Knicks Sign Jason Kidd

July 12 2012 at 2:25pm CDT By Luke Adams

JULY 12TH, 2:25pm: The Knicks have officially signed Kidd, the team announced in a press release.

JULY 5TH, 10:22pm: The Knicks are pursuing a sign-and-trade with the Mavs to acquire Kidd by including non-guaranteed contracts and a draft pick, writes Howard Beck of The New York Times (via Twitter).

3:40pm: Despite reportedly being close to a three-year deal to return to the Mavericks earlier in the day, Jason Kidd has changed course and will sign a multiyear contract with the Knicks, reports's Marc Stein. According to Stein, the Mavs thought they'd finalize a three-year, $9MM deal with Kidd, but after negotiating all day with both clubs, the veteran point guard has agreed to join the Knicks.

After Deron Williams decided to re-sign in Brooklyn, Kidd narrowed his choices down to Dallas and New York. According to Stein, the 39-year-old was ultimately swayed by the chance to help turn the Knicks into a legit contender and to mentor Jeremy Lin — so presumably the Knicks will be matching any offer sheet that Lin signs. Of course, with the possibility of a sign-and-trade for Raymond Felton also out there, I'm not about to make any guarantees.

The Knicks will likely sign Kidd using their mini mid-level exception, worth $3.09MM, though it's possible that the team could acquire him via a sign-and-trade. Either approach would still allow the Knicks to match offers for Lin, Landry Fields, and Steve Novak, if they so choose.


17 thoughts on “Knicks Sign Jason Kidd

      1. If San Antonio doesn’t address their post deficiencies…what you said won’t mean much in terms of the ultimate goal.

    1. Mark Cuban/Donnie Nelson and the Mavs are trying to get the big free agents that they want, but aren’t having any success… can’t blame the Mavs at this point… But it’s going to be a long, BAD, season at this rate… ’91-’96 here we come…

  1. Joe Moe, don’t worry. I’m glad that a 3-year contract for a 39 year old who has very little to contribute at this point is someone else’s problem.

    1. Yea I agree Jason Kidd is done he’s a backup at best at this point it’d be hilarious if the knicks actually have him as the starter going into the season as he’d get chewed up big time with the good east PGs.

  2. Typical Kidd maneuver. Been doing it his whole career. But…in the long run for a chance at another title…the best move he could make.

  3. Boy the Mavs are getting screwed right and left this offseason. Don’t sign Lin Cubes, go get Felton. Dirk has to be pissed now.

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