Sixers Notes: OKC Trade, Maxey, Scott, Harden

Nearly three weeks after first agreeing to terms, the Sixers were finally able to complete their six-player trade with the Thunder today, acquiring Danny Green, Terrance Ferguson, and Vincent Poirier in the deal.

According to Derek Bodner of The Athletic (Twitter link), one minor aspect of the deal was previously unreported, as the 76ers sent $2MM in cash to Oklahoma City to complete the move. That amount will count toward the $5.617MM limit that Philadelphia can sent out in trades over the course of the 2020/21 league year.

Here’s more out of Philadelphia:

  • Tyrese Maxey and Mike Scott received clearance to participate in non-contact drills today and are expected to join the team’s group workouts on Wednesday, tweets Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer. Maxey and Scott had to clear the NBA’s coronavirus protocols after registering positive tests.
  • Addressing the James Harden trade rumors connecting the Sixers to the Rockets star, head coach Doc Rivers said he’s making it clear to his players that those rumors aren’t coming from Philadelphia’s side (Twitter link via Pompey). You know, as long as you don’t hear them from us, you should be very comfortable,” Rivers said. “We like our team, man. I tell you, that team I just watched out there (at practice) is really special.”
  • Rivers’ comments were in response to a report that said Harden has indicated to Houston that he’d be open to a trade to Philadelphia. In an Insider-only story, ESPN’s Bobby Marks explores which teams could realistically make a play for Harden, noting that any 76ers offer would almost certainly have to start with Ben Simmons.
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31 thoughts on “Sixers Notes: OKC Trade, Maxey, Scott, Harden

    • PhillyPhan69

      Lol stop being Silly (pun intended)! Sixers are not giving up Simmons!

      I could go Tobias 2021/23 firsts 22/24 pick swaps and perhaps Maxey/Thybulle/and/or Milton…anything more and I wouldn’t even talk.

      Personally I like our team and would wait till the deadline to see if our pieces are fitting right before trading anyone. I like Harden but I question the fit with Him/Ben/Joel…I don’t think we need him…but you don’t close the door on that level of player without looking and talking.

        • PhillyPhan69

          Probably not….but if the rumors coming out of Houston are true (not convinced myself or to what degree), but if things are as bad as they say Houston has little leverage. The sixers are not looking to dump players (Jo/Ben), so we would have the better position of leverage and IMO the better GM

          • jjd002

            Until Harden has one year left on his deal the Rockets hold all the leverage. They don’t have to trade him just to appease him. The rockets need to at least get $.96 to a dollar because I’m not sure it’s possible to get dollar for dollar on a player like Harden.

      • mcmillankmm

        Lol Tobias as a headliner for Eric Gordon is more reasonable than for Harden

    • harden (mvp),wall, and wood

      Harden is worth way more than Simmons.

      Two first round picks doesn’t even come close.

    • PhillyPhan69

      Doubtful that either guy wants that trade…unless they are both open to it no one will trade for a guy who does not plan on fitting into long term plans.

  1. Sillivan

    With Harden
    Rockets fans view 76ers first round picks and swap have little value

    Third team needs to help

  2. Boston trade for Harden and Eric Gordon in exchange for Jaylen Brown and kamba Walker + 2025 first round pick + 2 more first rounds picks from 2023 and 2024

  3. JimmyTheC

    Harden seems to not understand the concepts of free agency:
    1) He signed a contract. He’s still two years away from picking another team.
    2) Just because he wants to play for a specific team does not mean he gets to force his way onto it.

    • PhillyPhan69

      Why not? You are fine with a team that signs a player and then trades them without consent…are you fine with a team leveraging themselves but not a player? In this era a superstar can often times dictate their way out of a situation. Not sure why this bothers you? It seems to be the new normal.

      • takeitback

        I think he means if the Rockets decide to trade him to Indiana, their is nothing Harden can do about it.

        • PhillyPhan69

          No…but why would Indiana (or any team) trade for a guy who does not 1. Want to be there and 2 has no interest in staying there. The market is small of places where he wants to go…so their options are limited or they can just keep a disgruntled player…either way it seems Houston is in for a long season

      • Chromimw

        Jimmy Butler shut that theory down 2 years ago LOL… It’s a superstar’s league. Players have just as much leverage, no matter how much people want to think they don’t. And the league wants star players in big markets. If he wants out bad enough, he could make it real uncomfortable and force Houston’s hand.

  4. DynamiteAdams

    Harden needs to drop his stock a bit. The Rockets are asking for more then anyone is comfortable.

    • harden (mvp),wall, and wood

      Harden can’t help that his stock is so ridiculously high after averaging more than 30 PPG in each of the last two seasons. It’s not his fault that he is already one of the greatest players in the history of the sport.

      • x%sure

        Why are you hanging on to a player that wants to screw your team. He may not even be top ten 2020. Offense-only, cannot adjust, malcontent.

  5. phillyballers

    Let’s say the Nets have already made the offer headlined by LaVert and Dinwiddie. Houston hasn’t budged. Sixers are not giving up Ben Simmons. So the Rockets will go into the season and the asking price will come down. Matching 41M and not blowing up your team completely is a tall task for a contender. Sixers stance should start and end with Harris, no reason to that. Rockets are the one with a dwindling asset.

  6. Duke4life

    Y, so he can take all the shots , THAT BOAT HAS BEEN FLOATED , that MAN is a locker room NIGHTMARE.

  7. phillyballers

    Maybe focus on another stretch 4? In-season trade… Bradley + Ferguson and 2 2nds for Bjelica?

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