Southwest Notes: Rockets, Porzingis, Spurs, Mavs, Vucevic

It’s time for the Rockets to sell off assets and acquire more draft picks, Jonathan Tjarks of The Ringer argues. Victor Oladipo, who reportedly rejected a two-year extension, is the team’s biggest trade chip and P.J. Tucker is the most likely player to be dealt. Eric Gordon could also be moved if a contender is willing to take on his contract.

We have more from the Southwest Division:

  • The Mavericks are going to great lengths to try to keep Kristaps Porzingis healthy and productive and Tim Cato of The Athletic details what the franchise is doing to make that happen. Porzingis hasn’t played more than 66 games over the last four seasons; he’s appeared in 18 of the Mavericks’ 32 games this season.
  • The Spurs will start allowing fans in the AT&T Center on March 12, according to a team press release. Attendance will be limited to approximately 3,200 fans to help maintain physical distancing. The March 12 game will be the first of 17 home games for the Spurs after the All-Star break.
  • The Mavericks were interested in Nikola Vucevic when the Magic center hit the free agent market in 2019 but he was out of their price range, Brad Townsend of the Dallas Morning News tweets. Vucevic re-signed with Orlando that summer for four years and $100MM.
  • Thanks to his improved play, Pelicans guard Lonzo Ball is less likely to be dealt before the trade deadline. Get the latest notes and rumors out of New Orleans here.
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12 thoughts on “Southwest Notes: Rockets, Porzingis, Spurs, Mavs, Vucevic

  1. Sillivan

    The value of Oladipo Tucker and Gordon has decreased day by day
    Rockets should have $20 million cap room to sign Harrell or THT
    20 years old Tucker to replace 35 years old Tucker

    • Lakers I don’t believe will let him go.. he is 20 years old and shows too much promise.. if anyone goes it will probably be Caruso but I’m hoping they keep him too.. sometimes you are better keeping players you have…..Bet hawks wish they didn’t sign Rondo to the contract he got..: Schroeder a big big upgrade…

  2. I would think that Ball’s improved play would make him *more* likely to be dealt. I can’t imagine he had many suitors before.

  3. WSnotAstros2017

    Rockets need to rebuild now for second half. Wood could come back after break. Not sure when if first game or such. What shape will he be in. Oladipo not sure if is future or if will be traded. Wall may be a start and Wood. Tate, Nwaba keep. See what Porter can do for you and send Tucker and Eric to Knicks or Warriors or somewhere , there time in Houston is over. Let them help other teams with what gas they have left. Eric knee issue again. Rockets just could not make due with no big man where they need it. I feel for Silas as thought would be coaching Harden and Westbrook. One is doing good and other has not. Too bad did not give things a chance

  4. CamFrost

    Yeah, it’s definitely time to sell for the Rockets. This team is just hopeless. Losing Wood is obviously big, but if shouldn’t have sent the team into a free fall like it’s currently in. The roster still has talent and they aren’t even competitive. Get what you can for PJ, VO and Gordon and call it a season. They need to get a top 4 pick to keep their pick swap with OKC, IMO.

  5. WSnotAstros2017

    Who knows what the Rockets will fully do. These losses are not pretty. Wall last night tried to put the whole team on his back. Thought maybe at least break the losses streak. But been hearing on Caruso, Pope and Kuzma rumors for us and different teams. Will there be a shocker like JJ to the Cardinals. I have respect for these players but careers winding down with Tucker, Gordon and maybe can help a contender and possibly a ring for them. Oladipo too. Silas did not sign up for this so I hope we can build him a team to work with. I know this season COVID too affecting things but I hope next season if goes back to normal starting in fall etc. we can have fans back too more so. But what comes hopefully good for players going and ones coming and draft picks

  6. CT Oriole

    Does this make sense?

    Rockets get:
    Heyward Trade exception money
    2021 1st round pick

    Boston gets:

    Rockets get some young talent, Celtics replace bad bench efficiency with good bench efficiency. Or do they need to aim higher.

    • For the Rockets, it does. I doubt Boston would take on Gordon’s contract (at least without compensation, and maybe at all).

    • CamFrost

      As a Rockets fan, I’d take that. Essentially, you’re getting two firsts with Nesmith being a recent pick and then a 2021 choice. Let Edwards get some run and bring him back to the Houston area. I also can’t stand to watch Gordon play another minute in Houston.

    • dust44

      That feels like a lot from the Celtics stand point. I could honestly c this trade happening without the first from Boston. But maybe a couple seconds. Also not sure that’s the type of impact that the Celtics r looking for with that trade exception either.

  7. macdaddy96

    Rockets are a dumpster fire. Gonna be years until they’re remotely competitive again.

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