They’re gambling it’s going to be a valuable high pic. Wow.

                  I guess we’ll just wait and see.

          • Sillivan

            If Warriors don’t finish in the top 10, Thunder gets 2 seconds

            In other words, Warriors are likely to finish from 11th and 20th, Thunder will get 2 seconds, not first round pick

      • claude raymond

        In essence Gary, if they make the playoffs (or are a top 20 team) they will NOT lose the first round pick. So this is much better

        • If that was the case Claude that be really really weird. I guess it’s possible but I think the Wojo tweet is just confusing to us.

          • claude raymond

            I agree, weird. But that’s what he posted. If they’re a top twenty team, they keep the pick.

            Luke says if they’re a top 20 pick they lose the first round pick.

            I guess we’ll find out

            • claude raymond

              Luke: if they pick in the top 20, they lose the pick

              Woj: if they pick in the top 10, they lose the pick

              Scratching my head brother

              • Luke Adams

                To clarify: Woj reported that if the pick is in the top 10, the Warriors lose it. Anthony Slater reported that if it’s in the bottom 10 (21-30), they lose it.

                The latter structure is way more common in trades like this (the Warriors did it last year with the pick they sent to the Nets) and makes more sense, so that’s our assumption for now, but we still don’t know for sure.

                • claude raymond

                  But wouldn’t it be a pleasant change from the typical “the worse we end up the better shot we have of keeping the protected pick”. I mean, to have to play good and finish higher to keep a pick is refreshing, though atypical. EVERYBODY hates tanking and this could be a nice change.

  9. Ironmonger835

    Trash trade for Thunder. Won’t get anyone better than Oubre with that pick.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      It’s top-20 protected, so OKC will get two second round picks.

    • tward09

      well obviously they will take a little longer. possibly, though, the guy could turn out to be better

    • afsooner02

      Saves money and also will likely be combined with another to move up. Thunder aren’t trying to win now.

  10. Sooo..


    Free agent pick up like Kris Dunn, Avery Bradley, or some surprise guy that’ll make us say, wow, how’d they get him?

  11. WOJ’s the best in the business and the most trustworthy scoop man in the NBA world. But no sleep for 3 days it’s possible an error could creep in in the wording.

    We’ll see if he goes on to correct it or not. To me it HAS to be top 20 protected.

  12. Big Ragoo 2

    Its over. The “dynasty” is done. Stop pretending. Save money and have 2 lottery picks next year

  13. claude raymond

    Here again is woj quote:

    The Warriors will convey that pick to the Thunder next season only should they finish 21st to 30th in the final regular-season standings. If the Warriors land in the top 20, they’ll send two second-round picks to Oklahoma City, sources said.

    • Draft pick standings.

      Remember that Woj has draft pick #s on his brain the last 3 days. The #1 pick, the #12 pick the #28 pick. Thus the descriptions in his tweet. That’s what makes sense to me anyway.

  14. KnickerbockerAl

    Warriors still got moves to make. Kelly plays big on contract yr. Wiseman could give them major mins. And Wiggins could have a big yr. This is set up for Wiggins to show. If he ever wants be know as a true star. He’s got the NBA stage now. Warriors still need a vet center. They should be looking at Dedmond.

  15. Sillivan

    Warriors have the best “Pace and Space” system for 6’7″ athletic young guys.

    Curry and Green passing skills can help

  16. Skute23

    I’m confused on the draft pick compensation. Is it a 1st and a 2nd. If it doesn’t convey because it’s 1-20, then it would turn into the 2 seconds. If someone could clear that up that would be great

    • Luke Adams

      It’s a first and a second. If the first gets protected, it becomes two seconds (the original one plus another one). Re-worded the most recent update to make that clearer.

  17. Luke Adams

    FYI: I removed the erroneous Woj reporting about the first-round pick’s protection from the earlier updates on this post, since leaving them in there seemed to be creating some confusion.

    The first-round pick is top-20 protected.

    • So the Warriors will get in the postseason with a 7 or 8 seed, KEEP next year’s first-round pick and make noise in the playoffs. That way they’ll still have 2 first-round picks next year plus takeout Denver in the first round and go after Portland OR Utah or Dallas in the second round. Life is Good !!

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