Bulls Have Rebuffed Pacers’ Interest In Garrett Temple

The Pacers made an effort to trade for Bulls guard Garrett Temple, a source with knowledge of the negotiations tells J. Michael of The Indianapolis Star (subscription required; hat tip to Blog A Bull). However, according to Michael, Chicago “showed no interest” in sending Temple to a division rival.

Temple has played a regular rotation role in Chicago this season, averaging 8.8 PPG, 3.2 RPG, and 2.1 APG in 33 contests (28.4 MPG). While those numbers don’t exactly pop off the page, Michael notes that Temple is capable of guarding a variety of guards and wings, can knock down 3-pointers (.347 career 3PT%), and would provide the sort of veteran experience and intangibles that Indiana seeks.  He’s also on an affordable $4.8MM expiring contract.

The Bulls and Pacers are currently neck-and-neck in the Eastern Conference standings, with matching 16-18 records putting them in a tie for the No. 9 seed. So in addition to being a division rival, Indiana is one of Chicago’s prime competitors in the playoff race, making the Bulls’ reluctance to make a deal unsurprising.

According to Michael, the Pacers initially weren’t planning on making any major moves before the trade deadline, and still may not — if Caris LeVert and T.J. Warren are able to return at some point in the second half, that duo is capable of making a bigger impact than just about any other deadline acquisition. Michael says that LeVert could be back before the trade deadline, with Warren’s return coming later.

However, after starting the season with eight wins in 12 games, the Pacers are just 8-14 since, and could be in the market for a proven veteran to help stabilize the defense. Michael points to Thaddeus Young as a player who would be an ideal fit for Indiana, but acknowledges the Bulls are probably even less likely to move Young than Temple.

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19 thoughts on “Bulls Have Rebuffed Pacers’ Interest In Garrett Temple

  1. Cap & Crunch

    I know Pacers never trade but I think they should just go get full value on Turner today before it possibly gets ugly from his camp (have already been small rumblings)

    They dont seem to Love him, can Pivot right to Sabs and go a little small at 5, huge need/interest around league, and the stock is pretty much peak value while the teams going in the wrong direction currently. Seems to have all the right ingredients.

    • Ironmonger835

      Trade him to Boston for two first round picks, Theis and Grant Williams.

      • Cap & Crunch

        Feels low as is , but get Smart involved in a 3 way trade I def see Bos having enough to get it done in the end , especially with the TPE to help if needed

        Would love to hear any Indy fans thoughts on his worth to them if he was actually traded. There just so typically quite it makes projecting difficult, but to me Myles seems undervalued in Indy and thats an opp for 29 other teams I assume

        • Tmace29

          Ok, I’ll bite as a Pacers fan! As much as I wanna bag this season at this point after trading away our one star that we could count on to get us buckets. Idk why we would trade Myles at this point. We do need draft capital and need to grow this team through the draft but utilize the team that we have with Caris and Warren coming back at some point this second half. If it doesn’t click then, then blow it up in the off-season and trade Myles, Warren, and Brogdon and build around Caris and Sabonis.

          • Agree with you. Trading Turner would be a big mistake. Turner is an excellent player, won’t turn 25 years old until later this month so still very young and on a very team friendly contract. Finding talented athletic young big men is difficult. So the Pacers cannot trade Turner.

            • I live in Chicago. Wish the Pacers would trade Turner to Chicago for some of the dead weight on the Bull’s roster. If Turner were willing to sign a reasonable extension with the Bulls, I would trade Carter for Turner all day. Carter and Temple together for Turner. Would make these trades even if Turner weren’t willing to sign an extension.

  2. x%sure

    Send him for TJ Mcconnell. Indy will do all this waiting for Levert and won’t get a payoff this year. He misses a lot of time.

      • stevep-4

        What’s not to like? He is the best point guard who is on a reasonable contract, plays both ways, and he is a good passer. All things they are lacking at pg right now.

      • x%sure

        Statistically TJM is better than what the Bulls have with Sator (has not propelled them, PER15), Coby White (more of a SG, PER13) or Arcinado.

        Mcconnell 28 has been solid for all 6 pro yrs and above average for 2 (PER16). But beyond numbers, he has great command of the game and is a natural PG. He can set teammates up with quick changes that are purposeful, not just reactive or twitchy.
        He is always ready for the ball, maybe to a fault in Philly, where I saw he might dribble in circles.
        Just saw him get 10 steals vs CLE and pass over & behind his head for an assist.
        He may get overmatched sometimes athletically and he always looks like he peaked, but he did get better IMO.
        Anyway, prob cheap. Indy has Holiday, Brogdon, Sumner.

  3. PutoBelga12

    75% of the Eastern conference is “one of Chicago’s prime competitors in the playoff race.”

    • stevep-4

      Also an interesting option, but less so than McConnell. Why TF Carniceria won’t trade Temple for a good point guard is beyond me. Even Thad if that made the deal happen. Then all they need is a decent big man who can throw some beef around and get boards (or put WCJ on steroids for like 3 years and stretch him on a rack so he becomes a 7 footer).

    • stevep-4

      Temple has been a key contributor this year, but obviously not part of long term plans, he is more in a mentoring role and doing a good job at it, along with Thad Young. At some point though, you have to cut the apron strings and let the kids learn the hard way.

  4. Temple has been a valuable below the radar player for a number of years now. That value is on the court. Trade value on his latest 1 year deal I imagine is limited.

    I doubt the Pacers would even consider offering (Aaron) Holiday, who (at least as late as this off season) they’ve highly valued. McConnell, perhaps. But I think it’s more likely they just want to add Temple without giving up a rotation guy; for a 2nd rounder or two. Not surprised the Bulls won’t do that at this point.

  5. Buster79

    The pacers will get back two starters who can each score 20 per game. They’ll be just fine and not a team anyone will want to play in the first round when healthy.

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