Larry Nance Jr. Drawing Interest From Multiple Suitors

Larry Nance Jr. has drawn the most interest in the trade market among Cavaliers players, including an offer that featured multiple late first-round picks, Chris Fedor of The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.

Nance is in the second year of a four-year, $44.8MM contract that was front-loaded, adding to his appeal. The Timberwolves have been pursuing Nance since the offseason, with the Celtics, Sixers, Pelicans, Heat and Mavericks also showing interest in the power forward, sources tell Fedor.

Nance was sidelined prior to the All-Star break with a fractured left hand but is expected to return as early as next weekend. However, the Cavs’ front office is reluctant to trade the 28-year-old, viewing him as a core player.

Fedor also offered up a number of other insights with the trade deadline approaching later this month:

  • The front office still holds out hope it can deal Andre Drummond, believing that an interested party other than the Nets, Lakers or Clippers will step forward, rather than competing with those top contenders for Drummond on the buyout market.
  • The Cavs are open to dealing small forwards Taurean Prince and Cedi Osman, who aren’t considered core pieces. They could come into play in a potential deal involving Drummond, especially if a third team is needed to make the salaries fit.
  • Teams looking for a big have checked in on JaVale McGee, who has an expiring $4.2MM contract.
  • It’s unlikely the Cavs will be able to shed Kevin Love‘s contract, though the Mavericks view him as a better fit than Drummond. The Cavs tend to overvalue Love and aren’t seeking a salary dump where an asset would need to be attached.
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39 thoughts on “Larry Nance Jr. Drawing Interest From Multiple Suitors

  1. WallyWood

    It wasn’t very long ago that Kevin Porter Jr. was a core player for the Cavs too.

  2. lovesexland

    Can’t trade Nance, he is so important on the defensive end. If he was eligible he would be 3rd in steals, and tied for first in deflections per game…Cavs lost 7 in a row after he was injured.

  3. Buckman

    I never see the Bucks showing “interest” in any players mentioned on HR. They had the best record two years running . After making major changes this year they have the 7th best record at the half way point and trouble beating the better teams in the league. We know what we are and it isn’t good enough yet no moves in the making (or they are really good at hiding it…wait, lol, I forget about the Bogdan debacle…never mind). I know that they have locked up Giannis through half of his prime but the pressure is on, more poor playoff performances would destabilize the team resulting in the usual things like coaching changes, player angst about being traded, and so on.

      • bdpecore

        …and few contracts to match salaries since they currently are right up against the hard cap. Wilson, Craig, Forbes and Augustin are the only players who likely won’t be rotational players in the playoffs. Thanasis and Connaughton should be included but likely won’t be because of Giannis’ connection to both.

    • bdpecore

      The Bucks showed interest in Derrick Rose before he was traded to the Knicks. The are also currently showing interest in Bjelica and Tucker. It’s not like they aren’t doing their due diligence, they simply lack the assets to enter the discussion on the top trade targets rumored to be available.

    • Lionel Muggeridge

      Bucks are missing George Hill, Wes Matthews and Ersan a lot. Their depth is a big problem

    • DeathbyDeathwest

      I’m happy the Bucks aren’t anywhere close to Nance, but they are going to have to make another significant move and luck into the “right” player at the right time if they’re going to win a title.

      Best short term move they can make is figure out who should take over from Bud asap.

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    Porter ran himself out of Cleveland. Try again lol
    Funny how Celtics would be interested. They signed Thompson for what then. Celtics should just trade Thompson for Horford. They’ve been trying to replace him since the day he left. Too funny
    I wouldn’t trade Nance he’s a good fit with Allen. Team that can really use him is Minny. Cavs missed their chance to move Love. They do over value him. He’s wasting away in Cleveland. He’s a perfect fit in GS. I was Warriors I get him now cheap. Get him healthy and ready for next yr. Warriors win title with him.

    • Ironmonger835

      Thunder would say no to that trade unless Boston offers a first rounder.

      Love traded for Wiggins again. Lol

      • x%sure

        At least that would have a better, “natural” look for the Cavs, instead of preparing young talent for other teams for their primes. Although, that might be the Lakers in Nance’s case.

      • kenly0

        Thunder would jump at that swap. They’d save 44 million and have Thompson come off their books a year sooner than Horford. The only way Horford gets traded is if the Thunder add a pick to get someone to take that contract off their hands.

    • lovesexland

      Yeah Porter decided to not be a cornerstone for the Cavs with his actions.

      Love’s career is definitely not progressing as a Cav anymore for sure, but wasting away seems a little harsh. I feel like that word should be applied to KAT since he isn’t able to accomplish anything on that team. Love’s career though is still better than most at least. He has a championship and 3-4 years of being on a top team. Some stars can’t even say that. But you’re right, he should be playing for a mid to top tier team, he deserves it. But who knows, when he comes back after all star break he could help the Cavs make a playoff run…but we’ll see.

  5. Ironmonger835

    Boston trades Nehsmith, Grant Williams and two first round picks for Nance.

      • Ironmonger835

        No it’s not. They could use him and Danny Ainge usually whiffs on those late first round picks anyways.

        • hiflew

          So he makes a few mistakes in the past, so it justifies giving away future picks for nothing? This is Larry Nance Jr. we are talking about and you suggest basically giving up 4 1st round picks for him. Seriously?

          The guy’s best season was when he averaged 10.1 PPG. His best rebounding year was 8.2. And his defense? He averages 1 block every TWO games for his career. Those are the numbers of a guy you pick up for a second round pick or two, not 4 first rounders.

