Hawks Sign Bogdanovic To Offer Sheet; Kings Leaning Toward Not Matching

NOVEMBER 24, 7:05pm: The Kings are still discussing whether to match Atlanta’s offer sheet but are leaning strongly towards not matching, Amick tweets.

NOVEMBER 22, 12:11pm: The Hawks have sent Bogdanovic’s signed offer sheet to the Kings, who will now have until Tuesday night to decide whether or not to match it, reports Amick (Twitter link).

The deal includes a fourth-year player option and a 15% trade kicker, tweets Marc Stein of The New York Times. That trade kicker is structured so that the team trading away Bogdanovic while he’s on this contract would have to pay the bonus, Stein adds (via Twitter).

NOVEMBER 22, 11:17am: The Hawks are submitting an offer sheet for Kings restricted free agent swingman Bogdan Bogdanovic, according to Sam Amick of The Athletic (Twitter link). Emiliano Carchia of Sportando first reported on Friday that Atlanta was expected to sign Bogdanovic to an offer sheet.

The deal will be worth $72MM over four years, according to Chris Kirschner of The Athletic (Twitter link). That’s the exact price we’d heard connected to Bogdanovic for the last several days.

Once Bogdanovic officially signs the offer sheet, the Kings will have two days to make a decision on whether or not to match it. As Amick notes (via Twitter), the Hawks likely wouldn’t be prepared to move forward on the offer sheet unless they felt pretty confident about its chances of not being matched.

Earlier this week, it appeared that Bogdanovic would join the Bucks in a sign-and-trade agreement that packaged him and Justin James to Milwaukee for Donte DiVincenzo, D.J. Wilson, and Ersan Ilyasova. However, a couple days after it was first reported, that deal fell apart amid rumors that Bogdanovic himself hadn’t agree to sign with Milwaukee.

Since word of the deal broke several days before free agency opened, there was speculation that the NBA may have intervened due to perceived tampering and/or circumvention. That hasn’t been confirmed at all, though the league did open an investigation into the situation.

The Bucks ultimately moved on from their pursuit of Bogdanovic, opening the door for the Hawks – one of the few teams with significant cap room – to make a run at him. Atlanta has already had a successful free agency period, having struck deals with Danilo Gallinari, Rajon Rondo, and Kris Dunn. If they can land Bogdanovic, it would represent another upgrade on a core that already features Trae Young, John Collins, and Clint Capela.

While there’s still a chance the Kings could match the Hawks’ offer so as not to lose a key asset for nothing, the team may have tipped its hand when its reported agreement with the Bucks broke. That deal was a signal that Sacramento wasn’t necessarily intent on retaining the RFA swingman, who would add another expensive multiyear contract to a cap sheet that already features pricey long-term deals for Harrison Barnes, Buddy Hield, and – starting in 2021/22 – De’Aaron Fox.

After their deal with the Bucks was scuttled, the Kings reportedly explored other sign-and-trade scenarios involving Bogdanovic, with the Lakers and Pacers among the teams believed to have interest. However, any deal would’ve come with cap- and compensation-related challenges, whereas Atlanta had the flexibility to simply sign Bogdanovic outright to an offer sheet.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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43 thoughts on “Hawks Sign Bogdanovic To Offer Sheet; Kings Leaning Toward Not Matching

  1. OrienGreene

    Atlanta is seriously working it this offseason. Looking like the 6 seed in the east.

  2. Sillivan

    It could be 4 year 76 million starting at 22mm

    Take Lakers or All hard cap teams out

  3. Sillivan

    Pacers could offer Lamb and McDermott
    It does not make Kings better
    Kings would take Oladipo

  4. Dxit90a

    Atlanta looking like an interesting team. Might surprise a couple of teams in the playoffs .

    • Tatsumaki

      I don’t think trae young will ever be a superstar. Horrible defender and small. Someone on YouTube did a break down of his game and why he and John Collins have good stats but can’t seem to win and how this impacts there development as players. Hard to believe the hawks passed on doncic for young and reddish

      • Col. Sanders

        They should add more defense to the roster. They already have good fire power (Young, Gallo, Collins) but D is lacking. Besides Rondo’s perimeter D & Capela’s rim protection they don’t have much and that may not be enough even for P.

