Bogdan Bogdanovic Suffers Fractured Knee

Hawks guard Bogdan Bogdanovic has sustained an avulsion fracture in his right knee, along with associated soft tissue inflammation and a bone bruise, the team announced in a press release. The fourth-year guard underwent an MRI earlier today.

Bogdanovic suffered the injury during the second quarter of Saturday’s game against Charlotte, later being listed as “doubtful” to return. He was ruled out a short time later.

While a recovery timeline for Bogdanovic has yet to be announced, an extended absence seems likely. His treatment plan will be reviewed and updated later this week, the team said.

Bogdanovic, 28, has averaged 9.9 points, 3.8 rebounds and 23.7 minutes per game this season, shooting 38.5% from the floor and 36% from deep in nine contests. He signed a four-year, $72MM offer sheet to join the Hawks in free agency after spending his first three seasons with Sacramento.

One of several veteran free agents signed by Atlanta in the fall, Bogdanovic has now joined most of his fellow newcomers on the injury list. Kris Dunn (ankle), Danilo Gallinari (ankle), and Rajon Rondo (knee) are also out.

Atlanta has upcoming games scheduled against the Sixers on Monday and Suns on Wednesday. The team currently holds a 4-5 record through nine contests, having dropped four straight games.

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15 thoughts on “Bogdan Bogdanovic Suffers Fractured Knee

    • Black Ace57

      So what crystal ball should the Hawks front office have used to predict this would happen.

        • He said the signing gets worse and worse, he did not say the hawks franchise is satan because of it, black ace is a sensitive boy

    • bdpecore

      What are you talking about, LaMelo tried reaching around for the ball but never made contact with Bogdan who simply tripped up himself. Anyone who ever players basketball knows this is a common defensive move.

  1. arthur blank_for owner

    Sooooooo literally every single off-season acquisition is injured?…Perfect, sounds about right for all things Atlanta Sports smh…

  2. Real injury, but not one that will necessarily cost him the season. BB is a real good 2 way player; I don’t consider his contract excessive, and relative to some other RFA contracts/offer sheets, a bargain. Based on their personnel and how he’s been used to date, I don’t think the Hawks are a good spot for him.

    • kingsforever 2

      Two way player? Sorry but his defense is not good. He has long arms but that’s not enough for a good defense. Trae and Bodan are a good shooting backcourt with terrible defense

      • Wrong on BB. At least every metric and optic (of those who know the game) says it’s wrong, and not a close call. Though, any player with TY will be a terrible defensive backcourt.

        • kingsforever 2

          I have watched all games from Bogi by the Kings. He was a target for every teams thats attacking the basket. Bogi have talent and IQ but his atlethic is a problem

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    This NBA season just keeps injuries going. I looked it up. It says if no surgery is needed. It can heal 8-10 wks. Be thankful he didn’t tear a ligament. Rest and rehab I guess. Isn’t Gallinari also out ? Hawks suppose to have depth this yr. That will be put to the test. Get well Bogy.

  4. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    It is possible that Atlanta is NOT 4-5 through 11 contests…

  5. giannisandyelich123

    I wouldn’t wish anything bad on him but it’s not I’m glad it’s not the Milwaukee bucks Bogdan bogdonovic that got hurt

  6. hoopsaremylife

    well gallinari is also out which puts da hawks in even more jeopardy of making da playoffs.

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