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Dwight Howard Rumors: Saturday

Just a handful of days remain until Thursday's trade deadline, so we'll know soon where Dwight Howard will be for at least the next few months. Earlier today we heard that the Nets were looking at backup plans if they don't get Howard at the deadline, and its inevitable that most of D12's suitors will come away from their pursuit empty-handed. One team, though, will have him on the roster come Friday. We'll pass along any clues about which team that will be here, with the latest stuff on top:

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3 thoughts on “Dwight Howard Rumors: Saturday

  1. BennyBoom

    The Warriors would be dumb enough to trade key pieces for a rental in Howard, who had made it clear he would NOT re-sign if traded to the Warriors.

    • Reaper87

      How is it that dumb? The core of players the Warriors have now is going to lead them nowhere. This type of trade would help them get rid of players they need to move like Ellis, open up a lot of cap space once Dwight leaves, and could give them the option of maybe doing a sign and trade to wherever he wants to go so he can get that extra year on his contract (and the Warriors get a solid player and/or draft pick back).

  2. Conjecture101

    Mark Jackson should get ready to eat a plate of crow when the Warriors don’t make the playoffs this year.

    The guy sat in the ABC announcer chair with his self-obsessed buddy Jeff Van Gundy and commentated like an arrogant narcissist.”I would do this” “They should do that.” He would even question moves by Phil Jackson, that’s right; 11 time champion Phil Jackson (Van Gundy and Mark Jackson have zero rings between them). Karma is starting to catch up to Mark and a Dwight Howard rental won’t save him from that.

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