Southeast Notes: Brown Jr., Rozier, Winslow, Vucevic

Wizards forward Troy Brown Jr. described his experience with COVID-19 on Sunday, giving a behind-the-scenes look on the subject – including Washington’s recent outbreak – in an article for

The Wizards had nine players in the NBA’s health and safety protocols at one point last month, with half of its roster contracting the virus. Brown provided valuable perspective into what it was like for him and his teammates as they made it through an unprecedented situation.

“When they told me that I tested positive, I wasn’t surprised,” Brown wrote in his story. “I had already started quarantining, so it wasn’t a shock; the positive test just confirmed my suspicions. I’ve taken COVID very seriously and been very safe since this all started, but I still got it. When I got the news, I wasn’t too scared. I don’t know if I’ll have any long-term issues that are related to COVID, but I try not to worry about that since it’s out of my control. My mindset is this: It happened and I can’t do anything about it, so I’m just trying to stay as positive as I can, live day-by-day and not worry.”

There’s more from the Southeast Division:

  • Rick Bonnell of The Charlotte Observer examines how Terry Rozier might be affected if LaMelo Ball continues to start for the Hornets. Ball started in his third game on Sunday, finishing with 19 points, seven rebounds and five assists to help defeat the Wizards.
  • Just one year after being traded to Memphis, Justise Winslow‘s health issues have made it difficult to judge the deal that sent him from the Heat to the Grizzlies, Ira Winderman of The Sun Sentinel writes. Winslow has yet to appear in a game for his new team and is currently dealing with a hip injury.
  • The Magic are hoping that Nikola Vucevic is rewarded with an All-Star spot this season, Roy Parry of The Orlando Sentinel writes. “I think every person on the team is rooting for him to be an All-Star,” teammate Cole Anthony said. “I think 100%, he deserves it.” Vucevic has averaged a career-high 23.1 points per game in 24 contests, also averaging 11.4 rebounds and 3.4 assists per contest. His 42% shooting mark from 3-point range is the highest of his career.
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10 thoughts on “Southeast Notes: Brown Jr., Rozier, Winslow, Vucevic

  1. buttholesurfer69

    Vucevic is really one of the more underrated guys in the league

    PER last three seasons: 25.5, 21.9, 23.8

    Never hear his name even mentioned when discussing top 15-20 guys.

    I get that he’s subpar on defense but dam – so is Trae Young, so is Harden, frankly most stars today – even if they have the ability to be great on D aren’t asked to for load mgmt reasons

    We talk Beal all the time here but this is a guy who could change the game if Boston Dallas or GSW could get him

    • Walladipo and Wood

      Maybe you never hear his name when discussing the top 20 players in the NBA because he’s not one of them? He has definitely gotten better the last 3 seasons, so maybe he could work his way into the conversation.

      But when you have a center like Vucevic who is a subpar defender, he has to be more like Jokic on the offensive end of the court to be considered elite.

      • buttholesurfer69

        23 and 11 with 48/42/84 shooting splits puts you at least in the conversation of being top 20 in my opinion. There just aren’t many guys who can put up those types of numbers that efficiently.

    • Cap & Crunch

      I totally agree!!!

      Nice contract too

      Id love too see a team like Cha go for him even putting out some unprotected firsts in the deal- They could offer young talent like Graham and have the perfect expiring match w Zeller

      Ball Hayward Vu would be super easy to fit anybody else around on offence- Preferably two 3 and D guys and two PF/C that have a little more cheeseburgers on their frame so they dont get out muscled in certain playoff series/reg season games

    • formerlyz

      Vucevic improved defensively a few years ago. I had him at 25 going into last year, and 27 going into this year. Not sure where anyone else has him..he’s really, really good

    • Lionel Muggeridge

      He’s the ultimate good numbers on a bad team guy. He doesn’t shoot a high percentage, hardly blocks any shots and rarely gets to the line. If he’s your best and most high paid player you’re not gonna win anything. At best Nic is a third or fourth option on a good team.

  2. Lil_D_Top_3

    Valuable insight?? “I got covid. I wasnt surprised. I dont know if there will be any long term effects. It’s out of my control. I try to stay positive.” What is insightful about any of that?

  3. El Don

    Brown is right, not much you can worry about when you get the virus, more people should try to worry less too.

    Who cares how Rozier reacts about LaMelo, flash news is LaMelo is already way better than Terry, if he doesn’t like it, good riddance, CHA would be better without him anyway.

    Vucevic should be a perennial All-Star the guy is a beast & just gets better every year, great scorer, rebounder, passer & shooter, there is nothing else that you can ask your center to be, right?

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    Vucevic is a solid talent. And has been getting better as all around talent at C. But Orl drafted Bamba cause they were thinking of moving him. Didn’t really work. He got better and Bamba hasn’t really progressed. Orlando has had some bad luck last couple of yrs. Next yr they should be healthy and deeper. They will have to decide on Gordon n Fournier. Even if they keep them they will have a young deep playoff team.

    link to

    I don’t see why they don’t just start Rozier n Ball. Rozier is having a good yr. But his ast could be up. Ball helps there. Plus they could just showcase him to move him. Graham is younger and cheaper. And they can give more mins to Monk. Ball has been impressive so far. Still needs work on his D and needs to fill out. But he’s looking good so far good upside.

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