Sixers Have List Of About 30 Targets For Potential Simmons Trade

The Sixers remain averse to the idea of trading Ben Simmons unless they can land a star player in return, and the team has a list of approximately 30 potential targets who would fit the bill, according to Sam Amick of The Athletic.

As Amick writes, there’s an internal belief in Philadelphia that at least a few of those players – perhaps even five or 10 – could hit the trade block within the next year or two. Although Amick isn’t able to identify all the stars on the list, he says Damian Lillard, Bradley Beal, and James Harden are among them.

Whether the 76ers will ever be able to actually land one of the targets on their list remains an open question, but the fact that they remain focused on players of that caliber is an indication they’re still content to take their time to resolve the Simmons situation.

“This is like a multi-year thing,” one team source told The Athletic.

As Amick notes, it’s possible the Sixers’ viewpoint will change at some point prior to the February 10 trade deadline. Possible ownership pressure, fan frustration, and a handful of other factors will have to be taken into account. However, the team’s belief that its title chances will only be maximized by Simmons either returning to the court or being traded for a star player hasn’t wavered.

Here’s more from Amick on the Simmons saga:

  • Agent Rich Paul told Shams Charania last week that the Simmons situation is “no longer about a trade” and that the focus should be getting the 25-year-old right mentally. However, Amick has heard that Simmons’ camp recently reiterated its “strong desire” for a deal to be made. Amick adds that he doesn’t expect Simmons to return to the court for the 76ers anytime soon, if ever.
  • The Sixers believe that Simmons’ suitors have become even less motivated to make a deal in recent weeks, given the increasing uncertainty about his situation, according to Amick, who notes that potential trade partners have no assurances that Simmons’ mental health struggles are solely related to being in Philadelphia. That uncertainty further clouds his value.
  • There’s no indication that the NBA intends to get involved in the Simmons situation anytime soon, says Amick. A league source tells The Athletic that any league involvement would likely be a “last step.”
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