Cavaliers Notes: Allen, Prince, Drummond, McGee, Porter Jr.

The acquisitions of Jarrett Allen and Taurean Prince from the Nets in the multi-trade trade that sent James Harden to Brooklyn accelerated the Cavaliers’ rebuild, Kelsey Russo of The Athletic writes. Acquiring Allen, a restricted free agency, gives the Cavs a long-term answer in the middle if they re-sign him. Prince provides the team with a 3-and-D wing who could also see minutes at power forward.

We have more on the Cavaliers:

  • Once Allen is in uniform, coach J.B. Bickerstaff will have a pleasant dilemma of finding time at center for him as well as Andre Drummond and JaVale McGee, Chris Fedor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer notes. However, that dilemma may not stretch beyond March’s trade deadline. According to Fedor, shortly after the blockbuster trade, the team received calls on Drummond and McGee, both of whom will be unrestricted free agents after the season. Drummond erupted for 33 points and 23 rebounds against the Knicks on Friday.
  • Second-year swingman Kevin Porter Jr. rejoined his teammates on the bench for the first time this season on Friday, according to Fedor. Porter hasn’t played or practiced since the season started due to personal reasons. In November, he was arrested after flipping his Mercedes SUV. He was charged with improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle, a felony, in addition to misdemeanors for driving without a license and marijuana possession. All charges were dropped in December by a grand jury.
  • After facing the Knicks on Friday, the Cavaliers don’t play again until they host the Nets on Wednesday. Their two games in-between against the Wizards were postponed due to COVID-19 issues within Washington’s team.
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35 thoughts on “Cavaliers Notes: Allen, Prince, Drummond, McGee, Porter Jr.

  1. Sillivan

    Drummond 33 pts and 23 Rebs vs Knicks

    Drummond is diamond and dinosaur

    • Sillivan

      Drummond has 43 times of 20 and 20
      Most big men can’t do 5 times

      He is the first one to have 30 and 20 since 2014

  2. wagner13

    Cavs should sell high on Drummond. His box score statistics look pretty, but he’s an extremely primitive and inefficient player. He congests the offense and doesn’t help spacing. There’s a reason Detroit got practically nothing for him on the deadline. Ask brownscavsr4me: he put together a great analysis of Drummond’s “true” profile the other day

    • Theone23

      If you know that about Andre, then I’m sure the other 29 teams do as well. Like you said, theres a reason the most Detroit could muster up for Drummond was a couple of protected 2nds. Add in the fact that Drummond’s $28 million dollar salary is hard to match for trade purposes, and I don’t think anyone is kicking down Cleveland’s door to get themselves some Andre Drummond. Tonight’s boxscore is fooling nobody.

      • wagner13

        You’re absolutely right. I was just throwing it out there in case some front office was foolish or desperate enough for size

      • Dorothy_Mantooth

        Boston with its $28M trade exception matches up perfectly here. They are probably the only team that makes sense for him.

        • Curtisrowe

          They don’t make sense though. They have Thompson, Theis and Rob Williams has been playing great.

          • KnickerbockerAl

            For a Title run you need all hands on deck. Drummond fits the Bill. At TD it will cost them 10 mill and a late first rd pick or less. I pay that to get to Finals. He could even resign for reasonable money. Point is there is no other player that gives Celtics that possibility. Jalen and Tatum become much more dangerous. Plus Drummond will be motivated like never before. A title and new contract. I do it

        • Luke Adams

          The Celtics can acquire up to $28,600,000 using the trade exception and Drummond is making $28,751,774, so it actually wouldn’t do them any good if they wanted to trade for him.

          • KnickerbockerAl

            Really 150K. So the rumors about Drummond to Celtics. Means it would have be for players. I guess then they would have to hope he gets bought out. Which I doubt. Well Their biggest need is a C. I guess then it will have to be another way. Thanks

    • brownscavsr4me

      Yeah couldn’t have said it better myself. While I’m happy he was really solid against the Knicks and made some big plays that led to the win, there were only 7 players that played (he played 39 min) and thus there wasn’t really a player rotation. Problem is, once Sexton, Garland, Porter, Windler, Love, Prince, and Allen are able to play, he will still try to have the same usage he is used to which will take away from the team.

      He’s like a bigger puzzle-piece from a 100 piece set trying to fill a smaller missing hole from a 200 piece puzzle. He’s too big a piece to really fit in anywhere. That’s probably a bad and cheesy analogy but I’m sure you get my point…good player, bad fit (for most teams too)

  3. Dorothy_Mantooth

    Drummond is going to Boston. Boston will use its huge trade exception from the Hayward deal and will send a couple of cheap young players to Cleveland along with a couple of draft picks. Boston will be a force to be reckoned with after acquiring Drummond

    • Curtisrowe

      He definitely isn’t. Boston needs wing depth and scoring off the bench.

    • x%sure

      Boston has more ability to make him disciplined and efficient. He probably does not respect DET or CLE or at least, has already “done that”.

      In theory, CLE could be reasonably able to move him from first to third string based on whether he appears to be just stat-padding, but NBA teams do not often do that— absent a playoff race, which due to mad injuries the Cavs cannot promise.
      HC Bickerstaff has choices… just has to pick one!

  4. formerlyz

    Cleveland definitely improved in areas of significant need. I’m interested to see what they decide to do moving forward with certain guys.