        • Wayway 2

          Did you not notice Reddish or Hunter guarding opposing teams top scorers all season, as rookies no less. Reddish has All NBA Defense in his near future.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        YouTube ???? Hahaha. Ha hahahahaha haha
        Haha haha hahaha hahaha ha someone haha
        HaHahahaha HHA ha breath gagahahha Haha
        Bbrrrrhhhaaaaaa haha haha. Ha
        Ha. Ha ok
        Oh that woke me up. Learn how to shoot yet lol. I hear TikTok got good tutorials …..
        Now we know why The Muchi rants here

        Ha ha ha ha Hahahaha Haha haha ha Ha Ha

        Real scouts said that about Curry. Too slow no real handle. Too small to play SG. Tre is a better ast guy. He got handle and is a better scorer at a younger age. Where it took Curry yrs to learn NBA and get better. And he did get a handle. Learned to play D. Even got quicker cause of high IQ. That’s what real athletes do FanBoy. Young has that hunger and drive. Yeah his D is not there yet. The teams D is not there yet. They all can get better team D. Young still getting better. And yes I take Luka over Tre. But Cam can also become an all star SF. I’d say the trade is still working.
        Rookie yr Curry 21 yrs old. 36 mins a gm.
        17.5 Pts, 5.9 ast, 3.0 Tov, 1.9 stl. 4.5 reb
        Second year ——— 33.6 mins gm.
        18.6 Pts, 5.8 ast, 3.1 Tov, 1.5 stl, 3.9 reb
        Warriors record Currys first 3 yrs.
        2009-10, 26 – 56
        2010-11, 36 – 46
        2011-12, 23 – 43
        Currys 4th yr Warriors finally 47 – 35.

        Tre Young rookie yr 20 yrs old. 30.9 mins gm.
        19.1 Pts, 8.1 ast, 3.8 Tov, 1.0 stl, 3.7 reb
        Second year ——— 35.3 mins gm.
        29.6 Pts, 9.3 ast, 4.8 Tov, 1.1 stl, 4.3 reb
        Hawks record Young first 2 yrs.
        2018-19, 29 – 53
        2019-20, 20 – 47

        Curry didn’t score 20 till 4th yr. And only once in his career has he avg more than Young’s (29.6) 2nd yr avg. And Curry did that (30.1) in his 7th yr. Both considered small guards who can shoot. You really don’t know ball lol. You’re a child.
        As you can see players get better. Very few show their true selfs in first 3 yrs. only FanBoys swallow hype. Don’t worry Muchi I am here to school Ya.
        And now Hawks ready to take next step as a playoff team. So now we will all see more development. Learn the game and show respect. You only out yourself with unintelligent rants.

      • DrSeuss69

        alot of PG dont play defense…Hawks just need to build guys who play defense around him like Warriors with Klay/Draymond

      • Wayway 2

        Stop stop
        He is already a Superstar but people like you hate on him, especially in comparison to Doncic.
        Doncic came into a better situation with supporting cast at Dallas in terms of talent and experience, then in year 2 also had a healthier supporting class.
        Trae has dealt with youngest “core players that get minutes “team in league for 2 years now. If you look at numbers between Doncic and trae they’re eerily similar (considering positions and Doncic being bigger as well). For all Traes turnovers Doncic does just as much. Hawks with now much much more experience will probably be a top 5 seed in East and could make a decent playoff run. Cam Reddish is being severely underestimated after the great last 2-3 months of his rookie year

  5. Kings should match, and worry about the depth chart later. There’s plenty of interest around the league for this player.

  6. JBHoops

    Rather limits the minutes for Reddish. Guess he’s the biggest lover in all this. Looked like he was ready for a starter role in March there and now he’ll be blocked for at least a year. Maybe Collins is a trade candidate in 2021?

  7. Dunkinstompin

    Hawks will be fine if Tray doesn’t jack up half court 3’s and play less selfish basketball!

