Wolves Notes: Rubio, Edwards, Davis, Beasley

In a conversation with Jon Krawczynski of The Athletic, Ricky Rubio discussed his first stint with the Timberwolves, his impending second stint with the franchise, and the experience of being traded twice in the span of days. Rubio said he found out about his involvement in the SunsChris Paul trade last week when Shams Charania broke the news on Twitter.

“It’s not the way you want to know, especially my agent was talking with the team and they said my name was off the table when all the rumors and all the stuff happened,” Rubio said. “You feel like everything that they have said to you all year and buying into a new project and a young team and they need you, blah, blah, blah. It seems like nothing’s true.”

As Krawczynski writes, Rubio wasn’t upset about the move itself, since he understands why the Suns would want Paul. Still, he was stung by the way he found out. Now, after initially making his NBA debut for the Timberwolves as a 21-year-old, the point guard is looking forward to returning to the team as a veteran who can help guide a young squad.

“It started to really make more sense for me to really connect the puzzle and get to Minnesota and help a young team with a lot of talent and already have done really good things,” he told Krawczynsi. “I feel like I can fit in the puzzle.”

Here’s more on the Wolevs:

  • In an in-depth story on how the Timberwolves decided to use the No. 1 pick in this year’s draft on Anthony Edwards, Krawczynski cites sources who say that the team never really got close to trading that pick. The Wolves were unwilling to accept what they considered subpar value to move down and risk missing out on the Georgia guard, per Krawczynski. “He stood head and shoulders above any player in this draft and we were excited to be at No. 1 to be able to select him,” president of basketball operations Gersson Rosas said of Edwards.
  • Michael Rand of The Star Tribune makes a case for why he believes veteran center Ed Davis could be the Timberwolves’ most important new player for the 2020/21 season.
  • Three days after agreeing to a new $60MM deal with the Timberwolves, Malik Beasley made a court appearance today. Beasley, who faces a pair of felony charges related to a September incident, was told to have no contact with the alleged victims and a potential witness, tweets Krawczynski. His next court appearance will be on December 17.
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15 thoughts on “Wolves Notes: Rubio, Edwards, Davis, Beasley

  1. Sillivan

    Blazers and Suns significantly improve but I don’t feel that Wolves have improved
    9-man rotations are all offensive players, who should have shot attempts?

  2. mnsportsfan

    we need to go get a starting caliber forward who is better then juancho. no jab against him, but he would be an awesome backup.

    • ultimatechill

      Still want to believe that there’s a trade out there either pre- or mid-season for Aaron Gordon. Culver + a pick for Gordon, helps solve the logjam of guards and fills a need for Orlando for a young SG/SF with potential to develop behind Fournier in last year of his deal.

      Magic might even be more apt to trade Fourier for more assets this year knowing they’ve got Culver in hand. Idk, seems like a win-win to me.

  3. phillyballers

    Beasley needing to be told not to contact them is telling… hope they have an out clause.

    Wolves about to play all guards and KAT tho… Rubio, DLo, Beasley, Okogie, Edwards, and Culver? No SF no PF.

    • Sillivan

      Culver stats
      Fg 40%
      3 fg 30%
      FT 46%

      Culver is not tradable, Edwards should be a bit better than Culver

    • andremets

      Now that Beasley has money, I’m sure the case will be quietly dropped and a cash settlement will follow.

    • ultimatechill

      Not saying Beasley will come out of this without setbacks, but will point out that the no contact order to the “victims” for a pending case is pretty standard. In fact, that he walked out of that court date with only that update is actually a better sign than I would have thought.

      As a Wolves fan, I hope Malik comes through the other side alright and can play but when we mention “all the guards”, there’s silver lining there that we have some insurance on the roster if he doesn’t.

      Still holding out hope for RHJ as a remaining free agent target to help shore up the SF position and team defense. I know he’s not a world-beater, but def the type of guy who would compliment the existing roster and is reasonable to consider as a target.

  4. King Manny

    How can the timberwolves be so stupid and not realize that they need a good PF like John Collins, like what the heck are they going to do with all those SG , we like fans are tired of them losing all the time and this new team is not going nowhere without a good PF!!

  5. hoosierhysteria

    Rubio: CP is better than you. This is a business….buy a new crying towel. You have never met expectations anywhere and have been overpaid every where. Give thanks for the great opportunity you have….getting paid to play hoops.

  6. masisk33

    Rubio is a very special talent to add to this roster. He is the “straw that stirs the drink” so to speak. He definitely won’t need to score on this team! He will probably set franchise records for AST/STL

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