Kings Exploring Trade Market For Nemanja Bjelica

The Kings explored the trade market for Nemanja Bjelica around the time of the draft and will likely to continue to find a way to move the veteran forward, Jason Anderson of the Sacramento Bee reports.

Bjelica’s playing time has dropped dramatically — he hasn’t seen court time since January 9 — due to the organization’s decision to develop its younger players and find core pieces to fit around the team’s star, De’Aaron Fox, Anderson adds.

Sacramento could have shed Bjelica’s $7.15MM salary in November but instead opted to guarantee the contract. He’ll be an unrestricted free agent after the season.

Bjelica, 32, had his best season as a pro in 2019/20, starting 67 of 72 games at power forward for the Kings. The veteran stretch four established new career highs in PPG (11.5), RPG (6.4), APG (2.8) and 3PT% (.419).

Coach Luke Walton said he has discussed the situation with Bjelica.

“It is a balancing act,” Walton said. “… You look at where the future of this team is going … We need them (the younger players) out there. We need them getting better, but at the same time we’re trying to win. There’s not an easy answer to that. It is a balancing act of getting the experience and that exposure.”

Marvin Bagley III, who missed a good chunk of last season due to injuries, has started regularly at the four. Chimezie Metu has received some backup minutes at the position and Walton has also used some smaller lineups.

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53 thoughts on “Kings Exploring Trade Market For Nemanja Bjelica

    • Sillivan

      Of course
      3 second round picks attached

      Why would Kings do it?
      Tank for Top 5 draft pick this summer

    • dubtastic

      idk about Whiteside..he’s a major depth piece at center..I think Luke needs to play him more..

  1. Marty McRae

    GSW and their $9.2 TPE are a fit.

    Still wild they haven’t officially replaced Klay.

    They intended to have both Oubre -and- Klay, remember.

      • Marty McRae

        They got the $9.2M Injured Player Exception after Klay went down, too. The goal was to have both Oubre and Klay. But sure “washington” keep schooling me about my own team SMH

      • Marty McRae

        Nope, wrong. They wanted Oubre AND Klay this season. The goal was to have both. They had the opening already, and THEN got the $9.2M exemption after Klay got hurt AND Oubre was traded for.

        Stop being wrong allll the time…..

        • Marty I love you but I think to be honest they would not have gone after Kelly oubre if Klay Thompson had not gotten hurt. It’s costing them like 60 million bucks on Oubr’s 18 million-dollar salary. There wouldn’t be any minutes for Kelly oubre if Thompson was healthy. Maybe I’m wrong and you heard different but I think that’s what’s up.

  2. acarneglia

    Bjelica and Whiteside for Rozier, Monk. Charlotte gets badly needed help at C over Biyombo and Zeller, as well as more floor spacing, which everyone needs.

      • Tatsumaki

        Yeah but then they could move hield to sixers for picks and Harris. Harris would give them a great floor spacer big something bagley will never be.

        • PhillyPhan69

          Lol, why would we want Buddy? Where will he play? Better moves for Philly out there if we want to, but Harris is playing solid right now and is better than buddy anyway

  3. bdpecore

    Bjelica would fit perfectly with the Bucks. They could use more front court depth behind Giannis, Lopez and Portis.

    • brewpackbuckbadg

      But what do they trade for him? What’s left? I think they want to keep DD.

    • x%sure

      It is possible that the Serbian has been been down because he was told he would play behind Bagley, who he betters, and so makes him care less. Even if he went to the Bucks as a backup, playing behind Giannis would not be so depressing… and Portis would be less likely to feel down about playing center minutes. Both would be more enthusiastic.

      Dario Saric, a PF that MIL did not go for, is having a decent year for PHX… minus9 in Ortg-Drtg but plus22 in on/off.
      Portis was a good pickup but their is little else behind the three bigs… ThanasisA is next.

      DJWilson plus ThanasisA, Bryn Forbes, or Tory Craig would match salaries for a NB trade. Too bad they reduced their stock of future firsts. Not sure that’s enough. Cona’ton came back, so Forbes & Craig is less needed. Augustin could match but a good backup PG is crucial.

