Clippers Notes: Ibaka, Zubac, George, Morris, Williams, Beverley

Serge Ibaka started at center in the Clippers‘ preseason opener and coach Tyronn Lue will continue to have the prized free agent acquisition work with the first unit, according to Jovan Buha of The AthleticIvica Zubac started regularly last season when Doc Rivers was the head coach.

“Zu started the last couple of years and did a great job,” Lue said. “Just kind of seeing this team, what style of play we want to play at, right now, tonight we went with Serge and we’ll continue to see how that looks.”

Ibaka has the ability to stretch defenses and defend the perimeter more adeptly that Zubac, while Zubac is a better screener and roller and rim protector, Buha adds.

We have more on the Clippers:

  • The front office checked around the league to determine Paul George‘s trade value before deciding that an extension was the best option, The Ringer’s Paolo Uggetti reports. George signed a max four-year extension that kicks in for the 2021/22 season. George could have opted out of his contract after the upcoming season without the extension. The market for George around the league would have likely gotten him that same contract elsewhere, Uggetti adds.
  • Forward Marcus Morris sat out the preseason opener due to minor knee soreness, Broderick Turner of The Los Angeles Times writes. “We’re just being cautious,” Lue said. The Clippers re-signed Morris on a four-year, $64MM deal after acquiring him in a trade last season.
  • Patrick Beverley and/or Lou Williams could be traded during the season, though Beverley’s contract might be tough to move, some anonymous front office executives and scouts told Sam Amick of The Athletic. The Clippers didn’t truly address their point guard situation in the offseason but that could change as the season progresses.
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25 thoughts on “Clippers Notes: Ibaka, Zubac, George, Morris, Williams, Beverley

  1. davethemailman

    10 things I don’t like about the Clippers (no particular order):

    Donald Sterling, their former racist owner.

    Steve Balmer, their current fabulously wealthy owner who wants to raise our taxes.

    They took Chris Paul who rightfully should have been a Laker.

    They could and should have moved to Anaheim and played at the Pond.

    Their stupid mascot.

    Covering up the Lakers banners for their home games.

    They won’t go away to where they would be welcomed, Seattle. That’s a win win!

    Having a better record than the Lakers for those 7 years or whatever it was and (see next point)…

    Being mouthy, talking trash. Can you imagine an NBA veteran getting all worked up about Lonzo Ball’s first game as a rookie?? Hello Patrick Beverly- get a life! Hopefully you SHOULD be better than a rookie playing his first game.

    Crybabies! The icing on the cake whenever we played the Clippers was when the camera panned over to Doc Rivers’ face as a call went against him. I’m hoping for the same entertainment value with Doc Lue, but Rivers will be hard to top.

    The 2 things that I do like about the Clippers? Ralph Lawler and their fans who have been with them from the beginning. Lots of respect for you.

    Yeah, I’m a little biased. GO LAKERS!

    • wakejeff

      I’ve been a Clipper fan for 35 years, and I fully agree with you on the 2nd to last paragraph. Ralph Lawler was one of the greats, and he stuck with the Clips through MANY losing seasons.
      As far as the rest of your post…no comment!

      • harden (mvp),wall, and wood

        Lakers fans think their team is capable of a repeat. Too bad.

        • Chief Two Hands

          Jeez man, you are so delusional and butt-hurt about the beating the Rockets took to the hands of the Lakers. Get over it…Harden is not that great and and you will be changing your name again soon…and likely crying while doing so.

      • Cap & Crunch

        Nah, Im betting he just lives in LA county

        Unless you’ve lived out here you’ll never understand the ignorance or brashness of the Clipper fan base. I have no clue how it ever spawned , some magical alley oop to DeAndre or sumthin back in 14 and they all came out…truly strange phenomenon fastened down by no nuts or bolts whatsoever. These are the kids who hate the popular kids well….bc they want to be popular

        Funny you say rent free b/c its exactly the opposite out here – Lakers fans dont even acknowledge Clippers fans as viable which probably just makes them more steamed

        **Mailman-You left out Malcolm in the Middle

        • x%sure

          ✓ Sometimes one must slide into metaphors to get the primer right

          We would shout from the stands, “Nuts and bolts we got screwed”… it kept the booing down lol I’m sure refs appreciated it ha

          • Cap & Crunch

            Yup X , just fillin the arena with Helium & farts for years in other words!
            But hey, did you see that lob last night on ESPN?

  2. Sillivan

    Clippers are Seeking for a pass first mentality point guards who can shoot
    70% of young
    Jason Kidd
    John Stockton

    or 70% of young shooter
    Steph Curry

  3. Noel1982

    My two easiest bets to win easy money is Knicks missing the playoffs and clippers not winning the title this season ! More scared of the Knicks bet though bc of thibs rolling with vets and the play In tournament

  4. Tatsumaki

    Clippers are cooked. Lakers got significantly better this year and clippers lost depth and added only an aging ibaka. As showcased last night neither lebron or ad played while the whole clippers starters played and got beaten by talon tucker, harrell schroder and kuzma.

    • profect11

      theynplayed 14 minutes. lol. really counting that as if they played a full game.

      • Noel1982

        Yess there’s definitely real reasons will clippers won’t be winning the title this season , none are for the reason that guy said though lol

        • Curtisrowe

          Exacttly. That hot take was cringeworthy. Tucker sure showed Terrance Mann what was up.

      • Lakers1

        Here’s the bigger problem.. clippers played their starters for 1st half.. they were up on lakers second stringers by 3.. clippers don’t have that good of a bench aside from Lou Williams.. I assume Morris will start over’s gonna be great seeing the lakers bench extend leads this year.

        • Curtisrowe

          Lakers are better than Clippers for sure, but people extrapolating things out from the first exhibition game of the year?

          It’s killing me.

          • Noel1982

            Clippers actually match up great with the lakers problem is can see a handful of teams in the west including the lakers who can beat them including nuggets , jazz , blazers and mavs who may have beat them rd 1 if kp gets hurt ! Where as the lakers only west team is clippers that I can see beating lakers if everything falls In line for them !

  5. GoLandCrabs

    I still can’t believe “let’s pay Marcus Morris 18 million a season until he is 34” came into the Clippers GM’s head.

      • GoLandCrabs

        You’re right. His salary goes up per year and maxes out at 17 in the final year. Still a terrible contract. Will be traded in bad contract exchanges by year 3.

      • Noel1982

        He use to be a lot better then Marcus but he became washed up and Marcus is the same as every just slightly above average! Markeiff is replacement level now

  6. Simmons>Russ

    How about

    Ivan Zubac and Luke Kennard for Trevor Ariza and George Hill.

    Then Pat Beverly, Kabengele and a second round pick for James Johnson and Jaylen Brunson.

    1. Hill. Brunson. Jackson
    2. PG. Lou Will
    3. Kawhi. Ariza. Batum
    4. Morris. Johnson
    5. Ibaka. Oturu

    Then after the season in a loaded FA class you’ll have Johnson, Ariza and Lou Wills expiring contracts to use to bring in more talent.
    You adresss your point guard issues bringing in two fresh faces and you also have some solid depth again off the bench.

    Thunder defiantly make the deal in order to get young talent and Mavs should do the deal cause defensively they could add a dog like Beverly who would compliment Doncic well in the backcourt and it gets them a future pick and Kabengele a possible project

  7. KnickerbockerAl

    Clippers can move Beverley. It will be best move this yr. Hill is someone they should be looking at. Knicks Smith Jr is available. I’ll take Williams for him. By TD Clippers will pickup a PG. Rose would look good on this team.

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