Warriors Sign Gary Payton II To 10-Day Deal

5:40pm: Golden State has officially signed Payton, the club confirmed in a press release.

10:45am: The Warriors are signing free agent guard Gary Payton II to a 10-day contract, according to Marcus Thompson and Shams Charania of The Athletic (Twitter links).

Payton, the son of former SuperSonics guard – and Hall-of-Famer – Gary Payton, hasn’t played in the NBA yet this season, but had a strong showing in the G League with the Raptors 905. The 28-year-old averaged 10.8 PPG, 5.7 RPG, and 2.5 SPG on 55.5% shooting in 13 games and earned a spot on the NBAGL All-Defensive team, despite a somewhat limited role (21.8 MPG).

Payton, who has appeared in a total of 61 NBA regular season games for three teams, spent part of the 2019/20 season with the Wizards, averaging 3.9 PPG and 2.8 RPG in 29 contests (14.9 MPG). He’ll earn $118,983 on his new 10-day contract, while the Warriors will take a cap hit of $110,998. The franchise will also see its year-end tax bill increase as a result of the signing.

The Warriors dipped down below the league’s required minimum of 14 players on standard contracts at the trade deadline. Because the NBA only allows teams to remain below that minimum for up to two weeks at a time, Golden State had to add another player to its roster by today.

Payton is expected to be available for the Warriors at practice on Thursday and for Friday’s game vs. Washington, according to Anthony Slater of The Athletic (Twitter link), who says the guard had been undergoing COVID-19 tests in anticipation of the deal.

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42 thoughts on “Warriors Sign Gary Payton II To 10-Day Deal

  1. arc89

    warriors need a big enforcer off the bench. they are to small to go against the much bigger teams in the west is why they struggle against bigger teams.

    • Lil D MVC aka Uno

      Or it could just be that they stink lol this isn’t hockey…

      • arc89

        If you watch their games their players are smaller than other teams. Lakers has exposed their smallness. They will not win a playoff series against a bigger team.

        • KnickerbockerAl

          Plenty of posters here think size is the OLD NBA. That small ball is somehow this new philosophy. Posters alright ….. .. The NBA is and always will be about size. The Celtics who won 11 championships did it with small ball. But because of Greatest defensive Big in history. Could hold their own against big teams. Shooting has opened up the NBA. But ALL Teams should be able to go Big or Small with a 15 man roster. Some us here having bee saying Warriors need another Big since Chriss went down.

          • formerlyz

            Size absolutely matters, but in different ways, and you continue to try to push this narrative that anything else was said, but that’s not reality

            • KnickerbockerAl

              You gotta a complex. Get me out of your head lol. You are insignificant to me. Like I said Plenty of posters. We’ve had this debate long before you came on here to ramble. Move on.

  2. WallyWood

    The Warriors tax bill is going to be higher than many team’s total payrolls. They must have a gaggle of geese laying golden eggs to spend so frivolously on a team that’s barely holding on to a play-in spot right now.

      • WallyWood

        A decade is 10 years, not five.

        And who else was good enough just to make it to the playoffs to face the Warriors all those times? Just LeBron and the Cavs, that’s it.

    • KnickerbockerAl

      RocketMan with the Warriors tax Bill update. Watches their spending more closely than the IRS lol.

      • arc89

        A 10 day deal doesn’t hurt that much. That is why they are not spending on a 1 year deal or pick up a DFA all star.

      • x%sure

        He really cares about the poor Lacobs.

        Meanwhile arc89 is concerned about Rox reputation.

        • DeathbyDeathwest

          I’m sure he’s also traumatized after watching the “Shut Up And Listen” guy slash the Rockets from contenders to laughingstock when he flinched for non-basketball reasons.

          • x%sure

            Rox = short for the Rockets. Doesn’t mean anything different about them, except, it’s easier/quicker to type for me.

            I don’t know why you would be worried about the The Rockets not getting credit as the second-best team in that particular five-year span. It would be detailed to figure, then who cares about the span 2015-2019.

            • arc89

              Just its a myth that the Cavs were the second best team during that time. Cavs just played in a division that had only 1 dominated team them while in the west there was a few tough teams.

  3. formerlyz

    Was on my list for GS, just the other day, and also before the season. Gives them a dynamic they’ve greatly missed this year and last year, as that multi positional defender, that I’ve mentioned for a long time, that can play next to Curry. Has been an elite steals guy in his career, and has a high basketball IQ. I could see him actually sticking there if he can be adequate enough offensively

    “For GS, I could see them moving 1 or both of their 2 way guys into regular contracts, but there are multiple defensive minded guys still available. I could even see them even grabbing an interesting big, considering their issues there behind Draymond and Looney. I’m surprised they weren’t in on RHJ themselves. They could still use a multi positional defender that can playmake, and play next to Curry. Shaq Harrison is 1 of a few options there for them. Jeremiah Martin, Gary Payton II, Khyri Thomas, BJ Johnson, MKG, Kabengele, Noah Vonleh, Thon Maker are all potentially interesting in different ways…there are also some intriguing young guys in there that could be worth a look, and if they open up those 2 way slots, they could utilize those to do that”

    • x%sure

      One of nine, great. /s
      You didn’t address why Kerr would want a defensive guy next to Curry after favoring offensive talents for big decisions for years. That that being more logical to the HR poster formerlyz is not a reason!