  4. He should be easy to trade. Smart stretch 4 who can defend the position. Lots of contenders could use a guy like him off the bench.

  5. Cap & Crunch

    We need a stretch 4 ….

    Trade Bjelica…see what ya can get

    Oh SacTown , they need Luke Adams a whole lot more than Luke Walton thats for sure. They’d prolly be better with Luke Skywalker as well or even Luke Perry

  6. siggers84

    I think Bjelica put in a trade request because he’s sick of watching Bagley get his minutes when he’s clearly not good enough

  7. seamaholic

    32 year old stretch 4 who isn’t even playing at the moment and is on an expiring contract. This screams TPE (Boston, GS, Denver are some teams that have one that would fit him) so they’d get back a draft pick, maybe two.

  8. Simmons>Russ

    Tobias Harris and a second round pick for Harrison Barnes and Bjlica

    Then Terrance Ferguson, Mattise Thybulle and Vincent Poirier for PJ Tucker and Daniel House.

    1. Simmons. Milton
    2. Curry. Maxey. Joe
    3. Barnes. Green. House
    4. Tucker. Bjlica
    5. Embiid. Howard. Bradley

    Then no other moves are needed for the Sixers. Although these are only little moves if stay this puts them as a top 3 lock in the east.
    Embiid is playing like an MVP, you’ve got the shooters around Simmons and great defence with your new additions. Off the bench you have a great mix of young ballers and experienced vets. Plus more shooting and good defenders. Plus a good head coach.

    You could have an all defence 5 of Simmons Green Barnes Tucker Embiid that could still be solid floor spacers for Simmons.

    • PhillyPhan69

      Pass on Barnes…I would be interested in Bjelica on the right deal. + Harris has been balling. He played poor in game 1 but has been very good ever since.

      • Simmons>Russ

        Barnes is underrated. Harris has been balling your right but if you compare numbers there’s not much in it.

        Harris: 19.5-7-3
        Barnes: 16-6.5-3.5

        Barnes takes 5 less shots per game than Harris, he makes 12mil less per season, he’s also a much better defender, he can play SF or PF and he’s got playoff experience and a ring.

        Saving that cap space allows us to get Bjlica and then make the Tucker and House trade.

        • PhillyPhan69

          I disagree that he can play the 3 or 4…similar to Tobias on that front. Barnes is more of a small 4…and with this version of Ben (I am a supporter not a detractor) we need someone taking those 5 shots per game.

          Tucker has supposedly been tied to some 76er rumors…not sure how I feel about it? 35/36 y/o expiring deal (that’s a positive and a negative)…

          I do think Morey has at least one more move in him outside of signing guys who get cut late in the season…so I guess we will see. All things equal right now, I like our squad if we stay healthy…and that’s a big if lol

          • Simmons>Russ

            Barnes was a SF that’s moved into a small 4 role, but he can play either or. Whereas I think Tobias is a little less versatile, yes he can play the 3 a little but Barnes can do either or and is comfortable in both.
            As for those 5 extra shots, I think Tobias gets to many touches in the offence, taking the ball out of Simmons or Embiid hands. I’d rather Simmons either take more shots on his drives (which he does well) or kicked it out for our shooters. Harris a lot of the time doesn’t seem to suit the flow of the offence.

            As for Tucker, yes he’s old and on an expiring contract and his numbers aren’t great. But he’s a team player, he’s a great locker room piece, he’s a very good defender, he’s a corner specialist, he’s experienced and often makes the right decisions. He’s regarded as one of the leagues best corner shooters of all time.

            I’m looking at it from how the offence flows, you’ll have Tucker camped in 1 corner and another shooter in the other allowing Simmons and Embiid lots of space to operate and reliable shooters on the outsides. In the other corner you could have Barnes, Green, Curry, Milton, Maxey, House, Bjlica almost anyone on the roster which makes you harder to guard.

            • x%sure

              Nobody besides Divac wants Barnes. All these trade proposals with him over the years are ruined.

