Bulls Notes: Donovan, Roster, Temple, Satoransky

The Bulls need to do a better job of overcoming adversity, new coach Billy Donovan told reporters, including Jamal Collier of The Chicago Tribune, following a second straight disastrous performance. After trailing by as many as 40 points in the season opener, Chicago was embarrassed again Saturday, this time by Indiana. The Bulls fell behind by 30 at one point, giving up a 21-0 run in the second quarter and an 18-0 run in the third.

It’s not what Chicago fans were expecting after an offseason of change that brought in Donovan to replace Jim Boylen as head coach and Arturas Karnisovas to run the front office. Donovan believes improvement won’t begin to show until players learn how to deal with difficulty.

“They don’t handle (adversity). They don’t at all,” he said. “They internalize their mistakes, they internalize what’s going on, and I’ve said this before, they’ve got to do this together. They’ve got to fight together, do it together. We’re probably on most nights probably not going to be the most athletic or the most talented or the most experienced, but we can be a team — we have control over it — that can have a lot more fight in ourselves there. I came out on the court one time because I saw them come out of the huddle and they just all looked totally dejected.”

There’s more Bulls news to pass along:

  • Despite management changes, the team won’t get any better until it overhauls the roster, contends Darnell Mayberry of The Athletic. The Bulls brought back 14 of their 17 players from last year’s 22-43 team, including several who are miscast in their current roles, Mayberry adds. He sees Coby White as more of a shooter than a lead guard, while Zach LaVine isn’t efficient enough to be the first scoring option. Mayberry also questions the decision to draft Patrick Williams with the No. 4 pick instead of trading down to acquire more assets.
  • Free agent addition Garrett Temple, one of the few new faces in Chicago, promises to bring toughness to the team, writes Joe Cowley of The Chicago Sun-Times. ‘‘I don’t think we have soft guys here by any means, so it’s a matter of building the right habits,” Temple said. “And that starts in practice.”
  • Tomas Satoransky was available for the first time Saturday after being quarantined due to contact tracing, Cowley adds in the same piece. Satoransky, who didn’t test positive for COVID-19, said the waiting was difficult. ‘‘It was very tough for me being at home, not being able to work out or doing anything,’’ he said. ‘‘Just self-quarantine myself. … You only can control some of it, and you have to be mentally strong and be ready to come back and accept the role you will have after this. … It really tests you mentally and is another challenge you have to go through this season.’’
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14 thoughts on “Bulls Notes: Donovan, Roster, Temple, Satoransky

  1. Sillivan

    Bulls brought back 14 players from last year and add 35 years old Temple
    Knicks brought back 11 players from last year and add 4 “low income people”

  2. raz427

    This team is god awful. I saw both games and I couldn’t stop cursing. THERES absolutely no paint or rim protection on this team. White is NOT a point guard, it’s time for TS31 to start at PG and bring White off the bench. White is trying to facilitate too much while trying to score, he’s never been a facilitator in his career. This team is horrible on P&R defense and continue to go under on screens. They are at best a 29-43 team and probably a top 5 lottery team. This is why I wanted Hallieburton at 4, because we don’t have a true PG and have just a bunch of and 1 players. Markkanen and WCJ on the same court together are horrible defensively. They are SLOW and they are SOFT. Both lack defensive IQ to be a long term starting player in this league. As for Harden deals, I laugh at ppl who think they know this team. Name the last player Bulls got in they’re prime via trade? You keep Lavine and next year deal him for picks, he’s not going to resign unless he’s gotten a MAX offer, which he isn’t a MAX player. AK believes in scouting and drafting. He doesn’t really trade and never did it in Denver either, so why would he start now? Cap space is almost the main thing we need, OPJ, Felicio are coming off the books, thats $35M open next year. I’m hoping trade Markkanen before the TD so we can get a decent pick bc he’s really trash and hasn’t grown as a player on both sides of the ball. The game is too fast for him and it shows.

