Key In-Season NBA Dates, Deadlines For 2021/22

With the 2021/22 NBA season underway, our calendar of important 2021 preseason dates and deadlines can be retired in favor of a list of the key in-season dates for the ’21/22 campaign. Here’s a breakdown of the deadlines and events that will influence player movement for the next several months across the NBA:

October 23

  • NBA G League draft.

October 25

  • NBA G League training camps open.

November 1

November 5

  • NBA G League Showcase Cup begins.

December 1

  • Priority order for waiver claims is now based on 2021/22 record, rather than 2020/21 record. Teams with the worst records receive the highest waiver priority.

December 15

December 19-22

  • NBA G League Winter Showcase and Showcase Cup championship.

December 27

  • NBA G League regular season begins.

January 5

January 7

  • Last day to waive non-guaranteed NBA contracts before they become guaranteed for the rest of the season. Salaries officially guarantee on January 10 if players haven’t cleared waivers before that date.

January 10

  • The value of teams’ unused mid-level exceptions and bi-annual exceptions begins to prorate downward by 1/174th per day.

January 15

January 20

  • Salaries for all two-way contracts become fully guaranteed.

February 1

  • Former first-round picks who were stashed overseas may sign rookie scale NBA contracts for the 2022/23 season.

February 10

  • Trade deadline (2:00pm CT).

February 18-20

  • All-Star Weekend in Cleveland.

February 28

March 1

  • Last day a player can be waived by one team and remain eligible to appear in the postseason for another team.
  • Last day for a restricted free agent to sign an offer sheet.

March 10

April 2

  • NBA G League regular season ends.

April 5

  • NBA G League playoffs begin.

April 10

  • Last day of the NBA regular season.
  • Last day players can sign contracts for 2021/22
  • Last day two-way contracts can be converted to standard NBA contracts.
  • Luxury tax penalties calculated based on payroll as of this day.

April 11

  • Playoff rosters set (2:00pm CT).

April 12-15

  • NBA play-in tournament.

April 16

  • NBA playoffs begin.

Larry Coon’s Salary Cap FAQ and were used in the creation of this post.

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