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Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 11/13/15

An NBA executive who spoke with Chris Mannix of raised a hypothetical scenario in which the Timberwolves would trade Ricky Rubio during the offseason and then sign Rajon Rondo, who’s on a one-year contract with the Kings, and who will be an unrestricted free agent after the season. Kevin Garnett reportedly has a strong relationship with Rondo, his former Celtics teammate, and Garnett has a ton of pull with the Wolves organization, Mannix pointed out in his article.

Here’s today’s topic: Would trading Ricky Rubio and signing Rajon Rondo improve the Timberwolves?

While this chain of events was merely posited by a league source, it isn’t outside the realm of possibility, seeing as Rubio has been a disappointment thus far during his time in Minnesota, and it would likely take a significant turn of events for Rondo to remain in Sacramento given the team’s unstable locker room and coaching situation. But I don’t think Rondo joining a young team like Minnesota would be a wise move, seeing how the veteran has a reputation of being difficult to coach, as well as not having the patience to deal with on-court mistakes very well. Teams need to be extremely careful when developing younger players, and adding Rondo would be a major risk for Minnesota in my opinion.

But what do you think? Would this be a wise move for Minnesota, or do you agree with me that the risks far outweigh the potential rewards? Take to the comments section below to share your thoughts and opinions on the subject. We look forward to what you have to say.

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5 thoughts on “Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 11/13/15

  1. With a guy like KG in the locker room, I wouldn’t worry about Rondo having a negative impact. KG is the man.

  2. Not sure how that trade would work salary/salary cap-wise, w/ Sac taking on the rest of Rubio’s contract (which will look pretty cheap in a year or two). Maybe other could sort that out for us. But, the real problem is that Rondo’s shooting is historically not great and he doesn’t shoot 3’s and never goes to the line where he is also bad. Rondo only fits with a team that shoots well. That’s not really Minny. Out of all teams in the league that would be nice fit for Rondo, I can only see Miami and now that I’m thinking about it that situation would paralell Rondo’s successful context in Boston with Allen, Pierce and KG. I could see a Deng for Rondo trade as working for both sides because Collison is a starter just waiting for his big chance. Make sense?

    • Why would Miami take rondo now when they have Dragic?

  3. As a wolves fan I don’t think Rubio has been a disappointment. On top of that rondo is terrible and I would hate having him on the squad, Rubio traded or not.

  4. Andrew

    I’d take Rubio over Rondo any day. If they’re going to get rid of Rubio (which they shouldn’t), replace him with a semi-serviceable veteran presence that can mentor potential point guards like Tyus Jones, Zach LaVine, or any future draft pick. Something similar to the Jameer Nelson-Emmanuel Mudiay arrangement in Denver would do wonders for the Wolves’ point guard prospects.

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