      • raz427

        Thanks! I try to be unbiased with teams (ahem ahem Dionnis burner in Houston), but I just wonder if people who suggest Harden to Bulls, really watch NBA the last 20 years? Ownership is not in the position that Harden brings us closer to Nets or Bucks in the east. It’ll take 2-3 years to see the rewards of AK in the front office and having cap space. This is a TOTAL rebuild, not just half ass and then you end up in a position like Wizards.

    • Rewane

      But trading them will mean Bulls start the rebiuld all over again, which Donovan and the owner might not be happy about, although it is easier for the management to call for it since it’s mostly new. The return you get might not even result in better players, albeit probably in cheaper contracts. But what you gonna do with those extra cap space. Using it to absorb bad contracts for late first rounder that will likely be another marginal player?

      Lauri and Carter has been hurt a ton and I think Bulls need them on the court together more to evaluate them. Trading them soon will be selling low on them.

      I don’t think you had a 72-game schedule in mind during the win projection.

      • raz427

        I agree Markkanen and WCJ need to play more to evaluate them. But Markkanen hasn’t really proven much other a fringe starter right now. He never makes his teammates better, questionable basketball IQ, horrendous shot selection. At this point you have to move on from him.

        WCJ might be the worst draft pick from the 2018 lottery. He plays out of position and rarely IN position to make any defensive plays. I’m just over him.

        You have to rebuild all over again, this roster even it got to the playoffs will never be good enough to beat Giannis, Miami, KD, etc. The way the roster is constructed, one player (Harden) wouldn’t make a difference and make up the talent disparity between Milwaukee/Brooklyn/Miami/Boston and the dumpster fire known as the bottom of the East. I’m okay with rebuilding 2-3 years if it means we have the right personnel. Patrick Williams is undersized at the 4, but I think if he played the 4, the spacing on offense would be much better than having Markkanen. That also means they need a defensive minded center like a Gobert who I didn’t mind to max out if he was available. Markkanen already doesn’t guard well against athletic 4’s and is too soft against smaller 4’s. It’s time to reset and reset the correct way.

      • raz427

        I had 29-43, that is 72 games. Did I calculate something incorrectly? I’m not sure what the last portion of your comment meant?

          • raz427

            Lol no I meant the record. We’re trash, I accept and am not a delusional fan lol

            • xxtremecubsguy89

              I wish I could like your comments in the app. (Cough cough Luke Adams) but again, spot on.

              • raz427

                Thanks, when you have been watching for last 31 years like I have, anything since 1998 has been a colossal failure with Jerry. Hes the reason I blame why the Bulls are where they are. Players talk about owners around the league, and Jerry isn’t bad as Dolan, but the way he handled the last dance, it shook a lot of these players.

  3. stevep-4

    I am tired of Markannen, who has been given every chance to utilize his size and quickness to his advantage, and seems to shy away from contact. WCJ is undersized, but a good passer and needs to muscle up under the boards, could be a decent enough C for this era.

    Lavine has high value to a semi-contender as a 6th man, and should be dealt for future picks and maybe some young prospects. Felicio should have been released last season, he is just taking up space now and spreading bad habits.

    Thad Young and Satoransky both have trade value, and would open up minutes for Williams and White, who, definitely is not a point guard and should be at best starting SG but maybe just quick points off the bench. This is a terrible roster, and Karniceria is starting to figure that out I think. I suspect a slew of trades at the deadline and perhaps sooner.

    • stevep-4

      Donovan has looked distanced and shocked at post-games, can’t believe how this team just gives up. I think that the last coach who actually motivated the bulls was Thibs, and none of these guys were here under his reign. Karniceria has to move some meat to send a message to these guys that there are no guarantees.

    • raz427

      I would love a trade for Thad Young to a team like Portland for a 2nd round pick, he doesn’t have a 1st round value. I think need to keep Satornsky bc we have no true PG on this roster.

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