Celtics Picking Up 2021/22 Options On Three Players

The Celtics are exercising their 2021/22 team options on the rookie scale contracts of Romeo Langford, Grant Williams, and Robert Williams, according to former C’s assistant GM Ryan McDonough (Twitter link).

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Langford, 21, was the 14th overall pick in the 2019 draft, but has been limited to 32 games so far due to health issues and has struggled in his limited playing time, with 2.5 PPG on .350/.185/.720 shooting in 11.6 minutes per contest. He’s currently sidelined as he recovers from wrist surgery.

Grant Williams, who was selected eight spots after Langford in the 2019 draft, has been a more regular part of Boston’s rotation since entering the league last year, averaging 3.5 PPG and 2.6 RPG in 72 games (15.3 MPG).

Langford’s and Williams’ third-year options will pay them $3.8MM and $2.6MM, respectively, in 2021/22. The Celtics will have to decide next year whether to pick up their fourth-year options for ’22/23.

As for Robert Williams, his fourth-year option for ’21/22 will guarantee him approximately $3.7MM and will put him on track for restricted free agency in ’22 if he doesn’t sign a rookie scale extension next summer.

The 23-year-old has appeared in just 63 games for the Celtics in two-plus seasons so far, but has shown some promise. He had one of the best performances of his career on Sunday vs. Indiana, putting up 12 points on 6-of-7 shooting to go along with four rebounds, four steals, and two blocks in 22 minutes.

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18 thoughts on “Celtics Picking Up 2021/22 Options On Three Players

  1. Curtisrowe

    I like Langford, if he ever can get healthy he can be a productive player. Rob Williams is an all-star below the neck, while Grant Williams is an all-star above the neck.

    • traderumors

      Not sure if Danny is still using that psychiatrist/astrologist to evaluate talent but he can’t afford to keep reaching with these tweaners who don’t impact the game and make up one of the worst benches in the league just because they are good guys.

      • Little_Dunker_45

        There is a reason Celtics dont get to pick at the top of the draft. So yeah, you get role players with those picks. Not sure if an astrobiologist will help you figure that one out…

        • traderumors

          Okay then tell that to San Antonio and other teams who have both picked behind and scouted Euros better than your buddy Ainge who has had the most picks of any team the last 10 years.

          • Little_Dunker_45

            I’d rather have Bostons current roster than San Antonio’s. You can’t just pick and choose facts to make your argument…especially when it’s (obviously) biased.

            • Little_Dunker_45

              Not to mention Peyton Pritchard has looked pretty sharp so far.

              I’d say Ainge has made far more good moves than bad, and finding a gm who is operating at even 60% success is a win. Good ones dont grow on trees, and starting from scratch hardly seems necessary.

              If you hate the Celtics for some reason that’s your problem. But keep it to yourself so you dont just look like an idiot in front of everyone when you speak up.

              • Curtisrowe

                Since 2010 Ainge has had 3 picks in the top 10. Tatum, Brown, and Smart. Celtics have had a lot of draft picks, but not high ones.

              • andremets

                I have my doubts about Ainge. He started a full rebuild, got the greatest gift ever from the Nets and all he has to show is a team stuck in the 2nd round of the playoffs. I think he blew it with all those other picks and it might be time for another rebuild.

                • x%sure

                  Yeah dump Brown Tatum Smart for some draft picks. Look for new Browns Tatums Smarts.

              • James Blanchard

                Calm down guys!! We’re all on the same team!! You both make valid points, wouldn’t be surprised if Danny makes a big trade soon, maybe throwing Williams in with kemba for something big,” please not harden” cause there gonna want jaylen also!!

  2. traderumors

    Don’t hate the Celtics. Grew up in the area, went to C’s camps, shook hands with Bird, shot hoops at the Garden, sat next to Danny & his wife at a Bruce concert, and even worked the NBA Summer League during Pierce’s rookie year.

    I just hate green teamers like you who think Ainge is above the scrutiny (unlike Sox GM’s who get let go even though they’ve won more titles in the 21st cent than the C’s) and content to live off of past glory day (like Cowboys fans), so there is no sense of urgency and now the Lakers are about to pass them in titles even though that was Red’s only wish to Wyc when her took over the team.

    • Little_Dunker_45

      Look, I’m not saying he is above the law so to speak, I just don’t think he has transgressed to the point that he needs to be ripped/replaced. Winning NBA titles is hard, and if it’s your only criteria for success you are bound to be disappointed pretty often. There are a lot of teams that would trade places with the Cs right now. Are they perfect? No. Show me what team is. Are they in a good place to compete for a title this year? Definitely. A few things need to break their way but that’s true for everyone.

      You’re sick of greenteamers, I’m sick of negative Ned from Natick who makes knee jerk armchair gm decisions that in the real world would lead to immediate failure. These things take time, patience. A lot of this is my opinion, but that parts a fact, Jack.

    • Curtisrowe

      Oh come on man, you “hate” people who are “content to live off past glory days”?

      Personally, as a Boston sports fan I am TOTALLY content about the 15 or championships I have seen since I have been a sports fan.

      You think I should be angry? Sorry man.

      • traderumors

        Maybe frustrated that Brooklyn still has a deeper team than you even though you’ve owned nearly all their picks the last few years. Maybe concerned that the Lakers now also have 17 titles and have won 3 titles since Boston last won one but I never said angry. Sorry man.

  3. Danny Has had a few busy Fab Melo and J Johnson. Rozier, KO were good picks. He could have had the Greek Freak. But Brown and Tatum may be the best players in their draft. Smart keeps getting better too.

  4. mumsy01

    I go back to Honda, Cowens, Jo Jo White days. Two years ago we had Kylie, Hayward plus Tatum, Brown, and Smart. Ainge has to be criticized for the regression. Hate thought of Lakers winning more titles than C’s. Also agree we are not better than Nets. We need a stone cold killer who can shoot the three and a two way big man. Steven’s blew that conference championship against the Heat.

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