Warriors GM Mike Dunleavy Jr. On Andre Iguodala’s Future

General manager Mike Dunleavy Jr. told Monte Poole of NBC Sports Bay Area that while the Warriors are open to Andre Iguodala returning to the roster for a 20th NBA season, the team isn’t actively recruiting him like it did last offseason and doesn’t necessarily expect him back.

My sense is Andre’s probably got some other stuff going,” Dunleavy said in a Dubs Talk interview that will be released next Tuesday. “But he has my number. The phone is always on.”

When Iguodala announced his return to Golden State for 2022/23, it was widely reported that the veteran wing would retire after the season concluded. However, unlike Udonis Haslem, Iguodala technically hasn’t closed the door on playing another season by confirming his retirement since the season ended. When Poole recently asked Iguodala about his status, he said he was “unemployed.”

As Poole writes, the 39-year-old was disappointed by how last season played out. Iguodala spent nearly half of ’22/23 working himself into shape, and he only made eight appearances before fracturing his left wrist in March, which required surgery and caused him to miss the remainder of the regular season and the entire postseason.

We’ve communicated some this summer already,” Dunleavy said. “We’ll see. We’re not going to close the door on anything. But my guess, and my belief, is that he won’t be back.”

But it’s Andre Iguodala,” Dunleavy added. “So, you never know.”

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