Eastern Rumors: Beal, Sixers, Tucker, Heat, Ujiri

Much to the chagrin of potential suitors, Wizards star Bradley Beal remains unavailable in trade discussions, with one rival executive who has been repeatedly rebuffed suggesting to Tom Haberstroh of TrueHoop that he has essentially given up the chase for the time being.

“In terms of franchise loyalty, I think Beal is in the same category as Steph (Curry) and Dame (Lillard) right now,” that exec said, referring to two other All-Star guards who have spent their entire careers with a single franchise.

In fact, Beal and Lillard have bonded over their unwillingness to leave the teams that drafted them in search of a club that could provide them an easier path to a championship, according to Jason Quick and Fred Katz of The Athletic. Beal spoke to Lillard in 2019 about the Trail Blazers star’s commitment to Portland before signing his own extension with the Wizards.

“I know how he feels because I get that all the time: ‘You should go here; you should go there …’ from all kinds of different people, and I know he gets it too,” Lillard said of Beal. “We’ve had that conversation. … He has the same feeling about it as I have: I just don’t want to go elsewhere. This is our ninth year. We’ve been so invested in this to where it’s like, this is what it is. This is where I want to get it done. And I’m sure he feels that same way.”

Haberstroh’s latest story at TrueHoop features several more items of interest and is worth checking out in full if you’re a subscriber. Here are some highlights from around the Eastern Conference:

  • Top Sixers executive Daryl Morey is widely expected to be active at the trade deadline, with several rival execs believing that Rockets forward P.J. Tucker will ultimately land in Philadelphia, says Haberstroh.
  • On the other hand, Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge is considered less likely to make a big splash at the deadline. “That’s not Danny’s style,” one Eastern Conference general manager said.
  • Haberstroh suggests John Wall and Kyle Lowry could be among the Heat‘s targets if the club decides to pursue a major deadline move.
  • Haberstroh’s sources view Masai Ujiri‘s ongoing lack of contract extension with the Raptors as a “notable non-event” and wonder if his actions at the trade deadline will provide a hint of his future plans. Ujiri’s contract with Toronto expires this offseason.
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22 thoughts on “Eastern Rumors: Beal, Sixers, Tucker, Heat, Ujiri

  1. phillyballers

    Why would the Sixers want PJ Tucker? He looks terrible this year. Hard pass.

    • CamFrost

      He is still a great defender and works his butt off overall. Just because his numbers offensively haven’t been great, doesn’t mean he’s been bad.

      • seamaholic 2

        Not sure he’s a great defender anymore. Reputations die long after players’ skills do.

      • phillyballers

        Career lows in FG%, 3P%, PER and career high in Drtg.

        Not a good player this year, and that’s the year that counts.

    • Black Ace57

      I wonder how much of it though is that he is playing on that Rockets team. He might be a guy who gets reenergized on a contending team, but I agree there is risk.

  2. Marty McRae

    Imagine being dedicated to the Wizards, one of the worst franchises in the league’s history.

    Get Beal out of there, he deserves better!!!

    • seamaholic 2

      Wiz are playing well. They’re one more good draft and a free agent big man signing away from being a solid playoff team. Also, Beal loves the city and wants to stay there.

      • Cap & Crunch

        And……. the same was said about GSW when Spreewell was choking PJ Carlisimo before Curry came around

        You dont even have to Imagine that one

  3. takeitback

    The Heat are not going after Wall and taking on that contract. Anyone to suggest otherwise shouldn’t be allowed to cover the NBA.

  4. case7187

    Of course it’s not Danny’s style that’s why the C’s are in such an mess right now with a bench full of useless rookies/young guys no team in their right mind would draft 6-7 players in 2 yrs instead of trading a few and y Danny didn’t get anything for AL, Kyrie, Terry, and let’s be real Gordon he’ll blow this tpe deal

    • Everyone you mentioned was a pending FA that they tried to re-sign with the exception of Rozier, who they basically used as a sign and trade to get Kemba.

      I agree about the bench, but at the same time, what were the offers he was getting for those picks before they used them on players? Only he knows, not you or me.

      Hindsight is always 20/20.

    • Cap & Crunch

      I mean they did sink some pretty deep luggage into Kyrie/Kemba –

      Boston’s flight path has been alright imo, where it goes next is the question

      It almost feels they are stacking a million bricks on Tatums back this year going into the playoffs. He’s always met the bar but the task this year seems a bit dubious

  5. hiflew

    Wall would be an interesting pick up for the Heat for sure, but I just don’t see it happening financially.

    Although this deal would work money-wise

    Heat get
    John Wall
    PJ Tucker

    Rockets get
    Tyler Herro
    Kelly Olynyk
    Meyers Leonard
    Andre Iguodala

    The Heat are one of the few contenders that only have one player currently making over $20 million a year, at least until Bam’s deal kicks in next year, so the Wall deal wouldn’t cripple them. Losing Herro would be a gamble, but he has regressed a little bit his second year, so he might not be the key building block that everyone thought. Although he still does have enough potential to be the key to the deal for Houston. TradeNBA thinks this is a perfectly balanced deal, so I didn’t include any picks.

    • Cap & Crunch

      At least Iggy would finally serve Mia a purpose !

      Just my opinion; but all that Wall has shown me this year is that he’s no longer great…

      I wouldnt wanna cap Jimmys last great years with him …gimme unforeseen mystery box instead w cap space

      • hiflew

        In fairness, Wall is making Christian Wood look like an All Star. Wood has his part in it too, but a good PG makes everyone else better even at the expense of their own stats.

        Plus, Wall has never been surrounded by the kind of talent on the Miami team. Even the majority of the time spent with Beal took place before Beal broke out and became a star. Before passing judgment on him, I think he deserves to play on a team that could elevate his game.

  6. Simmons>Russ

    I’d love to get Tucker.
    Yes he’s had a bad year so far and is getting old but he’s still really good for three reasons.
    1 he’s a great corner specialist shooter and the way we play needs floor spacers.
    2 he’s still a handy defender. He’s got blocking shots or clamping up dudes but he has a high IQ, switches well, and interrupts passes and runs with his positioning. We have Embiid and Howard for blocking, Ben and Thybulle for clamps he’s a nice defender for off the ball.
    And lastly he’s a good locker room presence, he always gets along with dudes, is a good veteran, has the best kicks in the game, would fit in well in Philly.

    I’d give up Mike Scott and a young player or two (Terrance Ferguson, Tony Bradley, Vincent Poirer, Isiah Joe) and if you really want a second round pick too.

  7. Otogar

    I don’t even root for the Blazers, but I’d be so happy for Lillard if he went on to win a ring one day.

  8. Yep it is

    Deadlines trades are Ainges style? What is his style? Having every pick for ions and still having a team that sucks wind when playoff time rolls around? So many better GM’s in the league that don’t get talked about like this clown. Oh wait that’s right he is on the East Coast.

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