Victor Oladipo Declines Extension From Rockets

Rockets guard Victor Oladipo has turned down a two-year, $45.2MM contract extension from the franchise, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Due to extend-and-trade restrictions, that two-year offer is the most lucrative deal the Rockets could give to Oladipo prior to the offseason, and the fact that he turned it down is unsurprising — before he was dealt to Houston, the 28-year-old reportedly declined an extension offer from the Pacers that would have started at $25MM.

Oladipo, who has long expressed a preference to reach free agency, is seeking a longer-term contract, according to Wojnarowski. Houston will need to decide whether to keep him past the March 25 trade deadline.

Oladipo started the season with the Pacers and was dealt to Houston in January as part of the multi-team trade featuring James Harden. He’s averaged 18.9 points, 4.9 rebounds and 4.8 assists in 13 games with the Rockets this season, shooting 39% from the floor and 29.5% from deep in those contests.

As Wojnarowski notes, the Heat and Knicks are among the teams who have expressed interest in Oladipo. Both teams would have the cap space to sign the two-time All-Star outright in free agency.

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44 thoughts on “Victor Oladipo Declines Extension From Rockets

  1. Cap & Crunch

    Yikes! Why even bother to insult a player (semi publicly)

    Dont think VO is a max but this is just downright laughable in context

    • Cantbebeat2020

      While somewhat true, his performance has dropped off since his trade to rockets. I think the only option is to trade him to a competitive team.

      • Cap & Crunch

        Agree on the play but I think if healthy 2nd half he’s getting closer to 4/100 than 2/45

        He will be traded in the next 25 days , Mia frontrunner imo with all those expiring’s

    • hiflew

      It really is strange that we have gotten to the point where a 2 year contract worth $45 million can be described as insulting and laughable.

      • It’s not so strange when you consider that the least valuable franchise in the league is, according to Forbes, valued at $1.3 billion (the Grizzlies, for anyone wondering). Money has exploded in this league.

        • hiflew

          I understand the economics of why, but unless you are far more wealthy than me, it is strange to hear of $45 million dollars being an insult to anyone.

      • Cap & Crunch

        I agree, its def laughable thats its laughable on a whole scale……-

        But, when you put it up against 4/100 its a pretty bad look …. Now if this was the most they could offer Rn, then fine, but if thats the case why even report it if its just a formality …this had to be a formality right?

        Not even huge fan of VO

        • hiflew

          2/45 is not really THAT different from 4/100. After the two years are up, he would be able to sign a new deal. Perhaps even make more money if the cap rose. Plus he would only be 30 at the end of a 2 year deal as opposed to 32 at the end of the 4 year deal. At 30, he would have a better chance at another long term deal. At 32, he might not.

          And you can’t really blame Houston here, because the 2/45 is the longest deal they were allowed to offer. Just a quirk in the CBA prevents offering him more years now.

          • Cap & Crunch

            I think theres a pretty huge difference if Im VO – This is his Last big big payday….. Im assuming he’s looking for max guaranteed and not taking any risks . With another healthy/solid (ish) 40 games hes getting 100+

            I get your point on money, but at that point the vet min 1.6 mill is outstanding to my eyes as well and we treat them like fleas

            I wouldnt want to ink him to 100+ but thats what he’s most likely to get

            • hiflew

              Except it might not be his last big payday. If has a good two years, he could easily sign another big deal at 30. It just seems to me that you are looking at it from the scenario of Oladipo getting worse from here on out. That may end up being true, but I doubt that is the way Oladipo is looking at it.

    • Ironmonger835

      Why is it insulting? Doesn’t hurt to try. They probably knew he would turn it down but there’s no harm on trying. I doubt he was offended. He’ll probably get more money in free agency.

    • Michael Chaney

      I would imagine that since this is the most they could have offered at the moment, it was less of a formal offer and more of the Rockets just asking him if he’d be willing to take it and Oladipo saying no.

      I don’t think it’s insulting; it’s really just due diligence. They didn’t lowball him or anything.

  2. This might be the highest offer they can make him in-season. So he shouldn’t be too indigent over it.

    • phillyballers

      That’s quite possible given his current contract figure.

      I think he gets something in the 4/120 range regardless. Weak FA class.

