Decisions On 2021/22 Rookie Scale Team Options

Under the revamped schedule for the 2020/21 league year, NBA teams have until December 29 to make decisions on the third- and fourth-year team options for players on rookie scale contracts.

All the players whose options will be exercised or declined by December 29 are already under contract for the 2020/21 season. Their teams will have to make a decision on whether they want to lock in those players’ contracts beyond the coming season, picking up or turning down team options for the 2021/22 campaign.

For players who signed their rookie scale contracts in 2018 and have already been in the NBA for two years, teams must decide on fourth-year options for 2021/22. For players who just signed their rookie deals last year and only have one season of NBA experience under their belts, teams will already be faced with a decision on third-year options for ’21/22.

In many cases, these decisions aren’t hard ones. Rookie scale salaries are affordable enough that it usually makes sense to exercise most of these team options, even if a player isn’t a key cog on the roster. And for those players who do have a significant role on a team’s roster, the decision is even easier — it’s not as if the Mavericks ever considered turning down their option on Luka Doncic, for instance.

Still, we’ll wait for a trusted reporter, the NBA, a player (or his agent), or a team itself to confirm that an option is indeed being exercised or declined, and we’ll track that news in this space.

Listed below are all the rookie scale decisions for 2021/22 team options that clubs must make by December 29. This list will be updated throughout the rest of the month as teams’ decisions are reported and announced. The salary figures listed here reflect the cap hits for each team.

Here are the NBA’s rookie scale team option decisions for 2021/22 salaries:

Atlanta Hawks

Boston Celtics

Brooklyn Nets

Charlotte Hornets

Chicago Bulls

Cleveland Cavaliers

Dallas Mavericks

Denver Nuggets

Detroit Pistons

Golden State Warriors

Houston Rockets

  • None

Indiana Pacers

Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Lakers

  • None

Memphis Grizzlies

Miami Heat

Milwaukee Bucks

Minnesota Timberwolves

New Orleans Pelicans

New York Knicks

Oklahoma City Thunder

Orlando Magic

Philadelphia 76ers

Phoenix Suns

Portland Trail Blazers

Sacramento Kings

San Antonio Spurs

Toronto Raptors

  • None

Utah Jazz

  • None

Washington Wizards

Information from Basketball Insiders was used in the creation of this post. Photos courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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10 thoughts on “Decisions On 2021/22 Rookie Scale Team Options

  1. Jordan Poole better step up in training camp and the first week of the Season. Not sure if I’d want to extend this guy. His shooting just is not there. Hope he worked on his game over the summer.

    • harden (mvp),wall, and wood

      With Oubre and Wiggins starting that leaves Bazemore and Damion Lee as the other potential backups competing with Poole. He’s in real trouble if he can’t beat out either of those two for a spot in the rotation.

      • Bazemore has a role and I think a pretty big one on this year’s team. Hopefully he’s capable of fulfilling expectations.

        • harden (mvp),wall, and wood

          He looks so good a few years ago with Atlanta, now he has to play much better this season to get a decent contract next year among a very strong class of free agents in 2021.

  2. bravesfan88

    This article just reminds me of what Atlanta is building down in the South. They have slowly but surely put together a very solid and complete roster through the draft and via free agency.

    I think the emergence of Collins, Reddish, and Hunter will truly go a long way to how far they’re able to go in the playoffs, but either way, I think they now have enough talent to make some noise in the East.

    All that’s left now is for their younger guys to continue to develop, and then they just have to learn to win together as a cohesive team.

    • x%sure

      People have spent several years saying that Atlanta is doing it right with nothing yet to show for it. I was one of them when GM Schlenk cleared house.

      But the outcomes have shown the danger of “blowing it all up” and starting from scratch. There’s no continuity. It’s a collection. I see more of a trend than something brewing.

  3. bravesfan88

    They have Trae Young, Rondo, and Dunn at the point, running the first and second team offenses. Then, they have Bogdanovic, Huerter, Snell, and Mays at the 2. Next, the Hawks just have a bounty of athletic wings in Reddish, Hunter, Gallinari, and Hill. Finally, the Hawks have another solid group of versatile bigs in Collins, Okungwu, Capela, and Fernando.

    PG: Young, Rondo, Dunn
    SG: Bogdanovic, Reddish, Huerter, Snell
    SF: Gallinari, Hunter, Reddish/Huerter, Snell
    PF: Collins, Hunter, Gallinari, Fernando
    C: Okungwu, Capela, Fernando

    Several of these guys are able to play multiple positions, if not all of them, except maybe Rondo and Capela..Either way, the Hawks have now put together a solid roster mixed with young studs and quality veterans, adding up to a very complete 13 man rotation!!

    • illowa

      man you guys should be good this year. the roster was really well constructed. i hope the coaching goes next level too. health shouldn’t be as big an issue with this team as others because of the depth. the egos of the players might be the hardest thing to overcome this year.

  4. x%sure

    Memphis looks the best on this list. OKC is in good shape despite their trading for picks. I am quite pleased with Cleveland’s four, albeit all 2Gs.

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