    Garland, Okoro, Porter, Prince, Allen
    Sexton, Cedi Osman, Nance, Kevin Love, Windler

    thats a much stronger building block than it was a few months ago

  5. Very Barry

    Andre Drummond has improved a good deal that past few seasons. He posts solid assist numbers for a big while dominating with his rebounding and still ranking among the NBA leaders in blocks and steals. He can’t shoot free throws and turns the ball over, but he can help some teams. He is a great fit in Boston with their perimeter guys. He doesn’t need any touches because he creates 15 touches by himself with his rebounding. I can also see Atlanta. Trae Young is struggling in a big way right now and he is having issues with John Collins. Collins and Drummond will both be free agents. Collins fits nicely next to Jarrett Allen in Cleveland, and they will pay him since Atlanta didn’t. Drummond and Trae Young tried to hook up last year at the deadline in a Pistons deal. Drummond wanted to test free agency, so deal didn’t get done. Drummond is a better fit than Trae and is better than Capela.

  6. phillyballers

    Drummond was built for the 80s, 90s or early 00s. He will probably finish Top-50 in total rebounds, Top-10 in RPG. He has always just been an above average defender. He gets dominated by other centers tho. So imo he can’t every be in conversations that involve Dwight or Rodman. He’s basically a very good rebounder and a better offensive player than DeAndre Jordan. Not a great shot blocker tho.

    If you’re the Cavs, yes you trade Drummond for whatever you can get. And you simply match Allen’s offersheet. Theres probably another 3 or 4 team trade out there that they’ll be part of I’m sure of it.

      • x%sure

        Drummond, Howard, & Rodman belong in a group of great, not just good, rebounders. Drummond is the best active; statistically by a margin.

  7. phillyballers

    Drummond for a 1st Powell, McCaw, Baynes, and Johnson might make sense for Toronto if they are in the playoff mix by the deadline.

  8. KnickerbockerAl

    Most fans get carried away with the so called new NBA. There’s nothing new about it. Thing is most of you don’t know your history. Or think analytics wins games. Or think your phone can drive for you. Shooting has been around since Celtics Auerbach teams. Just wasn’t as prevalent as it is now. Most great shooters weren’t athletic enough. Couldn’t keep up or defend. Today shooting is a skill most will develop. So there is more of it. Reason is ever since the new defense rules came in. It made it easier for shooters to shoot. And yes the shooting has evolved. They will put it up from further if not guarded. That’s new but only cause D is not stretched. They will stretch it come playoffs or big gms. When the game is stretched it opens up the floor. For playmakers and players who can get their shots. What we forget is Bigs can also get theirs. When the gm Is stretched it puts a big, one on one on post. And a guy like Drummond is very hard to guard then. Not only can he score and put pressure on paint. He can get his own reb or reb and keep pressure on D. Especially if you go small like so many teams do. It’s still a chess gm when there are good gms. There are just more pieces today. The trick is knowing how to use them. I just love this game. And I’m old enough to appreciate its history. With all this so called shooting today. You’d think someone would use and inside (Drummond) outside game (Tatum, Kemba, Jalen, Smart, Nesmith). To take advantage of two strengths. Someone here should always have a good look. Basketball has always been about high% shots. Good looks are high percentage shots. It’s why Kareem scored the most pts while shooting FG%.560. One of the main team offensive strengths has always been an inside outside gm. Today with better and more outside shooting. You would think that would work even better.

    • The problem is that Drummond isn’t offensively skilled enough to be effective on his own. You can’t run plays for him because he can’t run the pick-and-roll and has limited post-up game. He’s improved as a passer but still gets tunnel vision in the post.

      Watching every Cavs game this year, the offense is much better when someone like McGee is playing center. Less touches taken away from the guards who can actually create offense.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        He’s not Embiid but one on one or with a smaller defender. He should able to win that. Not saying he’s a force. Only that he fits the inside outside offensive scheme. Fact he’s a great reb also puts pressure on defense. Second shots or put backs. A guy like Embiid is better example for this offense. A productive big is still valuable if you use him right. Doesn’t mean he is max player.

    • formerlyz

      the game is still played inside out, but now its done through paint penetration, either with your guards, or off passing into the paint. in the playoffs, you still have to be able to get easy baskets in half court situations, and catching the ball closer to the basket, usually doing your work early on post ups, becomes a lot more important. Still, most teams dont play through their bigs b/c those guys dont have those back to the basket skills. Usually, you have 1 of your best 1 on 1 scorers, or 1 of your best playmakers in that position, preferably if they have a post up game. So that stuff is all still prevalent; it just happens at different positions, and in different ways than it used to, dumping it in to Shaq, while guys wait outside the 3 point line, and then reposting

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Yes you are right. But it seems with the floor more spaced cause of shooting. Yes you can penetrate more so you have playmakers and scorers. But a low post center should also have it easier. Especially if he’s a good passer, Jokic. If defenses are not stacking the middle. Then an offensive center should be able to take advantage. It’s not like you just have to go with more shooters. Like Lakers eating up Rockets in playoffs with AD and Bron on blocks. Embiid with shooters. I’d give any good offensively skilled center the upper hand one on one on the blocks. That should be a part of spacing the floor with shooters. You feel me. There was a time when they called Euro centers soft. Cause they were more skilled and played outside more. Today they are looking for that more skilled big. What’s the point of being 7’ if you are not going to use it.

        • formerlyz

          the thing is, you cant really play that slow of a pace in today’s game without an elite defense, and there are very few bigs that have that in their game. I actually think guys like Valanciunas are much more effective off the bench on certain teams b/c they can use more possessions in those units without taking too much away from the flow of the game…

          I look at guys like Whiteside, who is a black hole in the post, and a turnover machine. When you have ball stoppers in your offense, it makes it so much easier for modern NBA defenses to guard you, with their length, athleticism, and strength

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