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Heat Sign Rashard Lewis To Two-Year Deal

WEDNESDAY, 10:03am: The Heat have officially announced Lewis' signing in a press release.

TUESDAY, 4:06pm: Lewis and the Heat have reached an agreement on the two-year deal, tweets Marc J. Spears.

4:02pm: Lewis' deal with the Heat will be for two years with a second-year player option, reports Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports (via Twitter). Because it would be a minimum-salary deal, the option could only be for the veteran's minimum as well.

3:55pm: The Heat are on the verge of getting a commitment from Rashard Lewis, tweets Brian Windhorst of Chris Tomasson of FOX Sports Florida first tweeted that he was hearing it was "very likely" Lewis would accept Miami's offer, which will be for the veteran's minimum.

Having already added Ray Allen to a roster coming off an NBA championship, the Heat have been pursuing Lewis since he was bought out by the Hornets a week and a half ago. Lewis will still be paid about $13MM+ by New Orleans this year, so money wasn't expected to be the deciding factor when he decided where to sign as a free agent.

Because Lewis has played in the league for more than 10 years, he'll be eligible for a one-year salary worth about $1.35MM from the Heat.


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20 thoughts on “Heat Sign Rashard Lewis To Two-Year Deal

  1. Gonzalesv

    they still need a big man .. they should of went after robin lopez instead ..

    • Guest

      and why would robin lopez take miami’s offer of the vet minimum?

      plus he is a rfa so suns would match it easily.

      • Gonzalesv

        suns are letting both lopez and brooks walk .. and robin lopez is not exactly in demand .. he could go to mia .. bang the left overs from lebran and d wade .. and get a ring .. maybe get a better contract next offseason ..

        • Guest

          suns can still match any offer as a rfa. so miami offers him 1 million for 1 year suns would easily match

        • Guest

          figures a heat fan has no idea how free agency work lol

          • Gonzalesv

            actually i am not a heat fan .. figures some dumb ass guest .. has no idea how to talk about anything just talk shit .. guys take one year deals all the time in hopes of a better deal the next offseason

    • jwsox

      no way robin signs for the minimum which is all the heat can offer to anyone from here on out…also Lewis is a big man, he isnt a traditional “big” more of a tweener but a 6’10 guy who can hit 3s and play in the post is a great signing and i dont even like the heat

      • Gonzalesv

        ok then let me clearify they need a center who can rebound and block some shots .. i hear brendan haywood is about to be available maybe they add him to the mix ..

        • jwsox

          I doubt Brenden gets amnestied anymore now that the mavs have no shot at darron.

    • Big Daddy

      Please..I live in Phoenix…Robin Lopez is the worst god forsaken horrible non talented center in the NBA…and one of the worst in the history of the NBA..toilet tissue soft ……Not the Candy Man…Sam Bowie…Luc Longley… worst than that bum…He is so whiny…belong on baby commercials with that messed up hairdo

  2. cheez13

    Seems like Miami is getting as many shooters as possible to surround Wade and James with no bigs……like they did vs OKC with Bosh playing the 5. If Miller doesn’t retire, they’ll be a log jam for playing time for guys who are all very similar.

  3. Adult Supervisor

    The NBA needs to go back to the drawing board. Pat Riley, and the Heat, have figured out how to work the system so that parity is a joke.

    You have a conspiracy on the part of three superstars, to get together and win a championship.

    Then the Heat takes their pick of players in the latter stages of their careers, who have been bought out or amnestied.

    It makes a mockery of competition and gives the Heat a pass to the NBA finals every year.

    So very very sad. Ruining the sport of basketball.

    • Guest

      agreed the nba is a joke now

    • swing1

      This isn’t a conspiracy. This is the system that is in place that ANY team can play. They just managed to do it better than any other team. As a player, wouldn’t YOU want to go to the best team available.

      • Adult Supervisor

        I just don’t think the player’s preference, as to where he wants to go, should even be a factor. These guys are multi-millionaires and they only play BBall for a few years. They should be drafted and there shouldn’t be any free agency.

        • jwsox

          there shoulnt be free agency? the nba would suffer if there was no free agency, first off that concept is never ever going to happen, you cant force people to stay in one place for their career. Plus if there were no free agency it would be 2-3 teams year in and year out that are winning your titles, at least with trade and free agency teams like the grizz can make it into the playoffs

          . While I agree something needs to change, thankfully the CBA has an opt out date in 2 or 3 years I believe which means we will have last season all over again. But what the NBA needs to do is adopt a true cap like the NFL. A true hard cap and teams CANNOT spend over it. its working for the nfl making it one of the best leagues in all of sports. If anything the punnishment for going over the cap should be more than making the owners pay a raising tax rate. Most of these guys are billionaires and a few mill a season(that the make back anyway during the following season with attandance, food and beer sales, merch, cable deals, advertising etc) If owners go over the cap for one season it should be a tax of 20% depending on how far they go over which would equate to 15+ million, if they go over 2 seasons in a row they forfeit their 1st round pick and continue to pay the 20% rate. if they go over for 3 seasons ina row they forfeit 1st and 2nd round picks while their tax rate raises to 25%. Also punnish the players FINALLY. Allow a player to request a trade ONCE a season, if they do it more than once fine said player. If they pull a dwight and demand a trade to a specific team fine said player and NBA fines the team that the player is demanding a trade to(collusion anyone?) The culture needs to change and players need to realize that they are not in power, the coach is their boss and the GM is even higher on the totem poll. You never hear about this in the NFL or MLB

          • Guest

            The problem with a hard cap is that the owners will fight to make contracts not guaranteed just like in the NFL. That would be the only rational way of getting a hard cap in the NBA or significantly lowering players salaries and we all know that won’t be happening.

          • jwsox

            And that makes sense it works perfectly well in the NFL

          • shebell

            I have often hoped that the NFL contract would become like the NBA: Guaranteed. The player’s life expectancy as a player is 5-10 years; barring injuries. Afterwards at the age of 35 -45: depression, addiction to legal and illegal drugs, and bankruptcy: link to…. You wouldn’t want to be hobnailed on your job without the opportunity to choose to work for another company, obtain a raise; why would you want another human being to have a glass ceiling placed over them

  4. Korn2010

    I think the NBA should just stop the friggin charade and downsize by about 60%. All these current day players just want to play for a hand full of teams anyway. Get rid of Sacramento, Minnesota, Atlanta, Charlotte, New Orleans, Orlando, Golden St., Utah, etc. etc. etc. Star players aren’t interested in playing for them anyway. It’s a joke, didn’t use to be this way. If you are going to keep the same system in place, there need only be about 12-14 teams.

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