        • El Don

          @x%sure… 2/$45 is the max HOU can offer to him now, you right.
          But I think @phillyballers… here was meanin’ if he waits to the offseason he will be offered 4/120, which he may or may not, but quite possibly he will get more than the 2/45 anyhow.

  3. Northern Expansion 416

    Oladipo for Hield or Oladipo for Gary Harris,Bol Bol and a pick…

  4. WSnotAstros2017

    Oladipo will be gone. I think Rockets need to build for future. They are out of playoffs. PJ will be gone perhaps. VO just did not fit. When saw him times against us he was great. I think Harden moving just threw things out of whack. Will Wall be remaining with Houston during off season. I just hope can build to make a compatible team and more. Just not fun to watch fully with this losing streak. Yes some good players but the struggles. But hopefully will get better some for next year.

    • WallyWood

      Maybe they can get something decent for Oladipo and Tucker, neither of them are helping the team any right now. They can build around Wall and Wood, and maybe Porter can contribute after the AS break. He looks great in the G-League and they plan on using him to back up Wall at PG.

  5. Northern Expansion 416

    Or Dipo for Dwight Powell,Josh Richardson and a pick.

    Dark horse trade (doubt this happens) Oladipo & Exum for Wiggins and a pick.

    • x_burner_X

      Why would Houston take on Wiggins’ horrific contract on their books? Even if their owner wasn’t trying to cut every penny, no one should trade expiring deals foe Wiggins

      • Vince 2

        Actually, the Warriors would be the biggest losers in this trade. Oladipo is going to walk, and he doesn’t play a position of need. Exum gives them nothing. And, they lose a draft pick, not good.

        • hiflew

          Well he does play a position of need for THIS year. If Wiggins is traded, Oubre probably slides to the 3 and Dipo would take the 2. Next year Klay could be healthy and take the spot back, so even if he walks, they aren’t worse off. They might even be better off with the Wiggins deal off the books.

      • hiflew

        But wouldn’t it be fun to see Wall and Wiggins play together? They were, along with OJ Mayo, probably the most hyped high school guys from the 2010s decade. Could be fun to see.

  6. CamFrost

    They SHOULD trade him. He hasn’t looked great or really locked in since coming to Houston. The Rockets have no reason to win games considering they’re a bottom 3 team in the NBA currently and have OKC there to swap 1sts if Houston’s isn’t in the top 4. This team is not good at all. I know players don’t rank seasons, but the FO might have no choice but to not be competitive. Send PJ, Gordon and VO out and call it a season.

  7. KnickerbockerAl

    He’s making 21 mill and coming off a major injury. He hasn’t looked 100% healthy yet. There’s every reason to believe he will be back. But he’s not there yet. So why is anyone going to invest 4-5 yrs on him. That was a good offer to me. I think he needs to show he is right. And it’s probably going to take at least another yr. So a two yr deal seems good to me. Knicks better not sign him. We can’t wait and see on a player now. No one is giving much for him. Cause he’s probably going to FA.

    • Cap & Crunch

      Hes going to get 100 million if he stays healthy ROS . These are the industry projections

      Spotrac estimated 4/105

      Hoops hype- 4/120

      SI – 4 /110 4/105

  8. antsmith7

    I wouldn’t give up anything valuable for him. You can just sign him in the offseason.

    • WallyWood

      Only teams with a lot of cap space can sign him, and he obviously would want to sign with a contender. So the most likely scenarios are he gets traded before the deadline or they do a sign and trade after the season.

  9. raz427

    *clock ticking* time for wallidpo to change his username yet again.

    Trade him for OPJ and Denzel Valentine.

  10. hiflew

    Let’s just take a quick poll for which player coming in a realistic return for Oladipo would combine with Wall and Wood for a good new combo user name for Mr. Walladipo.

    I vote for Kevin Knox, then we could have “Knoxing on the Wood Wall”

    C’mon let’s put our collective brains to use and come up with some good ones.

      • PhillyPhan69

        Your obviously more attached to your team/city (I get it) than the players…just center your name around that

  11. x%sure

    The crappy shooting is worrisome. So is turning down an extension. Did he even ask for a 1/$27? Is he demanding to Silas like with McMillan? His team kind of gave up in the bubble.

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