Marvin Bagley III Declines To Discuss Father’s Tweet

Speaking to the media on Sunday for the first time since his father published a tweet asking the Kings to trade him, Marvin Bagley III made it clear he didn’t want to discuss that tweet, which apparently stemmed from Bagley’s lack of recent fourth-quarter playing time and has since been deleted.

“Before we start, I just want to say that if there are no questions about the game tomorrow or what we’re going to do tomorrow, please don’t ask, I don’t want to give any extra information on nothing,” Bagley said on Sunday, per James Ham of NBC Sports California. “If you don’t have any questions about the team and tomorrow’s game, then hold off.”

As Jason Jones of The Athletic writes, Bagley’s statement to open his media session didn’t stop one reporter from asking whether his father’s comments were a distraction or whether the third-year big man wanted to directly dispel the notion that he may want a trade. However, Bagley ignored the question and continued to discuss Sacramento’s next game.

The NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement calls a fine for any player who publicly requests a trade, so it comes as no surprise that Bagley didn’t sign off on his father’s message. Still, his non-answer figures to fuel further speculation. If he’s happy in Sacramento, it would have been easy enough for Bagley to tell reporters that his father doesn’t speak for him and that he wants to stay, notes James Patrick of The Sacramento Bee.

Another Kings dad entered the social media fray on Sunday night, with De’Aaron Fox‘s father writing “Trade him” in reply to a tweet about Bagley, as Sean Cunningham of ABC10 Sacramento relays (via Twitter).

While the developments over the last 48 hours appear somewhat ominous for the Kings, Bagley continues to maintain an open line of communication with head coach Luke Walton, which is an improvement on his relationship with former Kings coach Dave Joerger, according to Jones. Bagley never connected with Joerger, but appears to be on good terms with Walton and spoke on Sunday about wanting to be a good teammate.

“We’ve had very honest talks,” Walton said. “Things we talk about I’m going to keep between us but throughout my time here we’ve had a lot of good talks about honest things which I believe a coach and a player should have. Nothing different, nothing new. But with him and all the guys I coach, I try to make that a high priority. Understanding that not everyone is always going to be happy, but the communication will always be there and always available.”

Bagley, 21, has posted 11.8 PPG and 8.0 RPG in six games this season, but is shooting just 37.5% from the floor and has played a total of two fourth-quarter minutes in Sacramento’s last three games.

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20 thoughts on “Marvin Bagley III Declines To Discuss Father’s Tweet

  1. bingbong

    vivek deserves to lose this organization for what they did in that draft. bagley cant stay on the court and hes a defensive sieve when hes on the court. passed on young and doncic for this guy who is worse than bad, now hes a distraction. at least thomas robinson was gone in a season.

    cousins was a distraction in a totally different way but at least he was a dominant force who could stay on the court.

  2. washington_bonercats

    I’m genuinely curious as to what he and his father think his value is

  3. Little_Dunker_45

    This just makes me sick to my stomach…I really can’t handle this drama. Can the organization just figure this out already? Ok thanks.

  4. GangGreen23

    Methinks they prefer more Defense at the end of their games. Has Hassan Whiteside been getting all of the PT down the 4th Quarter Stretch? If so, there’s your answer.

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    I liked him a lot coming out of college. To not lie, I take him ahead of Luka. So if you look at his rookie yr. He had solid numbers. Now I have not watched him a lot. So I’m going on potential and his 81 ToTAL games played. If you thought highly of him by drafting him #2. Then you owe it to your franchise, team, and him. To develop him into the star you think he is going to be. I’ve read the issues are with his defense. Well fix it. There is no way Bagley shouldn’t be a future all star. We are six gms in. Seems this is more drama than substance. These are the times we live in. He’s only played 81 gms in two yrs plus the six gms this yr. His career stats are descent. Seems it’s just drama to me. But both he and the Kings should be working to have him be a major part of this team. Makes no sense for him not to be. Kind of funny Fox’s dad weighing in though.

    link to

    • kingsforever 2

      Bagley and the Kings have time. He don’t must play 30+ minutes in the first season part. His Defense is bad. But I hope the time will comming. No Allstar but a good rotation player

  6. DeathbyDeathwest

    If your son plays for the Kings, please put your phone down.

    Thank you.

  7. El Don

    One must feel sooo sorry for MBIII, he is good when he is on the court, should play more, at least 30 MPG… SAC are a shambles & a mess, hope he can get out of there & get the chance he hasn’t had to show he is an All-Star calibre player!
    His job is look after himself, who cares about team chemistry, that ain’t his job, right?


    • kingsforever 2

      37% shooting and a terrible defense. 30 minutes? Sorry. He is a great talent with good offense skills but the real situation is, that’s Baglay plays don’t nba avible for a long distance.

  8. Magnificent with Sensational style 416

    Only Lonzo & Lamelo’s dad is outspoken… Bagley like “My dad too and that’s all I’m saying”.

  9. Remember that when the Kings drafted Bagley they had guards: Fox, Hield and Bogdanovic. This was the strength of their roster. They were weak in the front court and needed forward help. It seemed to make sense at the time to take Bagley over Luca considering the Kings believe that Fox is their point guard of the future. The Kings chose Fox over Luca. It’s hard to blame them for wanting to add a potential star forward in Bagley to the three guards and build a core with them. We know the instability within the management of this organization being fans of this team. Numerous coaching changes. Lack of developing players. If they can’t figure out how to develop and use Bagley then it’s on them. If they can’t make this work then they deserve all the criticism they get!

    • kingsforever 2

      The problem was that’s Vlade Divac don’t taked the Atlanta move. Bagley and Cam Reddish for Doncic is fair. Only Bagley is a problem

      • You don’t give up on him after 81 total games played. Nobody saw Luca being this good. Kings weren’t the only team to pass on him. Bagley has had injury issues. That’s the only knock on him to date. His numbers per minutes are decent and should improve. Can the Kings figure out how to make him the most effective he can be is the question. The Kings track record for developing players stinks. That’s a fact.

  10. raz427

    WCJ and Thad Young along with a 2nd round 2022 for MBIII

    Kings get an expiring contract and a center that can “protect the rim”. Bulls get a possible athletic big man which they haven’t had since Tyson Chandler or Tyrus Thomas.

    White/Lavine/Williams/Markkanen/Bagley that’s a potential 7th seed.

    Who says no?

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