      • Vince

        Huh? What are you babbling about? Kerr doesn’t make HR decisions. Klay Thompson is a strong defensive player. Last time I checked, he has been Curry’s back court mate for years. They traded away the guy that was defensively weak.

        • x%sure

          Last time I checked, nobody said Kerr makes HR decisions. Klay is out, has been out nearly two years. They are nearly all defensively weak except a couple forwards, maybe Curry. What are you babbling about?

          Many have been tried in replacing Klay, none of them defensively-minded guards like Gary P. (Rostered are 3s Wiggins, Oubre, JuanTA, Bazemore; 2s Poole, Lee; 1s Mulder, Wanamaker, and Curry. Last year Jacob Evans & others.) JTA and Bazemore are the only ones with good defense besides Dray but are used at forward.

          Kerr has been looking for 2s who can run his offense rather than changing his style to defensive. GaryP represents a change why? (There is likely some power plays going on.)

          Bear in mind you are intercepting a convo, so you would also have to figure how formerlyz is reading it. That’s a lot of figuring, wow are you tired!
          (Same time posting as formerlyz)

          • formerlyz

            I didnt say Payton would start…I’m not really sure what you’re trying to say

            • x%sure

              I’m saying there was a FO stand-off, between offensive vs defensive fans, probably involving Kerr. Wait for the next GSW article where that claim is denied for no apparent reason, as prove of the claim.
              Doesn’t matter whether Gary P starts or even stays on the team.

              Who is aware that personnel decisions rely on the unique philosophies of decision-makers? Of course in the presser, fans will be told the choice was obvious, and based only on player merit.

              Formerlyz believes GSW was defensively reliant, which even so, does not address the line of offensive players tested, now prominently broken. It’s like a rebuke to that philosophy. Formerlyz can call it logical based on a different philosophy of say, a desire for balance.

              • formerlyz

                I mean…Payton essentially replaces Wanamaker. You can get away with offensive leaning guys, when you have multiple defenders around them to hide their deficiencies

      • formerlyz

        I had him pretty high on that list though…When the Warriors added Shaun Livingston the same day LeBron signed with Cleveland, I picked GS to win, when nobody else had that, and called them the perfect team for the modern NBA. Obviously, I didnt realize they would be as dominant as they were, but there is evidence on this site of me saying those things. The reason i brought that up is that answers the idea that they didnt rely on defense during that time period…b/c they did. It also allows Curry to play off the ball more, which opens up their offense even more

        • x%sure

          Good call then! I wasn’t posting here but at the time, I was amazed at how GSW stayed out of the KLove battle in order to preserve their sync with Klay… he was not perceived as valuable as KLove then, except apparently, by GSW execs. A good sign they at least knew they were on to something! Some positive vibes there to pick up on for someone who can.

          I think they rely on outscoring and overwhelming an opponent though, more than the defensive suppression made famous by Peyton senior. I suspect Kerr got outvoted.

          • formerlyz

            I could have sworn you were posting here back then, but it may have been another cavs fan I’m thinking of. I was one of a couple of people here vehemently against trading Klay for Kevin Love (was also against Cleveland trading Wiggins for him, but it worked out, and Wiggins ended up not being anything at all what I thought he could be for them defensively, so I was wrong on that one). Not going to lie, I was really incessantly putting down that idea to really far extents lol. I just really thought they were in perfect position, and that would have ruined it. I also was really high on Klay Thompson back then. His last 3 healthy years weren’t that good in the regular season though

            That whole previous season I talked about their bench issues, but specifically the need for a backup playmaker, and they got literally the perfect person for them, as not only a playmaker that could play next to Curry, but also defend multiple positions, which we obviously know helped make them the best defensive team in the league

    • KnickerbockerAl

      Seriously elite lol .. the “Rambler”
      Payton has avg 12.6 mins a gm in 4 yrs. avg 0.8 stl. Been on 3 teams in 4yrs. And has been out of NBA all yr 2021. That’s Elite to you. He does play D but has not shot consistently. That’s why he’s bounced around the NBA. You think we need a novel about him.

      • formerlyz

        He is literally known as a guy that gets an exorbitant amount of steals. Like he gets that number in such small minutes…look at the numbers per 100 possessions…look at his numbers in the g-league as well. Again, not saying he’s for sure the guy they need, but someone with similar skillset, and of the options currently available, he is definitely worth the opportunity

    • Gary

      Wouldn’t you say that he’s had plenty of shots? This is his third or fourth team? I’d give up my left nut for a chance in the G League where scouts from the big-league are watching daily. Gary Payton 11 has definitely had plenty of opportunity to show what he has.

      • Lil D MVC aka Uno

        Lol gary payton the 11th. He really HAS had a lot of chances!

        • Gary

          I looked in the article to see how to put Gary Payton the 2nd and it looked like two ones? What is it two l’s or two capital i’s LOL?

          I guess late last night it made more sense to put two ones then two Capital i’s haha.

      • formerlyz

        He also keeps getting looks for certain reasons, as he has played well in his opportunities, with a couple of exceptions earlier on. He definitely has improved offensively, but that has been the issue for him. I’ve heard good things about his leadership qualities over the last few years, and as I said, he has high basketball IQ. I’m not saying he should light the world on fire, but he should definitely still get a look in the rotation as their backup guard b/c he is the type of player they should be looking for

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