Jeremy Lin To Play For Santa Cruz Warriors

As expected, Jeremy Lin will sign a G League contract and will suit up for the Santa Cruz Warriors during the upcoming NBAGL bubble season, reports Shams Charania of The Athletic (Twitter link).

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Word broke just before the start of the regular season in December that the Warriors were attempting to sign Lin to a non-guaranteed Exhibit 10 contract in order to make him an NBAGL affiliate player for Santa Cruz.

However, in order to sign an NBA contract, Lin – who spent last season in the Chinese Basketball Association – required a Letter of Clearance from FIBA. The Warriors were unable to get that letter in time to sign and waive Lin without paying a small portion of his regular season salary, which would’ve increased the team’s projected tax bill.

While it initially looked like the Warriors missed their chance to have Lin play for their G League affiliate, a rule tweak made by the NBA and NBAGL reopened that door. As Jonathan Givony of ESPN has reported, each G League team will be able to designate an “NBA Vet Selection” who has five or more years of NBA experience, and will be able to sign that player directly without navigating the league’s complicated waiver process.

Charania doesn’t explicitly say that the Warriors will make use of that rule to sign Lin, but it’s a safe bet they will. Otherwise, he’d have to enter the draft pool or post-draft waiver pool, giving other G League teams a chance to land him.

Earlier today, we passed along a list of notable former NBA players who will be eligible to be selected in the NBAGL’s draft on Monday — Charania (via Twitter) adds former No. 2 overall pick Michael Beasley to that list.

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31 thoughts on “Jeremy Lin To Play For Santa Cruz Warriors

  1. Reflect

    I only saw the first line “Jeremy Lin to play for Santa” and I was extremely confused.

  2. hoopsaremylife

    santa cruz warriors. yo lets go! linsanity is back but….. not in da nba……… hopefully da warriors consider getting rid of poole, mulder, or looney and give lin a chance

      • hoopsaremylife

        dude sucks big time??!! lmao he’d be an upgrade over trashy poole and da rest of da bench backcourt. dude’s way better than lonzo, fultz, beverly, and delly combined. and hes prob better than fred vanvleet. why? u have bias against him?

        • El Don

          When you rattle that list of players that are “worst” than Lin… man not worthy trying to speak to you… have a nice & happy life of ignorance!

          • hoopsaremylife

            wut list man why u pissed off. im being honest cuz u dont seem to understand about undrafted players finding a spot in the nba.

          • hoopsaremylife

            u have a nice and happy life or ignorance lol im pretty sure u basically call every nba current free agents trash even if some of them still have potential.

    • harden (mvp),wall, and wood

      So Lin is going to back up Wiseman instead of Looney? Great plan.

      • hoopsaremylife

        wow wut a great suggestion man. and da fact that it will be nice having boogie back up wood while shooting 29% from the field haha. im pretty sure even bruno is more efficient on that despite the fact that hes a 6’9 forward playing da 5. sorry to correct u but hes gunna back up curry.

  3. Marty McRae

    Finally the Warriors can add more veterans, they need high IQ guys like Lin out there.

    Having Lin, JaVale, Korver at the end of the Warriors bench = they’re taking out Lakers this season.

    • hoopsaremylife

      ok but that means they’d have ta minus three players. i dont think mcgee is inclined to leave cavs now tat he already has two rings and is prob gonna hang up his shoes within 5 years

      • Marty McRae

        To answer both:

        McGee is available under the Klay injury trade exemption, he takes Klay’s spot.

        Korver would be a direct add to replace Chriss.

        I don’t know what happens with Smailagic.

        I’m ok with waiving Mychal Mulder or Jordan Poole if they can’t be stashed in the G League. The Warriors don’t have time to be taking on long term project-types like them. They need the savvy veteran (GSW currently has none of those, Steph doesn’t count) Korver there in the last minute of every quarter to bomb 3’s when Steph gets triple teamed…see my reasoning?

        Every title winner has veterans on it, GSW has Steph and no one older. That needs to change.

        • harden (mvp),wall, and wood

          Gonna keep adding to their $173M payroll and $137M luxury tax bill? Spending like that turns billionaires into millionaires.

          • Howie415

            Lacob and Gruber didn’t get to be rich because they are stupid. I think they have a better understanding of their finances than you do.

          • Marty McRae

            You still don’t get it, do you?

            Some owners care about winning over everything.

            Repeat it, learn it, live it, love it.

    • Howie415

      You’re slow on the trigger there skippy. Korver is terrible defensively. He would never get off the bench. He is the opposite of what the Warriors are looking for.

      The DPE doesn’t make McGee available to the Warriors. He is signed to Cleveland. He is only available if Cleveland wants to trade him. I doubt that will happen. The only thing the DPE does is give the Warriors some Cap relief.

      • harden (mvp),wall, and wood

        McFly is slow on the trigger. Things will only get worse for his team.

      • Lionel Muggeridge

        Have you seen the warriors bench? Korver couldn’t be any worse than those guys and he’s a very reliable shooter still compared to that lot. Lin and Korver would help them a lot

        • Howie415

          Korver is on the wrong side of 40. The Warriors 2nd unit has been a strength. Lee is much better than Korver at this point. And, Korver can’t play defense. He would be useless.

      • Marty McRae


        The only slow one here is you, cowboi.

        Korver’s defense is fine, like I said he’s literally there to bomb 3’s in close games when Curry is double teamed (currently Mychal Mulder is doing this, poorly).

        I literally said “Having Lin, JaVale, Korver at the end of the Warriors bench” – you interpreted this “starting them and playing them everyday” – no, they get 10-20 mins per game, they are at THE END OF THE BENCH.

        “The DPE doesn’t make McGee available to the Warriors.” you are making ish up now. You typed nothing but nonsense. JaVale McGee is in his last year of his contract, ergo he is available on the trade exemption. No matter what you think, he is available for trading and would not be if GSW didn’t get the exemption. Bad faith argument much? Lack of brain power much? You literally created a world of lies to make your point. But then again, that’s what slow people do, huh?

        Being 39 is not “the wrong side of 40”, that would be age 48. Korver shot 42% from 3 from the Bucks LAST YEAR. The fact that YOU hate this, must mean its a great idea that will definitely lead the Warriors to the chip, haha. But then again, you, acting relentlessly in BAD FAITH because you are TROLLING AND HARRASSING ME, never once even read my post, did you? Just misinterpret to your hearts content, huh, troll?

        Do you and harden mvps and all the other GSW haters on this site get off on liking each others comments? Haaaa L

        • hoopsaremylife

          tbh wtf is a trade exemption? i heard of u mentioning a diabled player exemption but trade exemp hmmm idk

      • Marty McRae

        Yes, it would secure a GSW/LAL WCF, which is the best possible outcome of this season.

  4. tedtheodorelogan

    It’s pretty fun to go watch the first half of a Santa Cruz Warriors game in that big tent then go hit the bars downtown. Hopefully we will get the chance to do that this year.

  5. Lionel Muggeridge

    Once he gets in shape, he’d be good off the bench for the warriors. Him and Paschall would run riot.

  6. Howie415

    What trade exemption? Every player is available. But, why would a team trade a player? Why would Cleveland trade McGee?

    Korver has never been a good defender. The Warriors offense is generated by their defense. It is not Curry sitting beyond the arc hitting 3s.

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