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Hornets, Suns, Wolves Agree To Three-Team Deal

FRIDAY, 11:51am: The Hornets' acquisition of Robin Lopez is complete, says Jimmy Smith of the Times Picayune, who adds that New Orleans will end up with Hakim Warrick as well (Twitter links). We'll have to wait for further reports or an official announcement to see how the full deal looks.

THURSDAY, 8:20pm: There won't be a resolution to the deal on Thursday night but the odds of the trade going through have improved, tweets Coro. The Hornets' cap situation is not holding up the deal from progressing further.

1:40pm: Alex Laugan of Bright Side of the Sun provides a fantastic breakdown of why this deal is currently on hold, as the Hornets' side of the transaction needs to be modified to be legal under the CBA. In all likelihood, New Orleans will need to include at least one more player or remove Hakim Warrick from the deal to make it work.

WEDNESDAY, 11:07pm: Coro confirms the pick going from the Wolves to the Suns is originally from the Grizzlies, meaning it's lottery protected through 2016, after which it becomes a 2017 second-round pick and cash.

10:15pm: According to a tweet by Jerry Zgoda of the Star Tribune, the Wolves are getting a third second-round draft choice in the deal, though it's unclear from whom. Two of them are the same picks Minnesota traded to the Hornets earlier this month, Zgoda says.

7:47pm: The Suns will waive Miller once the deal is finalized, reports Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic. Coro also notes that if the draft pick that goes to the Suns from the Timberwolves is the one that the Grizzlies owe Minnesota, it's lottery-protected for four years (Twitter links).

3:26pm: The three-way trade that would send Lopez and Warrick to New Orleans and Johnson to Phoenix has been agreed upon, reports Brent Martel of the Associated Press (link via the Star Tribune). According to Martel, all that's left is to work through "some routine logistical matters." To recap, while the deal isn't official yet, this is how it looks, as reported so far:

7:49am: If the three-team deal goes through, Lopez will receive a three-year contract worth $15MM+ from the Hornets, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

TUESDAY, 9:43pm: According to's Chris Broussard, the Hornets would move Brad Miller's contract to the Suns. It's unclear what Minnesota would get from the deal, except cap space to acquire Andrei Kirilenko. New Orleans and Phoenix discussed a similar four-team trade last week, with Boston and Houston replacing Minnesota, but the Suns pulled out as the deal fell apart, which is when the Timberwolves entered the picture.

7:19pm: Minnesota will likely receive Brad Miller's contract, Jerome Dyson, and draft picks, tweets Wojnarowski. However, Mark Deeks of has tweeted that the Timberwolves are unable to trade for Miller again this year. 

6:27pm: The Hornets, Suns, and Timberwolves are nearing a three-team sign-and-trade deal that would send Robin Lopez to the Hornets, tweets Yahoo! Sports columnist Adrian Wojnarowski. Earlier today Wojnarowski reported that the Hornets and Suns were interested in conducting a sign-and-trade deal, but Minnesota's entry into the deal is a new development. 

Along with Lopez, the Suns would send Hakim Warrick to the Hornets, and the Timberwolves would send Wesley Johnson and a first-round pick to the Suns. (Twitter link).


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15 thoughts on “Hornets, Suns, Wolves Agree To Three-Team Deal

  1. Michael Jenkins

    I wonder what PHX gets for him.

  2. Michael Jenkins

    Great job by the Suns! Lopez and Warrick are both garbage.

  3. Guest

    What would the Wolves get?

  4. Joe McGrath

    Who do the Wolves get?

  5. mgsports

    Better him to the Magic.

  6. Jaron Duenas

    Wow! Get pick ups!

    I’d take Calvin Booth over Lopez and Warrick…

    but we get Johnson and a pick?


  7. Guest

    The Wolves could probably get a sign-and-traded Carl Landry from the Hornets in the deal.

    Via Darren Wolfson, 1500 ESPN
    A source said they continue to maintain daily dialogue with agent Mark Bartelstein, who represents unrestricted free agents Dominic McGuire and Carl Landry and restricted free agent Brandon Rush. It’s not known if the Wolves are more focused on one of those players over the others. Another source said they have now initiated contact through text messaging with free-agent guard Jodie Meeks’ camp.

  8. Walter Birdsall Jr

    Watch out for Hornets

    • Michael Jenkins

      LOL why? because of FROPEZ? He sucks

      • drjayphd

        I might be going out on a limb here, but I don’t think Robin Lopez is the reason you should watch out for the Hornets. I THINK they might have added some other, more significant players since the season ended, but I can’t be sure.

  9. Bobby Sweet

    T’Wolves got robbed.

    • nba12345

      how do you figure? wolves wanted to clear cap space and were willing to give up a pick to do it. suns are the ones stuck with a career 9.3 PER player who’s shown no signs of improving

      • AngryTick

        Stuck?? They unloaded Warrick in the deal. I would hardly call the Suns losers in this deal. They wanted a 1st round pick and they got one. Memphis won’t be in the lottery next year.

        • nba12345

          wes johnson is gauranteed almost $2 million more than warrick and is an inferior player. grizzlies won’t be a lottery pick, you’re right. they’ll most likely be in the 20’s of a weak draft class. look, the wolves are spending a lot to presumably go after ak47 and i dont necessarily agree with it, but don’t make it sound as if the wolves got “robbed” by dumping essentially 2 bad contracts in wes and miller (getting the picks that were shipped to NO back). i dont particularly like the move for any of the 3 teams.

  10. Sky14

    Kahn has absolutely no idea what he is doing. Two of the second round picks the Wolves are getting are the same ones he traded to the Hornets a couple weeks ago so he could dump Miller and his mostly non-guaranteed contract.

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