  8. Sillivan

    If Lakers get Bogdanovic, Lakers need to add 11m trade kicker to hard cap payroll
    Which means Lakers would lose Harrell

  9. Hawks likely outthought themselves on trade kicker. If you want to make it more difficult to trade the contract, you make a receiving team (which might be hard capped or deep into the luxury tax) pay the kicker.

    • brewpackbuckbadg

      But this will allow them to trade him later if they need to do so. Could just be covering their own butts.

  10. siggers84

    Shame for Sacramento they can’t keep him. When will they ever make the playoffs again.

  11. Kings should match the Offer. If anything they can use him as a Trading Chip at the Trade Deadline, if he does Not fit into their Future Plans. The Kings better do something in Free Agency. They haven’t done anything as of yet and All the good Players are Vanishing quickly !! We need a Back Up Center or Convert Bagley into a Center and then go out and Get a Back Up PF !!

  12. KnickerbockerAl

    Always believed Kings would keep Bogd and move Buddy. Considering the rumors Buddy was unhappy. He wanted out. Tells you can’t believe the hype. Personally I think Bogd is a better mix for team and Fox at SG. And thought they could get more for Buddy. Kings have really messed this up. Best for them to match and do sign n trade. With best deal out there. They will own his rights. Now that they see he is a wanted player. Makes you think they made deal with Bucks. Then found out he was wanted. So outed the Bucks to NBA to kill the deal. Now they can just rewind and redo. I’m surprised Knicks didn’t make an offer. Like Bogdanovic game.

  13. hiflew

    I know everyone is lauding the Hawks, but how many guards do they need? They already had Trae Young and Kevin Huerter and added Rondo, Dunn, and potentially Bogdanovic. Plus you can probably consider Reddish a guard too. I guess it really isn’t that many, but it seems like a lot of bigger veteran names for their third string that usually consists of rookie free agents and such.

  14. giannisandyelich123

    He’s good but that’s a lot for him. I’m glad the bucks trade didn’t happen

  15. cwr_12

    He will help the team tremendously with his ability to shoot behind the arc. He is also a decent playmaker. Although the hawks are in complete rebuild they are going to be a nice team to watch play in the future . You have an elite shooter and playmaker in trae young and you have a big man that is an elite rebounder decent shooter and good defender in John Collins they will be real good in a couple of years

    • king beas

      There’s going to be no money to extend Collins now I don’t get the Gallinari signing. This was already a good offensive team so they signed a player in his 30s who doesn’t play defense?

  16. Very Barry

    De’Aaron Fox and Bogdanovich just got like $250 million between the two of them even though Sacramento was among the 5 worst teams in the NBA yet again. When did Bogdanovich become this elite offensive talent?

  17. Sillivan

    Kings were 2 years behind
    Now Kings can target 2024 to make playoffs

    Hope Kings can do sign and trade so they can have TPE

  18. KnickerbockerAl

    Gotta give Hawks credit. They are going for it. They are derp and young. Great pick in Okongwu. Not they just got to show us. Time to play for real.

  19. Very Barry

    Everybody is raving about all these moves Atlanta just made. Yet it is all to cover the glaring error in trading away Luka Doncic for Trae Young and Cam Reddish. Nobody in the NBA would make that swap right now. Even if you added DeAndre Hunter, Clint Capela and Kevin Huerter you still don’t make that swap. Doncic is a boba-fide, playoff proven offensive talent who only needs to be surrounded by shooters. Dallas wins with or without Porzingis. Seth Curry, Tim Hardaway and Trey Burke all posted career-high 3-point shooting percentages last year with Doncic. Trae Young in the playoffs will not end well on either end of the floor.

  20. phillyballers

    Buddy > Bogdan. But the Kings are no where near contention and probably should look at dealing Buddy for future assets. They can always do the same with Bogdan, or keep him at what likely will be a discount at the time of his 3rd and 4th year to a similar player in FA.

  21. DeathbyDeathwest

    Quick, anyone wanna trade for Bogdan on a matched contract right quick? Accepting offers til the deadline.

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