    • brian214

      Not a terrible idea if they’re looking to get out from under Tobi’s contract, but my god this man has new life being reunited with Rivers. Things are going pretty good right now, and Harris is a big reason for it. I hope they stay the course and make a run with this group. (Side note: if Wiz would entertain a Beal for Simmons + picks I’d be all for it)

      • Simmons>Russ

        Yeah I wouldn’t say make this trade right now. It’s just something they should be thinking. Harris is playing well but his numbers aren’t even that much greater than Barnes who is cheaper and a better defender.

        But also Harris is shooting 52-44-90 to start the year. I really doubt those marks will continue and when he starts missing more shots, and averaging less points then they should pull the trigger.

        For now let him stay, he’s balling out, building value and helping us win games but eventually he won’t be so hot and they need to move off him quickly.

    • You need to ease up a bit on the fantasy sports.

      Why is the bloody hell would the Sixers trade Harris right now?

  9. I find it funny when teams talk about going with youth, or pairing up young guys to grow together. It’s almost irrelevant because how often do guys spend more than two years or even three years with a team? Rosters change so much now that guys don’t get a chance to grow together much.

    I say keep him play him and try to win and worry about 2 years from now when it comes. If you trade the guy trade him to improve roster not because he’s 32. Half the roster will be different anyway next year. You don’t see Klay Thompson Steph Curry types staying together for 8 years much anymore. Lot more in the 80s Etc.., rosters are so fluid now.

    • Marty McRae

      Draymond been there 7 too, why cut him off?

      GSW is the best team in the league BECAUSE of this reason btw – they dont play matchmaker, you come to GSW if you want to play with Steph and win rings, period. No other team can say this.

    • Simmons>Russ

      Yeah but if you have a young superstar and don’t get him that young sidekick he may want to leave eventually.

      Curry Thompson Green worked, but look how Cavs didn’t get Bron someone at the start of his career so he teamed up with Wade and Bosh.
      Pelicans didn’t get AD a sidekick so he’s with the Lakers, Kevin Love didn’t get help with Minny so he left, PG didn’t get help in Indy so he left, Cousins didn’t get help in Sacremnto so he’s gone.
      Everyone thought the same about Booker before they got CP3 and started winning games. KAT just got himself Russell, but now you have Doncic and KP, Embiid has Simmons, Tatum and Brown, Jokic and Murray and so on.

      If you get a young superstar you need to get him a sidekick, someone good, near his age to develop with and grow that bond. Otherwise he will grow and eclipsed by himself and become fed up/to good or whether and leave.

      On the other side you have Beal who looks like he will leave the Wizards cause they didn’t get him the sidekick, SpidaMitchell who had been in rumours cause he didn’t like his sidekick, and so on

      • Northern Expansion 416

        Bing! I will never understand why teams don’t keep their stars happy, especially if said star makes the decision to remain for an extension…

    • the dude

      Hornets only have three guys that played elsewhere. Celtics too. Blazers 4. Rest have 5 or more.

      • Simmons and Dude you’re both right, but I just think it’s a poor excuse to want to trade a really good player.

  10. formerlyz

    I still cant comprehend why they wont use Woodard, with Bjelica not playing. Metu has potential. Has some Paul Millsap in there, but he is also still raw. Woodard would provide them with much needed defense at multiple positions, and they actually drafted him

  11. kingsforever 2

    Why Tobias Harris? Number one: Monte sayed he like flexibility by the cap situation and Harris have a big contract. Number two, Harris is a Pf and we have the project Bagley on this position. Belly to sixers mabye…. But belly and Robinson for Thybull and
    Scott is the better option.

  12. Northern Expansion 416

    Kings need to deal Barnes, Hield & Bjelicia…
    Those guys deserve to be on a playoff team, not a team that still has no plan even after having traded Cousins!

  13. Based on his output, he’s not getting PT because his shooting percentage is piss poor.

    Is he gonna suddenly recalibrate his shooting if he’s traded? Doubt it.

    He will get cut; no need to trade anything for him.

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