          My top offer would be Cleveland’s choice of two of the following: Grant Williams, Romeo Langford, Robert Williams, Carsen Edwards, Aaron Nesmith with NO future picks involved. If they asked for more, I would just look elsewhere for improvements.

  6. Jake1972

    If the Bulls are looking for a move to improve the roster then they should look at Nance Jr. and McGee…

    • Agree with you. Nance Jr. would be a decent addition for the Bulls if a reasonable trade could be worked out. Nance is a vet but still young. Very reasonable contract for the next two seasons.

  7. Sillivan

    Pelicans offer Redick 1 Lakers First and 1 Bucks First for Nance
    Cavs said no
    Wolves don’t offer Edwards or 2024 First
    Cavs said no

    When a player is quasi available, you overpay to get them

    • dust44

      So u want Minnesota to trade the #1 overall pick for a bench big?! Lol. Stick to 2K bro. Every single trade proposal u put on here may work on 2K but not in real life. U don’t “overpay” for Larry Nance Jr

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Right now I make sure we get that top 3 pick. And be that much better next yr. Top 3 pick is guaranteed star

        • hiflew

          No it isn’t. There is no such thing as a guarantee in the draft. Lots of top 3 picks have been less than stars, sometimes a lot less.

          • KnickerbockerAl

            It’s guaranteed if I’m picking. The whole lottery is full of starters. Not even you can blow this yrs top 3 pick.

            • hiflew

              Okay man. There is someone that makes that claim every single year. And every single year they are proven WRONG.

              And what’s with the “not even you” crack? I’ve never attacked you with personal insults. Show some class.

              • KnickerbockerAl

                I’m not someone. I don’t pull stuff out the air. Every yr there are players who should of went lower. I’m telling you cause you don’t believe. Even you a non believer can’t mess this top 3 pick up. There’s nothing personal about it. I’m sorry you can’t see it. Go watch all the highlights of the top 10 picks. Go read about them. Cause I’ve done it for top 25 players. And I’ll do it for top 35 cause my Knicks picking top 32 (3 picks). I have a talented eye bro. Not here to convince you. Just giving my insight as I See It. Nobody is messing up top 3 pick this yr. This is one best drafts in a long long time. I would think most posters here are basketball fans. This draft has been talked about for two yrs now. I would think everyone knew it’s a deep draft. You can’t mess up top 3 pick. U get it. So if I’m Minny I make sure I get top 3. Cause Warriors get pick outside 3

    • Wade Herbers

      Edwards for Nance?

      Good god. May as well have Taylor throw in $5 million to the Cavs too huh??

      Wolves offer a 2nd round pick and that’s it. Or offer up Ed Davis with it.

  8. x%sure

    I can see trading Osman or Mcgee because their on-offs are low. But after getting stiffed for the bubble, the Cavs should gun for the playoffs, and can get there with Love & Nance back. Drummond’s pride might be useful then. Or Mcgee’s, who seems to do fine… IDKY his on-off is minus7. Osman looks great when hot, but is less of a regular than Love & Nance.

  9. Yep it is

    Rest Love all you want he is always hurt. Trading for him would make no sense

  10. The Cavaliers were so foolish for signing Love to the four year extension for $120 million back in 2018. Love was already 30 years old when receiving the extension. After Lebron decided to go, the Cavaliers were doing such a good job of clearing their roster of the older players. Then the Cavaliers signed Love to the extension. The Cavaliers explained that Love is a valuable asset. So now 2 1/2 years later, what have the Cavaliers gotten for their valuable asset? NOTHING. The Cavaliers should have started their current rebuild 2 1/2 years ago. Can’t see any other team wanting to take on Love with two more years after this season still guaranteed for $31.250 and $28.9 million. Love will be 34 years old by the time the contract is completed.

    • x%sure

      Basically Altman’s first decision as official GM. It would have been best if he went to a contender instead of a rebuilder. Unless he wasn’t wanted anywhere else… in which case, even more of an overpay!
      One may assume Gilbert was approving if not pushing.
      Can’t blame Love though, coming off four EC titles.

  11. That’s what happens when you sign massive contracts. Lots of team would like to have Love on their roster. But his salary is just too big. They do it to themselves.

  12. KnickerbockerAl

    Love hasn’t had a major injury. They’ve been nagging and small stuff. He got paid in part for accepting a role under Bron. And went to 3 Finals for it. That’s partly why he got paid, a good soldier. Imo he can help a few teams. Still capable of 20 n 10. Amazing how quickly we forget and hate on players. It’s like a bandwagon of hate. Look at his numbers when he played. Love is 32 yrs old. He’s got at least till 35-36 to be productive. In 2019-20 he played 56 gms avg 32 mins. Last Year
    2P% .537, 3P% .374, FT% .854, this is a shot maker
    18 pts, 10 reb, 3.2 ast. He’s a team player. Who has a better PF than this. Is he overpaid. Not if he helps you get to Finals. Or changes the culture of your team. Like he could do for Minny. He’s not overpaid for all the teams. Celtics traded Hayward for him yrs ago. They might have a ring today. Warriors is a good fit for him.
    Don’t get why we are so quick to write players off. Randle was written off by Lakers, Pelicans, only Knicks offered him a contract. They were starting to write him off too. Love is a good citizen doesn’t have mental issues. Not a head case like some divas he can help a team. I hope he finds a home.

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