Southeast Notes: Fournier, Gordon, Anthony, Adebayo, Westbrook

The rookie scale extensions handed to Markelle Fultz and Jonathan Isaac could impact the futures of Evan Fournier and Aaron Gordon with the Magic, Josh Robbins of The Athletic opines. Fournier is entering his walk year and with the money expended on Fultz and Isaac, it would be tough for the club to re-sign Fournier and remain under the luxury tax, Robbins notes. Gordon and Isaac are best suited as power forwards, so when Isaac returns from his knee injury after this season, Gordon is likely to be dealt, Robbins adds.

We have more from the Southeast Division:

  • In a separate piece, Robbins examines how various players on the Magic saw their stock drop or fall during training camp. Notably, rookies Cole Anthony and Chuma Okeke saw their stock rise as members of the second unit in preseason games.
  • The Heat locked up Bam Adebayo with a five-year max extension last month. The big money won’t make Adebayo stop looking for ways to improve his game, Anthony Chiang of the Miami Herald writes. “Just because I got money doesn’t mean that I got complacent,” Adebayo said.
  • There’s a feeling of familiarity for Russell Westbrook with the Wizards, starting with his former coach with the Thunder, Scott Brooks, Michael Lee of The Washington Post writes. Westbrook is seeking a comfort zone while playing for his third organization in as many seasons. “Really, it’s just being at peace,” Donnell Beverly, Westbrook’s business partner, told Lee. “I don’t think that’s where he’s been the last few years. I don’t think he’s been at peace.”
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13 thoughts on “Southeast Notes: Fournier, Gordon, Anthony, Adebayo, Westbrook

  1. KnickerbockerAl

    Anthony has looked good to me. Magic will have no problem moving Gordon and Fournier. Remember great draft next yr. I would just play young guys and get picks and a lottery pick. I’d say even late lottery pick you will find a starter.

  2. Jeff Zanghi

    If the Magic aren’t planning on resigning Fournier then they should at least try to get something for him during the season this year — it would be a waste for them to just let him walk.

    • Magic 24/7

      The Magic have the capacity to re-sign Fournier if both sides want to.

      They can get to $21.7m pretty pain free by just stretching Aminu’s final year. That’s without any trades:

      link to

      If they’re not getting good offers for him and/or they are having good season with playoff run looking likely, they don’t have to trade him…especially if re-sign a possibility.

  3. harden (mvp),wall, and wood

    How long before Westbrook demands another trade for the 3rd year in a row?

    • piechucker

      I’m not sure if Westbrook demanded a trade out of OKC… I do know he left on good terms and they gave him a video tribute which the OKC fans applauded. From memory the trade happened because a week earlier OKC got a mother load for trading PG13 with 1 year left on his contact (they assumed he’d turn down his last season option and bolt for an LA team) so then your boy Harden demanded Westbrook be traded to the Rockets because he was sick of CP3 – so Morey (the Rockets GM) had to do what Harden wanted and overpaid for Westbrook.
      While I can’t be sure that’s how it played out, I can be certain that you said the Rockets (least passes per game and no mid range shots) played the same offence as the Warriors (most passes per game and relatively high number mid range shots). Hahaha still makes me laugh every time I see a post of yours

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Never demanded a trade. They only run from Harden. I’ll take Westbrook now. If I ran Knicks. Not overpaying for anyone though.

        • phillyballers

          Knicks have no clue what they are doing. Could have been a trade or salary dump partner for several years, barely taking advantage of the fact no one was signing there due to delusional GMs.

      • Lionel Muggeridge

        Should he include Fatty before Harden? Have you seen what James looks like?

    • hiflew

      Why not just change your name to “Hardcore Rockets Fan” because you are clearly only rooting for the uniform, not the players. As soon as they leave, you turn on them. You did it with Chris Paul, now you are doing it with Westbrook, and you will soon do it with James Harden.

    • Lionel Muggeridge

      Your team ain’t looking too good at the moment genius. Chubby James is destroying his career and thrown his team into turmoil.

  4. George and Durant had no problem with Westbrook. Harden is the poison if you can’t believe play with Chris Paul you can’t play with anyone. The Suns will make the playoffs as long as Paul is healthy. He has Booker now to take the shot with game in line and not choke Harden.

    • K2rhere1

      Hated to loose CP3 but I know he will help the dynamics of the Suns. They have a good core of players and wouldn’t be surprised if Booker doesn’t make it to the All-Star game this year. Harden? He is a cancer, an oxygen thief. Hope no one wants him.

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